Corey Everhart of Build Thrive Succeed Helps Pave the Way for Music Artists

Corey Everhart
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Having a good and significant media presence is an essential part of success, especially for musicians. Public recognition and goodwill, a solid social media presence, and a high following are taken as social proof of a brand or individual’s attention worthiness. Build Thrive Succeed is an agency founded by Corey Everhart to help elevate the image of artists in a snap.

Established to cater to the entire range of the career spectrum with an emphasis on the Music Industry, Build Thrive Succeed is a company of Credibility Specialists that leverage the immense power of brand credibility to help signed and independent artists and musicians build recognition and gain a foothold in the music arena.

At the company’s helm is the ingenious Corey Everhart, an airplane pilot instructor and successful serial entrepreneur. Corey and his team at Build Thrive Succeed work to give dedicated and talented musicians a leg-up in their career by introducing and connecting them with the public using a combination of magazine features, podcasts, TV interviews, and digital press articles.

“Before a musician’s song or album is released, it is crucial to grab attention, build momentum and let the world know,” Corey stated. “This is where Build Thrive Succeed comes in.”

The agency comprises a group of highly trained personnel with extensive experience in media and public relations, utilizing a personal approach when working with clients to ensure that the uniqueness of each artist is brought to light within a given timeframe. One of the qualities Corey is known for is his devotion, and he has ingrained it throughout the fabric of his company, working only with clients whose predispositions are in line and are ready to bring their A-game to the table.

“Transparency is very important to our company when it pertains to our clients,” he said. “It is important that we ensure our client’s expectations are in line with the results we are known to deliver.”

According to Corey Everhart, he was motivated to launch Build Thrive Succeed for the singular purpose of helping businesses, personal brands, and other entrepreneurs stay in business. After observing that credibility and a leader’s outlook were the essential parts of succeeding in business, he set out to constantly help clients attain trust and be seen as credible via creative, outside-of-the-box thinking with strategic marketing and public relations.

Over the years, Corey noticed the struggle of artists, particularly competing in the music industry and trying to stand apart from the noise. So he has made it his mission to use his vast network to connect his clients to career-altering opportunities to perform and progress as artists.

“The best part of owning Build Thrive Succeed is hearing the excitement from clients who get featured in press and grow their sales from leveraging their elevated brand credibility.” He has worked with over 2,500 clients through his agency, expanding their followership by as much as 17 million.

In the coming years, Corey aims to help thousands of artists gain recognition and grow Build Thrive Succeed into one of the country’s foremost brand and publicity agencies. In addition, he hopes to inspire any artist willing to invest in themselves to keep pushing and show them that with focus, hard work and the right partnerships, they have all it takes to build, thrive, and succeed.

To learn more about Corey Everhart and his Agency, visit the official website. You can also find them on Instagram, visit their business Instagram and Corey’s Instagram 

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