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Drew Lines’ New Single “Bangarang” Outlines His Inspiring Journey from Juvenile Prison to Successful Hip Hop Artist

Drew Lines
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Hip Hop artist Drew Lines has recently released his latest single, “Bangarang,” featuring Caesar Reddington and produced by Chuck Alkazian. The track delves into Drew Lines’ personal experiences, from his time in juvenile prison to becoming a successful musician. In addition, the song discusses themes of hunger, loss, and the resilience needed to pursue one’s dreams and endure difficult times.

Drew Lines is no newcomer to the music industry. He has been working hard to make a name for himself for years, overcoming various obstacles along the way. “Growing up was a struggle, a hard-fought battle, but every man’s struggle is their own, and I have made it through what I hope to be the worst of my own,” he shared. Despite facing setbacks and wanting to give up at times, Drew Lines has never given up on his dreams and has continued to grind and invest in himself.

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Describing the amazing opportunity to work with Chuck Alkazian, Drew Lines said the experience was one of the best in his entire music career. “I learned a lot from him about a whole new area of this rap game and music in general. The thought, time and attention put into this single we created, is incredible,” he said. “This track means a lot to me. It has everything to do with my past, present, and where I’m aiming for the future. I was also able to bring a brother of mine along for a guest feature, Caesar Reddington,” he added.

One of the things that set Drew Lines apart from other artists is his willingness to take risks and try new things. He believes that the key to success is never giving up, even when faced with closed doors and challenges. His resolve led him to be the first Hip Hop artist to be signed by Stryker Records, a label known primarily for releasing rock music. Drew Lines is determined to revolutionize the music scene and attract a global audience with his well-crafted lyrics and excellent delivery.

In his career, Drew Lines has toured and met with successful musicians, athletes, and business people. He has learned valuable lessons from these experiences, including the importance of believing in oneself and investing in one’s own success. Unfortunately, he has also encountered many “cutthroats and scammers” in the music industry, which has taught him to be wary of those who may not have his best interests at heart.

In addition to his talent as an artist, Drew Lines is also a dedicated family man, valuing the importance of family and making it a priority to balance his career with his personal life. He currently resides in Green Bay, Wisconsin, with his wife Quinn and their three children. 

Overall, Drew Lines’ latest single, “Bangarang,” is a testament to his personal journey and the resilience needed to pursue one’s dreams. The track is sure to resonate with listeners who can relate to the struggles and obstacles faced on the road to success and can encourage them to keep chasing their dreams, no matter how difficult the journey may be. With its release being through Stryker Records and distributed by the Universal Music Group company Ingrooves, “Bangarang” is sure to make a splash in the music world and propel Drew Lines to new heights in his career.