Chart Breakers: A Cross-Country Quest for America’s Songwriting Prodigies

The landscape of reality TV has been forever altered by “Chart Breakers,” a disruptive series that seamlessly blends travel, opulent living, and intense competition to create a truly unique and entertaining experience. Spearheaded by producer Jason Sciavicco and renowned songwriter Chris Lane, this show takes the audience on a quest through the heart of country music, Nashville, in search of the brightest voices in the genre. With a star-studded judging panel featuring Janine Ebach, Wyatt Durrette, and Filmore, contestants not only compete for a grand prize of $100,000 but also gain invaluable insights into the intricacies of the music industry.

Chart Breakers embarked on a captivating journey, scouring five cities – Nashville, Greenville, Marietta, Pensacola, and Statesboro – unearthing hidden songwriting gems along the way. The competition unfolded in a series of challenges in each city, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats with eliminations at every twist and turn. The stakes reached new heights as eight semi-finalists found themselves secluded in a cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains, facing daily challenges that rigorously tested their songwriting skills.

Chart Breakers: A Cross-Country Quest for America's Songwriting Prodigies

Photo Credits: Chart Breakers

The grand finale, held at a prestigious Atlanta theater on November 29th, was nothing short of spectacular. Red carpet entrances, guest performances by the esteemed judges, and a palpable sense of anticipation filled the air. The winner, crowned amidst this grandeur, not only walked away with a record contract but also a substantial cash award, solidifying Chart Breakers’ position in the world of reality TV, showcasing the grit and glamour of the songwriting journey.

To encourage aspiring songwriters, Chart Breakers introduced a weekly twist – a chance for contestants to snag $1,000 by showcasing their talents. A simple recipe: record a video of an original song, post it on TikTok and Instagram with #ChartBreakers1K, and tag @chartbreakerstv. This ingenious move not only engaged the audience but also provided a platform for emerging talents to gain recognition.

Chart Breakers: A Cross-Country Quest for America's Songwriting Prodigies

Photo Credits: Chart Breakers

With industry heavyweights like Filmore and Wyatt Durrette steering the ship, Chart Breakers promises more than just a competition; it offers an artistic voyage for contestants. The show becomes a stage where songwriters can express themselves, whether crafting soulful ballads or infectious pop tunes. The emphasis on the intricate artistry of songwriting, coupled with a substantial cash prize and a publishing contract, positions Chart Breakers as a catalyst for launching the careers of aspiring songwriters.

Instagram has become a hub for Chart Breakers, where followers can stay updated on the latest happenings. With a handle @chartbreakerstv, the page serves as a visual diary of the journey, showcasing behind-the-scenes moments, contestant highlights, and glimpses into the world of music creation. Additionally, the official website,, provides a comprehensive platform for fans to delve deeper into the show, offering exclusive content and additional insights into the competition.

In its exhilarating first season, Chart Breakers has not only rewritten the script for reality TV but has also established itself as a trendsetter in the industry. The fusion of travel, luxury, and fierce competition, combined with the mentorship of industry experts, has elevated the show to new heights. With a focus on the artistry of songwriting, a generous cash prize, and the opportunity for a publishing contract, Chart Breakers is not just a competition; it is a platform that has the potential to launch the careers of aspiring songwriters into the spotlight. As the series continues to captivate audiences, it stands as a testament to the power of music and the untold stories waiting to be discovered.

Published by: Aly Cinco

Riding the Waves to Success: The Inspiring Journey of Sage Waters

By: David Mane

The life of Sage Waters is a harmonious blend of incredibly distinct cultures and a testament to the power of perseverance. Born to a Haitian father and a Hungarian Swedish/Welsh mother raised on a chicken farm in California, life for Sage was an extraordinary concoction of variety, most evident through the wide spectrum of music in their home. 

Sage’s early life was steeped in music and creativity. Tunes formed the backdrop to her childhood as her mother, a professional choir singer, introduced Sage and her sister to a world filled with melodies. Sage’s father, a metallurgist, further completed the potpourri of influences in her life. 

