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Bronx Rapper, OGEE1523 Bringing Fun and Positivity Back to Hip-hop with Album, Never2Late

Music as a universal language has held sway for centuries, and till this moment, it continues to be the only generally accepted mode of communication that virtually everyone connects with. It doesn’t matter the language or style; music melody is something everyone understands and undoubtedly gravitates toward. Bronx rapper, OGEE1523, understands this and is putting out positive messages to the world with his new album, Never2Late.

The 13-track album is OGEE1523’s way of returning fun to Hip-hop and his goal is to deliver a feel-good experience to everyone who listens to his music. “Whatever you do, you should feel good while doing it. If you’re having a bad day and listen to my music, I want that bad day to turn into a good day. Music is therapy, and therapy helps you feel better, and that is what inspired me to make this Fun, Feel Good Album,” he said.

OGEE1523 believes strongly that Hip-hop could do better with the quality of music musicians are putting out. Thus, with the release of Never2Late, he decided to switch things up and put out music that makes people feel good. OGEE1523 ensured every song on the album is the right song that everyone can enjoy. The songs are mostly dance music and club anthems, guaranteed to make people get up, dance and have fun. He also included a birthday song titled “B.C.E,” which he says is bound to be an everyday song because there is a birthday celebration somewhere in the world every other day. Some other notable songs on the album include “Getting Em Up,” featuring Farman Scoop and “I Feel Good Today,” featuring Q-Banga.

Never2Late is a body of work that everyone can enjoy regardless of age. OGEE1523 hopes to connect with older people and let them know that it is never too late for them to make the most out of life. “You’re never too old, and it’s never too late to live your dreams. Never sit back and think bad about yourselves. If you’re feeling sad or depressed, go outside and walk around. Don’t just sit at home and let yourself go. Whatever you like doing, please put it in your mind and do it; make it happen,” he said.

While he anticipates the successful performance of Never2Late on charts and streaming platforms, OGEE1523 takes pride in the fact that he has created songs guaranteed to make anybody feel good. He sees himself stamping his presence and influence in the music industry. 

Following Never2Late, OGEE1523 has set his sights on the next few months to release new singles this summer. He released a single off the album titled “I Feel Good Today,” featuring Q-Banga in May 2022 and announced a ten-city tour with the Hip-hop Blvd team this coming summer. He also recently recorded a song titled “You & Me,” featuring two-time Grammy Award-nominated and three-time Apollo Winner, Mr. Pentawane. On May 3, 2022, he received a citation from the Bronx Borough President, Ms. Vanessa Gibson and the Hip-hop Blvd Team.

His next album is slated to drop in 2023, and until then, OGEE1523 hopes to continue entertaining the world the way he knows how to while achieving success. “I’m hoping to see my songs climbing up on the Billboard charts. I would also like to be nominated for a Grammy, if not win one,” he said.

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