Anthony White Sets His Eyes on Becoming the Next Big Thing in the Music Industry

Pursuing a dream necessitates dedication, focus, and a lot of hard work. No one gets the dream without making self-sacrifice, losing sleep, and experiencing frustrations. Up-and-coming independent music artist Anthony White knows all these all too well but has chosen to add a little flavor to his special journey toward becoming the artist he aspires to be. By adding a lot of humor to his work, he is allowing his audiences to see a side of him they can easily connect with, making him one of the most anticipated artists in the music industry today. 

Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, Anthony has always been musically inclined since his childhood, entertaining family and friends during a gathering or even ordinary days. If anything, Anthony is a natural-born entertainer with so much talent up his sleeves. His biggest musical influence in life was pop sensation, Michael Jackson. Anthony would set up a mini-concert at home and would ask his family to gather around and watch his performance, mimicking the moves of the legendary King of Pop. 

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Apart from being committed to pursuing his music career, Anthony also created his own reality show called For the Life of Anthony, which is available on YouTube. His reality series is an honest depiction of who he is as a person, friend, and son, a person that a lot of people can easily connect with. At present, he is in the process of completing the filming of the second installment of For the Life of Anthony, and followers of the reality cannot help but theorize on what surprises are in store in season two. 

His debut EP titled I’m Over You, which was released a month ago, is currently streaming on all major platforms. Anthony is currently in talks with a major record label and is thinking of signing by the spring of 2022. He is looking forward to writing new songs and creating new melodies and styles for his music. Next to meeting his personal standards when it comes to music production, Anthony wants to make sure that he is able to connect with listeners and allow them to experience emotions that will stir them up inside. It is for this reason that he remains focused on his goals, despite the tough competition in the industry. With so many great names in the music world today, it is so easy to get lost in the noise, but Anthony’s distinction and authenticity is hard to miss, making him stand out even without trying too much. 

His mother, Bridget Rowser, was instrumental in his decision to pursue a music career. Bridget always believed that Anthony has a special gift and that he will one day show the world how great he is as a person and as an artist. Throughout his life, it was his mother who gave Anthony the confidence to be himself, to fight for what he believed in, and to never let others bring him down. Or even if they do, Bridget also taught him to get back up again and fight another day. 

The next few years are looking exciting for Anthony as he prepares to conquer the world with his music. Through his songs, he wishes to leave a lasting legacy that future generations can learn from.

Learn more about Anthony White by following him on Instagram. Subscribe to his YouTube channel to watch his For the Life of Anthony reality show.