Fate threw a curveball at a young age. At just nine years old, Sage had to start undergoing corrective surgeries for a deformity in her right knee. Facing a spate of orthopedic surgeries until she was 22 gave her a unique perspective and ample time for introspection. Bedridden but not defeated, Sage found solace in writing poetry. With each rhythmic verse, she found music to be her constant companion during challenging times. 

Later life saw Sage venturing into fine arts, focusing on sculpting the human body, participating as a member of the swimming team, and setting her entrepreneurial foot forward with a house cleaning business. Her unyielding spirit led her to create her own internship at Tarpan Studios with Narada Michael Walden kickstarted a long, lucrative career in professional singing. 

Sage’s first paid recording gig was creating bird calls on a Wynonna Judd album around 2000, something her father had taught her as a child. Just when she impressed Narada with her unique abilities, began her journey into the studio booth where she was invited to lend her vocals to projects alongside icons like James Brown, Carlos Santana, Stevie Wonder, amongst others. In no time, she was nicknamed “Little Aretha”, always chosen to sing demos at Tarpan studios.

Her lyrical brilliance combined with a sharp understanding of harmony and background vocals made her an asset in the music industry. Sage soon found herself handling demos for big-name artists including Jessica Simpson, Pussycat Dolls, and labels like Disney and UK Universal. Her flexible writing abilities made her an acknowledged and revered figure in multiple genres.

However, not all things came easy. As Sage climbed the ladder of success, she confronted the daunting aspects of the music industry, particularly around publishing and protecting her work. The experience wasn’t in vain as it led her to gain insights on managing her craft more effectively and understanding the business of music.

After leaving Tarpan in 2006, she embraced motherhood in 2007 and became part of a successful dance-rock band in the San Francisco Bay Area. This period witnessed her transition from the studio booth to the stage, honing her performance and stage presence.

Sage channeled her signature method of learning from industry leaders when she caught an interview with Beyoncé, who revealed her routine of merging physical workouts with intense singing sessions. Inspired, Sage mirrored this routine, solidifying her stage presence.

One of the highlights of her career came when she met Brown Mark from Prince and the Revolution. She soon became his songwriting partner, co-hosting, co-writing, and co-producing a 10-episode podcast called the BrownMarkshow.

Today, as a single mother of two, Sage holds a captivating presence in Las Vegas, performing actively while managing a successful stint as the Head of Artist Development and Director of A&R at Strawberry Hill Records Label. Having recently concluded a one-year residency at Resorts World, she continues to create and book original shows in Vegas, impressing audiences with her heartfelt performances.

In conclusion, the story of Sage Waters is one of unwavering determination and enduring passion. From mastering harmonies in the car with her mother to walking undefeated welterweight boxer Cody Crowley into the MGM Grand Garden Arena with her fight song “Fighter,” her journey is a striking illustration of talent meeting resilience. With a goal to inspire, enlighten, and heal the world, Sage Waters indeed embodies the triumphant rhythm of music and life.


Flavors Without Borders: Chef Cho’s Journey to Global Cuisine

In the dynamic world of culinary arts, where the fusion of flavors and cultures takes center stage, Chef Cho, known as Wonjang Cho, emerges as a distinguished figure. His relentless pursuit of culinary excellence and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of gastronomy have left an indelible mark on the global culinary landscape. This article delves into Chef Cho’s remarkable journey, highlighting his recent collaboration with Odette restaurant in Singapore, and shedding light on his expertise in fermentation techniques that are shaping the future of Korean cuisine.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the restaurant industry underwent a seismic shift. However, as the dust settled, global exchanges among top restaurants began to stir once more. Chef Cho, who proudly dons the apron at Atomix, a renowned restaurant in New York, has set his sights on active participation in this rekindled exchange. His mission? To champion the rich history, sophistication, and culinary techniques of Korean food, right at the heart of the world’s restaurant industry hub.

