Apollo Gold Continues Historic Run as He Pursues Music Greatness

Anyone who puts heart, soul, mind, and strength into a craft is sure to give people around them a sense of joy and wonder through their craft. And Apollo Gold’s track record in the music industry has been a testament to that, as the so-called “God of Music” continues to bring top-level music and content to followers worldwide through this uncanny brand of music. 

Apollo Gold is a fast emerging artist who has been making a strong case for music greatness over the past few months. He started creating music for the public not too long ago but has already introduced a whole lineup of tracks that continue to wow listeners from various walks of life. On October 22, 2021, the musical artist put out his first-ever full-length album entitled Nighttime Blues. Apollo’s debut record has performed stellarly with seven tracks and some heavy-hitting collaborators. 

The album’s success comes from Apollo’s commitment to creating an inspiring experience for his listeners. “This album is a way of capturing a time and stage of life through a soundscape that will live on forever,” Apollo Gold shares. Today, he hopes that his early performance will become a strong indicator of a possible full-time career in music. The artist’s mid-term goal is to turn music into more than a side hustle and make it his profession and life’s work. 

But what draws Apollo to this love of his craft isn’t the money or fame. Instead, it’s the chance to inspire people and draw them together in the context of communities drawn together by a shared love for great music. Gold’s music brings together the best of various genres, including Cloud Rap, Psychedelic Rock, Punk, Grunge, and Smooth Jazz. Apollo attributes much of his musical discovery to a colorful upbringing. The artist was born on August 3, 2000, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and later moved to New York City with his family. However, it wasn’t until he moved to Miami, Florida when he discovered his unquenchable love for music.

Apollo began his music journey by soaking in as much Michael Jackson and A$AP Rocky tracks as he could. Later, he started looking up to underground rap artists in the local scene, including Denzel Curry, Ski Mask the SlumpGod, and XXXTentaction. This exposure to global and backyard talent would help him refine his music and further his drive to create great music. Next, he started working as a professional DJ, which helped build a solid initial foundation in the Miami music scene. Later, Apollo started to invest in home recording equipment and started to create music on his own. He invested in studio equipment every time he could and started building his own home studio. 

That’s when Apollo Gold started releasing singles like “LV” and “Underworld.” Today, he has more songs in the pipeline, including “Dennis Rodman,” “007,” “Flames Off Rip,” and many more.

Another strong passion of Apollo’s is creating catchy digital content. He especially enjoys creating music videos and traveling and brings those two passions together through a series of music videos created from his journeys through other cities. Apollo also has music videos from his trips to Las Vegas, Brooklyn, Chicago, and Cancun, which he hopes to launch at the end of this year. 

Learn more about Apollo Gold by listening to his music on Spotify and YouTube.

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