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Author Melanie Francesca with her book ‘The Angel.’

Step into the dreamy world of Melanie Francesca, a name that smoothly blends with artistic brilliance and imagination. Melanie Francesca defies boundaries as an accomplished artist and prolific writer, a true multi-talented force, entertaining audiences worldwide with her unique set of creativity and insight. Melanie is a mere reflection of the power of artistic expression with a journey that travels across different landscapes, from glamour to the pages of captivating novels and the canvas of artworks. Melanie has always been a contradiction, which adds more charm to her artistic personality. On one hand, she appears to be charismatic as a very sparkling and glamorous Barbie Doll, radiating beauty and charm. On the other hand, she reveals her other side as a revolutionary firebrand at the same time. She believes in self-expression religiously. Thanks to her gallant personality, she does not hesitate to highlight and fearlessly challenge the hypocrisy prevalent in various aspects of society. With her infectious smile dancing on her lips along with a hint of burning anger in her beautiful glistening eyes, she heroically speaks out against flaws that need to be addressed. 

She pursued her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, one of the most prestigious art schools in Italy. She found herself immersed in a world of creativity and inspiration. While continuing her studies, she ventured into the world of modeling in Paris. Her glamorous lifestyle provides her with an exciting opportunity to travel more and add to her stacking experiences. As her career took her across the globe, she became known as a globetrotter. She traveled extensively throughout the Middle East, which impacted her life decisions deeply. She became a sought-after figure, as described by the magazines of that era. She graced the front pages of prestigious and popular fashion magazines. Her appearance on television and photo shoots increased immeasurably and further introduced her to the new era of fame. 

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In the picture, writer Melanie Francesca with the book The Angel


From ruling the high stakes with her radiant presence to crafting appealing narratives in writing, Melanie Francesca’s journey to becoming an artist is nothing short of awe-inspiring. What began as a typical career in modeling transformed into a delicacy of literary excellence, supported by many personalities from the world of Italian culture who are presenting the depth of Melanie’s creativity. Maria Rita Parsi, the great Italian psychologist, describes Melanie as “an author capable of making the imagination gallop a thousand, without borders.” A compliment and a wish to free our mind and to fly high towards the stately spaces of the soul. She said: “Melanie Francesca is a surprise, above all and first of all, for her extraordinary ability, melodiously and dreamily expressed, to build emotional scenarios that are rooted in every myth and every time. A female James Joyce to sip to open the doors beyond our unconscious”.

For the famous art historian and Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Culture VITTORIO SGARBI: «Melanie’s language of poetry follows the line of sacred texts, prophets, the Divine Comedy, and the great symbolist poetry like Rimbaud and Baudelaire that in fact inaugurates modern lyric poetry. If not, everything is understood; it may still be enough for it to be perceived; the important thing is that the solemn and the cryptic leave the listener with a clear and profound sign inside. »

The philosopher and professor STEFANO ZECCHI give an intense and structured reading of visual and historical talent: «It is a very beautiful book from the point of view of literary fascination, and it is clear that Melanie manages the word and linguistic structure very well. »


Melanie’s artistic mastery goes far beyond the mediums and boundaries. As a visionary who effortlessly moves from the world of modeling to visual art, Melanie’s creative world knows no limits. Her canvas becomes a portal to a landscape where myth and modernity dance hand in hand. At the heart of Melanie’s exhibit lies her magnum opus, THE BOX, an installation that beautifully weaves classical mythology with contemporary insights. This impressive artwork, weighing a staggering 400 kilograms and measuring three by three meters, invites viewers on an intimate voyage through human history, unraveling the intricacies of the human condition. Supported by the Minister of Tolerance of the United Arab Emirates, “The Box” pays homage to Western and Middle Eastern cultures, promoting embracing diversity and pursuing harmony.

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In the picture, writer Melanie Francesca with the book The Angel


Experience a unique literary brilliance as you explore Melanie’s leading path through the world of words. Her novels stand as the beacons, captivating readers with their depth and resonance. Each page holds the power to transport you to a world where emotions are both raw and beautiful, an example of Melanie’s gift for storytelling. Among her many literary successes, The Angel shines as a spiritual masterpiece that beckons you to begin a journey of transformation. Through its pages, Melanie connects with her audience effectively and shares self-discovery and awareness, inviting readers to navigate the corridors of their own souls. This novel, infused with beauty, speaks to the core of human existence and reminds us that Melanie Francesca sparks a flame that ignites our quests for enlightenment through the written word.

Central to The Angel is the poignant concept of “the wound”— a profound mark that shapes each individual’s life experiences. According to Melanie Francesca, the healing of this fundamental trauma is crucial because it can lead to personal development and freedom from the cycle of suffering. An individual can start a revolutionary journey of self-discovery, healing, and love by accepting and admitting this inner anguish.

The intimate relationship that The Angel has with the mysterious character of Jim Morrison, the legendary rock star, is among its most alluring features. Melanie Francesca deftly draws parallels between Morrison and the novel’s protagonist, Dixi, infusing the narrative with dark, rock, and metallic undertones that evoke powerful emotions. This unique artistic fusion creates an immersive experience for readers, inviting them to explore the depths of human emotions and the intricacies of the human soul.

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In the picture artist Melanie Francesca near the art installation THE BOX


Melanie’s talent has attracted accolades from critics and captivated audiences around the globe. Renowned voices in the artistic and literary industry have loved her work as a reflection of her vision and creativity. She has exposed her art in Paris at Salon des Figuration Critique, in Milan at Cortina Gallery, in Art Dubai and Kuwait as well then in Moscow. Critics have lauded Melanie’s ability to go beyond norms, crafting narratives that resonate with depth and emotion. Her art and writing have cast a spell that goes into the depths, reaching corners of the world where hearts and minds yearn for inspiration. 

Writing as a Pathway to Self-Discovery

At the core of Melanie’s works lies the philosophy that nothing belongs to us, not your car, not your house, not even your body. We are temporary on this earth, and this is the essence of the truest spirituality that allows us to continually feel like travelers when the only dimension in which we can travel is that of the present, of the now. Of the hic et nunc, as the Latins said.

When you know this, you allow yourself to be penetrated by a force that is not that of the ego; it is not yours. It is a universal force that belongs to the spirit that begins to speak through you, and you are nothing but an instrument. Success, in this sense, is not given for what you do but for what dwells in you, the divinity that speaks through you. In this sense, Melanie Francesca firmly believes that she is the medium of angelic forces that transcend her and remains humble and grateful for the state of beauty that she wishes to transfer to others.

A Creative Force

With a journey that spans modeling, literature, and visual art, Melanie Francesca’s ability to seamlessly weave narratives and craft visual wonders is nothing short of remarkable. Her legacy is one of transformation and reflection, where each stroke of the brush and every word on the page serves as an invitation to explore the depths of the human experience.

Melanie’s creations remind us that art has the power to ignite change and illuminate our path toward a richer understanding of ourselves. As we close the chapter on this exploration, we are left in awe of Melanie Francesca’s dedication to beauty, harmony, and the eternal pursuit of artistic enlightenment.

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