One of the notable feathers in Chef Cho’s cap is his collaboration with Odette, a Michelin 3-starred French restaurant nestled in the vibrant city of Singapore. This collaboration, held earlier this year, was a culinary tour de force that left patrons satisfied and elated. Notably, Chef Cho crafted an appetizer course featuring butterfish, which he ingeniously paired with Korean herb ‘minari’ and strawberry gochujang, resulting in a harmonious blend of flavors. The butterfish, meticulously cured with kelp, danced in a sauce of soy sauce and wasabi, elevated further by compressed rhubarb and rhubarb gel, and garnished with Cara cara orange and grilled ginger oil. Another remarkable creation saw Chef Cho melding Korean pork blood sausage, ‘Sundae,’ with Comte cheese, black truffle sauce, sunchoke cream, and Frisee salad. The dish artfully married Korean and French influences, as Sundae was encased in pasta dough, adorned with sunchoke skin foam, tomato dressing, shio kombu oil, and cremini mushroom-infused black truffle sauce. The result? A culinary symphony that garnered both critical acclaim and a substantial 30% increase in overall restaurant sales during the event period.

Chef Cho’s role in this collaboration extended beyond the confines of the kitchen. His relentless dedication to the art of gastronomy shines through as he consistently seeks to expand his culinary horizons. He is a self-taught chef who continually immerses himself in the intricacies of diverse food cultures. Through rigorous research and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Chef Cho elevates not only the food but also the dining experience as a whole. His innovative approach to flavor pairings has made dining out an extraordinary experience, especially in these trying times. One instance that stands out is his creation of an elegant salt crust using Korean Nuruk, a traditional ferment, to envelop a whole turbot. Guests were invited to witness this culinary spectacle firsthand, a testament to Chef Cho’s culinary prowess.

Fermentation techniques have become Chef Cho’s signature, enriching his culinary repertoire. Beyond their gastronomic appeal, fermented foods offer a plethora of health benefits, including improved digestion, enhanced gut microbial diversity, reduced allergy risk, and bolstered immune response. Chef Cho’s expertise in fermentation, with a focus on Korean fermented foods, has not only delighted taste buds but also contributed to diners’ well-being. His knowledge is deeply rooted in tradition, passed down through generations, and further honed through collaboration with the renowned fermentaries at Kisoondo. Importantly, Chef Cho’s commitment to sharing this knowledge has extended to training chefs from Odette, contributing to the global reach of Korean fermentation.

In a world where culinary traditions often remain bound by cultural heritage and tradition, Chef Cho is breaking new ground. His adaptability and deep understanding of fermentation are reshaping the culinary landscape, transcending borders and breathing new life into age-old techniques. Fermentation, as he understands, is not only a culinary art but also a sustainable practice that ensures consistency in service while promoting environmental sustainability.

As Chef Cho’s impressive culinary journey unfolds, his influence on the global restaurant industry and the globalization of Korean food becomes increasingly evident. His commitment to collaboration, innovation, and the preservation of culinary heritage is a testament to his promising future in the culinary arena. In a world where flavors and cultures collide, Chef Cho stands as a beacon of culinary excellence, shaping the future of gastronomy.

For more insights into Chef Cho’s culinary world and his upcoming endeavors, visit his website and follow him on Instagram

Melisa Gun: Journey to Empowerment

Pageants have been a part of popular culture for decades, with competitions like Miss World and Miss Universe attracting millions of viewers and participants from all over the world. These events have traditionally been seen as a platform for young women to showcase their beauty, talent, and intelligence, and to win the coveted titles of beauty queen and role model.

However, in recent years, pageants have come under scrutiny for being outdated and promoting traditional beauty standards that exclude diversity and inclusivity. Critics argue that pageants reinforce harmful gender stereotypes and objectify women, promoting the idea that a woman’s value is based on her physical appearance.

In addition, pageantry can be a challenging and competitive industry, with many aspiring models and beauty queens facing significant pressure to conform to certain standards of beauty and behavior. Unfortunately, these standards can be unrealistic and unhealthy, and can lead to feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem among those who do not fit the mold.

