DJ Nicky Rizz Is Set to Ignite the Club Scene Everywhere With His Showstopper Track ‘Ay Mami’

When DJ Nicky Rizz dropped his first single called “Ay Papi,” music lovers were captivated by its upbeat rhythm as it took events and the radio by storm. But the world-renowned DJ assures that the track was merely the beginning. Continuing where he left off, DJ Nicky will be releasing a new song called “Ay Mami,” aiming to bring the party vibes into people’s living room amid the uncertainty of the pandemic.

“Ay Mami” belongs to the guaracha genre, a new music genre that originated in Cuba. DJ Nicky Rizz hopes to bring back the iconic Saturday night club vibes to his listeners and transport them to a time when the world would gather every weekend to party. “Ay Mami” will indeed spice up living rooms across the country, bringing back the energy the quarantine has taken away from society.

The world may have been muted for over a year now, but DJ Nicky Rizz aims to ignite enthusiasm again. “Ay Mami” will remind listeners of what life was like before the “new normal” and reignite the vibes within themselves. Similar to what Ay Papi has done, the new song also wants the audience to take refuge in it, an escape from reality and allow listeners to live in the here and now.

DJ Nicky Rizz was born and raised in the city that never sleeps—New York City. Amid all the noise in the Big Apple, Nicky always had a fascination for music and how it can affect people’s moods. Beginning his musical journey at a young age, the DJ explored his talent in his basement of his Staten Island Home, the same place where he eventually became an official DJ.

Mixing came naturally for DJ Nicky Rizz, and he allowed the rhythm to flow organically. He had the passion for bringing life to clubs for as long as he can remember, and “Ay Papi” was a testament to his hard work and dedication. Since then, DJ Nicky has been igniting club scenes in New York City, turned up the atmosphere in Atlantic City casinos, and electrified crowds in South Beach, Miami, with his unique take on hip-hop.

By the end of 2019, DJ Nicky Rizz took another momentous leap for his career as he became a member of the elite group of DJs known as the World-Famous Heavy Hitters. With all the milestones he has reached, the DJ wants to inspire other upcoming artists and encourage them to go outside their comfort zone. He emphasizes that socializing is essential for entering the industry and opening new doors toward life-changing opportunities.

Furthermore, DJ Nicky Rizz shares how valuable it is to build relationships with everyone he works with, from club owners down to security personnel. He said a great DJ should remain humble and genuine always to remember what fueled their passion in the first place—the goal of making people happy. 

With his unparalleled character, DJ Nicky Rizz has made quite the impression in the DJ community. DJ Camillo, also one of the Heavy Hitters crew members, shared how Nicky works hard at every club and portrays the potential of a great entertainer. 

DJ Nicky Rizz has come a long way from the kid he once was, making music in a basement in Staten Island. With “Ay Mami” on the way and reaching audiences on the 26th of February, the DJ will truly leave music lovers blown off their feet. To learn more about DJ Nicky, visit his website.

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