Eurydice Eve, Artist and Philosopher
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Eurydice Eve, Artist and Philosopher

Eurydice Eve is a prominent feminist Greek-American author, artist, and podcaster known for her groundbreaking feminist books, one per decade, and for her fiber art. An erosophe like her famous ancestor Sappho, Eurydice is the acclaimed author of Satyricon USA: Journey Across the New Sexual Frontier (Scribner), f/32: The Second Coming (Virago), f/32 (FC2), and more. 

Eurydice began her career as a teenage writer and artist in Heraklion, Crete, where she wrote a weekly column in the town newspaper and, at night, spray-painted graffiti on school walls. 

Eurydice’s talent was recognized in America when she left home at 15 for Los Angeles. At 16, Eurydice graduated with an Honors English scholarship, though English was her third language, and enrolled in New York University. She received a dual degree in creative writing and fine art from Bard College; her senior project was an illustrated book of epic poetry. Her graduate thesis was published into a book that became famous in the 90s and a cult classic. 

The successful publication of her book f/32: The Second Coming was translated into many languages. Eurydice’s next book, EHMH: An Anatomical Prophecy, takes place inside a giant woman’s living body. Eurydice showed again her unique ability to address topics no one else talked about. 

Eurydice served as an assistant professor of creative writing at Brown University, where Eurydice participated in a C-Span discussion of “Literature at the End of the 20th Century.” Eurydice left Brown to become an investigative staff writer for Spin magazine. Eurydice’s next book, Satyricon USA, was inspired by her journalism. Satyricon USA won praise from critics and readers. Eurydice used her extensive research through the sexual underbelly of America to describe the cultural state of the Union, comparing the decline of America to ancient Rome. 

Eurydice’s writing is recognizable because it shocks the reader with new ideas. Eurydice Eve aims to change society. Her book f/32 ushered in the era of The Vagina Monologues. Her book Satyricon USA foresaw America’s cultural wars. 

But literature was just one of Eurydice’s notable public contributions. Eurydice shifted from writing to hand-stitching when she was blessed with a daughter. Eurydice presented her visual art in an unusual way. She turned traditional stitching, the oldest form of art produced by women, a traditional household craft, into a shocking visual exhibit that gained attention every time Eurydice exhibited in commercial galleries. 

Eurydice had her first solo exhibition, Thread Bare Kulture Shock, in 2008 in Miami Design District’s David Martin Gallery. Hugely attended, it led to solo exhibits by Eurydice at the pace of one a year. Eurydice’s work became recognizable in public, and Eurydice was invited to participate in an exhibition on Intersectionality at the Miami Museum of Contemporary Art.

Eurydice displayed her most unique piece, Suspense, a 10ft. x 30 ft. hand-stitched, hand-drilled mobile of hanging plexiglass sheets. The transparency of the plexiglass made her stitches seem suspended in midair. Audiences loved it. Eurydice also exhibited in Habitat, in the Museum of 

Art and Culture of Hollywood, where she showed three 8 ft. by 28 ft. hand-stitched tapestries that replicated temple art and questioned domesticity. Eurydice’s work with ancient crafts bridged her Eastern and Western heritages and synced the language of culture with the pulse of nature. Eurydice used visual art, performance, scribal therapy and audiovisual techniques to enlighten audiences. Her art was featured in numerous shows in Europe and the U.S. 

Eurydice combines art and literature in an alchemical mix promoting social change. Eurydice’s art is recognizable because it confronts the viewer head-on. This quality makes Art Against All by Eurydice Eve an emotionally powerful brand. 

Eurydice “bridges high and low aesthetics in an ecstasy of satire and connects the viewer with past generations of silenced women for whom she hopes to speak.” Eurydice says her artwork is committed to “the age-old tension between the natural flesh we inhabit and our sociocultural constructs about it; between the bodies we are and the marks we make to capture them.” 

Eurydice’s first art piece was a religious icon on driftwood. Eurydice still incorporates visual and incantatory symbols and uses language against itself for the dissolution of ego through art. Eurydice reverses the patriarchal logos and gazes to reveal suppressed truths they were constructed to hide. 

In art, as in writing, Eurydice introduced post-feminism to the general public. 

Her tapestries were among the first fiber art to appear at Art Basel. In 2011, Eurydice organized Occupy Art Basel, where art was not for sale, to protest the Union of Commerce and Art. In ‘Never Not Working,’ she honored the unpaid constant labor of mothers. She created the Eve Eurydice Podcast in support of the #METOO movement to promote women’s issues. It had a considerable impact on the public because Eurydice spoke about social issues that many were afraid to discuss. 

What is the secret to Eurydice’s pioneer work? “I ask why a lot. I rewrite everything. My process is metamorphosis.” 

Eurydice’s story began with her birth on the isle of Lesbos. After the birth of her daughter, Eurydice left New York for Miami Beach. There, her collectors still have no idea that the artist Eurydice is also the Eurydice: a legendary writer whose cult following was formative in New York’s turn-of-the-century underground during the halcyon days of the New York Riot Girls era. 

Her highly original book f/32 was considered the “most dangerous novel ever written by a woman.” So was 1999’s tour de force, Satyricon USA, which dove into America’s postmodern sexual landscape. Eurydice Eve investigated the integration and objectification of women, the female pleasure principle and the male gaze. Her writing and her art have a bait-and-switch effect: you get turned on, and you get turned off; you laugh, and you shudder. Like her books, her

large-scale wall hangings of hand-stitched female forms and punk-ed-up collages of mythical women, violently hacked at with scissors stitched together with the thread of feminine embroidery, are both seductive and confronting. 

Eurydice is the founder of Art Against All Inc.

Published by: Martin De Juan

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