Despite these challenges, many models and beauty queens continue to participate in pageants, seeing them as a way to gain exposure, make connections, and raise awareness for charitable causes. Some have also used their platforms to advocate for social issues and break down barriers, using their visibility to make a positive impact in the world.

As the world continues to evolve, it is likely that pageants will also evolve to better reflect contemporary values and standards of beauty. In order to remain relevant, pageants may need to adopt more inclusive and diverse criteria for selecting winners, and move away from traditional beauty standards that prioritize physical appearance over personality and talent.

In the future, it is possible that pageantry will take on a different form, with more emphasis on empowering women and celebrating diversity. Until then, it will be up to the models and beauty queens of today to pave the way for a more inclusive and empowering future for pageantry.

One such woman is pushing the future of pageantry to the next level. Melisa Gun  is one of the most successful models in New York. With an extensive portfolio of collaborations with esteemed fashion houses and illustrious publications such as L’Officiel, and Elle. Her modeling work has been featured on the front covers of Harper Bazaar, as well as a spot in one of the most commercially and culturally significant advertising spaces in the world: Times Square. Approximately 125,000 pedestrians walk through the suburban sprawl of Times Square, and the presence of the towering billboards that dot the cityscape is a cultural mark of the progress of human industry throughout the years. It’s no wonder that even within movies and television, the timeless presence of the bustling metropolis that is Times Square never fades away. To become the face of New York, even for a brief moment, is a dream come true for anyone. Melisa Gun’s promising career doesn’t stop there.

Melisa Gun is one of the most successful models in New York. She became famous thanks to her collaboration with well-known brands. Her photos have repeatedly graced the covers of such glossy magazines as L’officiel, Harper’s Bazaar, and GRAZIA. She was written about in VOGUE, Cosmopolitan, and many other magazines. In addition, the model has repeatedly collaborated with world fashion houses and the most incredible designers in Manhattan. And all this in the last couple of years. Today we asked her what her plans for the New Year are. Melisa told us that she is creating her own MS World competition! It will be held in 2023 in Vegas. This will be the most anticipated event of the following year, as I know exactly what a girl needs to conquer the world! She also wants to ensure that the competition is open to all, regardless of age, ethnicity, or location. She wants to allow everyone to show their talent and beauty. The model also plans to continue her career in modeling, focusing on promoting healthy eating habits and advocating for motivational purposes. She will also continue to build her portfolio and grow her network of contacts in the fashion industry.

Extremely passionate and in love with her work, Melisa Gun sees more than just the promises of a bright career; she uses her talents as a way to provide and advocate for the rights of everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity or location.

Melisa’s ambition and hard work are truly inspiring. She is an excellent example of how one person can make a difference in the world and how success can come to those who work hard and never give up on their dreams. We wish her the best of luck with all her future endeavors and can’t wait to see what she does next!

Gifted Audio Engineer and Producer YoungPrototype’s Rise to the Top of the NYC Music Scene

While there is no doubt that the music industry is filled with talented artists and singers who are experts at their craft, most people fail to realize that the success of these performers stems from a collaborative effort. After all, bringing a captivating track to life requires the work of several professionals working behind the scenes. One such individual who deserves much-needed recognition is the incredible studio engineer, YoungPrototype.

Born Angel Moreno, the audio engineer and producer, is also known by his other tags “Yp” and “Mixed By Yp.” The 19-year-old artist hails from Colon, Panama but now resides in Manhattan Hell’s Kitchen, where he is making waves in the New York Drill scene. On top of being a brilliant musician, he is also the founder and CEO of Prototype Records Ent., a management company for artists.

Throughout his career, the gifted young man has helped countless artists make it to the top playlists around the world on numerous platforms. This long list of artists includes Asian Doll, Tokyo Vanity, Kyle Richh, Jen Carter, TaTa, Bando Ptz, Miah Kenzo, Rich Nunu, OMB Jay Sheemy, and Leeky G Bando. Additionally, he engineered billboard and iTunes charting artist Vince Serrano for his hit record “Frio.” 

