Folk-Pop Duo Wild Whispers Share Their Deep Passion Behind Their Song Trilogies

Folk-pop music isn’t the most popular type of genre there is. But one band, Wild Whispers, hopes to push the genre to new heights by releasing quality tracks that continue to build a steady fan-base to this day.

Wild Whispers is a one-of-a-kind folk-pop duo whose music will make listeners want to chill, slow down, and relax. The duo is a collaboration between brilliant artists and musicians Eli Lev and Megan Leigh. Their songs are known for having a very passionate and optimistic vibe that is contagious to those who listen. On top of their excellent music, they are also known for their engaging and participative performance, either live or online. 

In addition to their live performance videos, they frequently host live concerts inside the barn and across the neighboring meadow that draw increasingly large audiences from near and far. With six of nine songs already recorded for their second full-length album, Wild Whispers is poised to push the boundaries of their sound while staying true to their vocal-centered, acoustic roots. 

Eli, one of the two in the duo, grew up in the Silver Spring, Maryland suburbs, while Megan was on a dairy farm in Boonsboro, Maryland. Their unique background gave so much distinct personality to their music. After meeting on Instagram last 2017, they connected through music and songwriting by finding a unique blend of acoustic guitar, percussion, vocal harmonies, and heartfelt storytelling through their lyrics.

Nashville, Tennessee, is where they produced their first-ever trilogy of songs. This masterful production laid the solid foundation for their full detailed sound that highlights the strong male and female vocals, acoustic fingerstyle guitar, and solid percussion sounds. Their first trilogy includes “Icarus Rising” and two more singles based on the Greek myth of Icarus’s journey to the sun: the dark and mysterious “Another Side” and the feel-good folk-rock anthem “I Am I.” 

Currently, they have teamed up to collaborate with Grammy Nominated Artist and producer Stonebridge; their newest single, “I Am I,” will be launching this summer in a remix that brings a fresh feel of production that would make everybody hit the dance floor.

In the duo’s second trilogy of songs, they decided to stick to their original roots while expanding music with unison vocals and rhythmic tunes. The song “Fire” explores the playfulness of a brief tropical love affair. The song “My Mind” comments on how political divisiveness in today’s media is hurting everyone, and “Hey” taps into their spiritual journeys in meditation.

And the duo’s third trilogy includes a lineup of tour-inspired adventure folk tune “Trace the Lines” and the reflective and introspective “Rivers to Rain,” along with their modern national anthem “Purple Mountains,” as inspired by their social influences.

The folk-pop duo is primarily known for its catchy melodies, unexpected harmonies, and thoughtful lyrics. The sound of Wild Whispers has a strong mainstream feel while highlighting the unique musical arrangements that raise their experience to the next level.  

“Their goal is to take everything you know about acoustic pop and folk and flip it on its head—from their lyrical storytelling to their empyrean harmonies, to their arrangements that challenge the status quo of indie-folk,” shares the publication Unheard Gems.

Wild Whispers’ discography is on Spotify, and they hope to continue pushing their music to new heights and bring a new wave of art to the music world.

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