Emerging Artist Shawn2Hot on His Relentless Drive, Distinctive Artistry, and Upcoming Album

Undeniably, skills and talents both play a significant role in catapulting artists to the summits of success. However, in a highly saturated industry such as the music scene, having these abilities and gifts is not enough to truly make a mark. At the end of the day, the only thing that can distinguish a musician from the others is their deep-rooted passion for their respective crafts. In the case of emerging artist Shawn2Hot, it is shown that anything is possible for those who choose to be relentless with their pursuits. 

On a mission to share his music with the world, Shawn2Hot taps into his creative flair while demonstrating an incredible sense of authenticity and originality. As someone who has always been passionate about his craft, he made it his lifelong goal to elevate the hip-hop scene and show how much of an impact his distinctive artistry can make. Today, he proves to be one of the must-watch artists in the hip-hop arena. 

Born in Georgetown, Guyana, Shawn2Hot migrated to the United States when he was sixteen years old. Growing up, he listened to oldies, reggae, alternative, and rock music. However, no other genre made him feel the way hip-hop did. According to the artist, his introduction to hip-hop music was Snoop Dog’s Doggystyle album. Since then, his life has never been the same. 

At the age of ten, Shawn2Hot started to write poems that eventually turned into songs. When he was seventeen, he began to make beats and dabbled in the world of audio production. This skill would help him kick off his music career, particularly in producing tracks, formulating melodies, and writing music without any professional training. The artist describes his style as thinking outside the box. His struggles of being in a poverty-ridden environment and exposure to violence as a child play a part in his gritty writing style and battle rap flow.

The first single that Shawn2Hot released was “Can’t Hold Me,” which was followed by his second single, “Lust.” The latter created a buzz in the underground hip-hop scene, currently reaching over a hundred thousand streams. The artist’s third single, “Into You,” was aired on Power105 together with his 6th single, “Right Now.” 

Aside from creating significant waves with his music, Shawn2Hot is also known for being the brilliant mind behind Volcano Music Group, an up-and-coming record label that is set to revolutionize the industry. In an interview, the artist shared how he was able to come up with the idea of starting his very own company. 

“Sitting around while waiting for a major label to pick my work up seemed like a pipe dream. I needed to take control of the situation,” Shawn2Hot revealed. “I then ran an online beat store which went under the name of Volcano Music. At that time, the motivation, vision, and resources were all accessible. I eventually decided to convert the beat store into a record label to be able to release my music.”

Shawn2Hot’s album, Volcano Music Vol. 1, is scheduled to be released on May 27th with features from StephG, Sabrina Foxx, Adrian Roxstar, Busta Rhymes, and many others. His versatility, creativity, and love for music will make this upcoming album a game-changer for his record label as well as the hip-hop culture in general. So much has gone into the making and publicity surrounding this release, and the artist could not be any prouder of launching the album independently.

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