As a testament to YoungPrototype’s unrivaled prowess, the tracks and singles he has worked on have amassed a combined 180 million views across different media sites such as TikTok, Instagram, Spotify, and Apple Music. He is also recognized as the mastermind who engineers and mixes the hottest drill songs to come out of New York. 

What allowed the musician to accomplish these impressive accolades at such a young age is his passion for music. It also helped that he had an early exposure to the field from his late father, who was an audio engineer. He was also mentored by some of the best locals and engineers in big recording studios like Quad Studios NYC.

In addition, he has demonstrated a remarkable dedication to learning and honing his craft. Whenever his friends invited him to studio recording sessions, YoungPrototype would keenly observe the recording engineer’s movements. He can be seen asking questions to elevate his understanding of recording, mixing, and mastering. Moreover, he is always carrying a notebook and writing everything the engineers would tell him, from EQs to compressors and limiters.

Aside from his undeniable love for music and engineering, what motivates the inspiring individual to keep going is his dream of achieving financial stability and prosperity. He is determined to bring his family out of poverty, especially his beloved aunt, who raised him after losing both of his parents when he was only three.

YoungPrototype is undoubtedly one of the music scene’s most talented audio engineers. As he continues to rise to the top of the industry, the intuitive musician aims to collaborate with more artists and produce captivating tracks. Given this, fans and music enthusiasts alike should keep an eye out for his upcoming projects, which will surely become massive hits.

Recreating Iranian ancient designs, with maintaining the whole magnificent beauties and colorful motifs in LiliDchi Brand

Followers and clients of Leila Doroodchi, an Iranian creative designer and the founder of LiliDchi hand-woven clothing and collections, are accustomed to praising her as a profound and incredible reaction to her designs because every knot that she makes with her fingers on her unique knitting clothes and accessories is, in fact, the process of accomplishing a work of art that recreates original Iranian culture, art and motifs, the products that she spends a lot of time designing before weaving.

“I weave my life with my knitting products,” says Leila, which means she has a deep social, human and personal mission to make progress for her brand, her art, and her infinite creativity.

She notes: “In today’s world where discrimination against women has become evident abundantly, I decided to represent the women in today’s modern world through art visions ideas, especially upon ancient Iranian motifs, and also I am inspired by the artistic passion of the ancient women inside my country with the utmost points of fidelity to their identity and originality.”

Leila has already fulfilled three successful projects, namely “Oak,” “Qashqai,” and “Sialk.” The “Qashqai” collection won the “IDA Design Award” in 2020, and this year, in 2022, for the “Oak” project, she won a prestigious “A Design Award” in Milan, Italy.

Followers of Leila, who are the main purchasers of exclusive clothing and sustainable fashion, are well-acquainted with the brand “LiliDchi.” Leila intends to be present all over the world with her elegant weaves and beautiful designs as the ambassador of the millennia-old beauties of her land.

Leila says: “Since 2011, due to my interests and passions, I started my activity in the field of fashion design as a self-taught. At first, I focused on designing winter clothes, but in 2016, I did particular research regarding “Qashqai” carpets motifs and the ancient arts of my homeland through the interaction with Qashqai women who performed all the steps of carpet weaving. I intended to present my works in the form of weaves so that they would look more like Persian carpets; thus, LiliDchi commercial brand entered in Iranian market as the least discovered area of handmade knitting clothing.”

The free imagination of Qashqai women, especially in their “rainbow-like” handicrafts, inspired Leila to present her artworks.

Leila has symbolically dedicated her latest project, Oak Collection, to the oak forests of Zagros, which were recently burned and destroyed in a tristful tragedy.

Jax Perez on Reaching Great Heights while Embracing His Real Self

Today’s world is one that allows people to be whoever they want to be in any dimension they choose. While acceptance might be slow in some quarters, one key theme that everyone is adopting is that one must accept and embrace oneself fully before seeking validation elsewhere. Ninteen-year-old trans man and freelance illustrator, Jax Perez has spent his whole life being himself and hopes to impact the world strong enough to influence other people to adopt the same approach in their lives.

The talented illustrator, passionate about art, animation, and acting, is a big proponent of self-expression and fully embracing one’s essence. Thus, he has channeled his creativity in a way that has enabled him to build a community based on love, comfort, and understanding. He embodies the idea that nobody should be ashamed of doing what they love or what brings them comfort, no matter how many people find it strange. He inspires the creative community and helps people create and express themselves in the most authentic ways possible.

As someone from a challenging background, he understands what it means to have real-life pursuit, so he never allows anything to get in the way of things he enjoys. His deep love for animation and storytelling has deeply influenced his art style, and he never holds back when it comes to showcasing and talking about them.

He also holds his clients in high esteem and makes sure they receive high-quality customer service, clear communication, prompt delivery, and a great deal of respect that assures them that they’re working with a true professional.

Through his brand, Crown Jevvel, Jax Perez creates colorful art illustrations of animated characters. He has his entire portfolio on his website as well as his social media pages on Instagram and Twitter. He hopes to connect with as many people as possible who appreciate art or love to create it while inspiring other young artists to never stop creating.

He sees himself working with big brands, storytellers, and film and animation studios over the next few years. His passion for his work keeps him going while he nurses the hope that he will one day change the situation of his family. “I work hard at the moment, but we’re yet to get there. I have a whole lot of people who look up to me, and I believe the next few years of success can do a lot for them,” Perez said.With success on the horizon, Jax Perez has no plans to slow down or stop creating. He believes that by continuously creating, someone will notice and appreciate his work someday. “Even if it’s one person, just one email can change your life and take you to heights you never imagined,” he said. “You can never tell when but you better stay prepared for that day because it will come. It’s why I never stop working, and I always advise every young artist to keep doing the same and putting their works out,” he added.

Q Sound Recognizes the Power of Music in Uniting People and Hopes to Continue Doing That in a Post-Pandemic World

The pandemic shook the world to its roots, and every part of the world felt its impact, especially the entertainment industry. Artists and musicians were unable to perform for their fans because of the lockdown, and it has taken more than a year of adjustment to arrive at the current post-pandemic world. However, Malaysia-based American musician Q  Sound, also known as Marques Young, is now ready to take full advantage of another opportunity to be before the fans and entertain them.

The former principal trombone has lived in Kuala Lumpur since 2009 and embraced the artistic nature of the city and how much music does to bring the people together. He has a rich experience in composing and performing music across multiple genres like R&B, jazz, hip-hop, classical music, electro, soul and funk music. He has within him raw talent and a music style that has evolved over the years.

On his music journey, he has found ways to make an impact on the growing jazz culture in Southeast Asia. He has performed with bands like Q Sound Band and the Bassment Syndicate and led numerous performances at jazz venues throughout the region. Some of his notable sold-out performances include the Dewan Filharmonik Petronas, which was a part of DFP’s Happy Hour Series.

Q Sound spent seven years with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra and has used his influence to mentor outstanding young jazz musicians. He was deeply involved with the Jazz Camp at DFP and many other upcoming young Jjzz stars from New York City. This propped him up in the jazz music scene and led to his appointment as artistic director of the Encounter Jazz Program.

As someone who started his music journey at the age of twelve under the direction and tutelage of Gordon Manley, Q Sound has grown and evolved immensely in music art. He was already playing the trombone at the age of sixteen and got into Arkansas Tech University School of Music in 2001, where he studied under Dr. Will Kimball. As a student, he received numerous awards and honors, including an invitation to the Leonard Falcone International Euphonium Solo Competition, where he was awarded first runner-up.

His other accomplishments include the Frank Smith International Trombone Solo Competition, the Eastern Trombone Solo Competition and The International Trombone Association’s Van Haney Orchestral Solo Competition. In addition, he has performed with the American Brass Quintet, New York Philharmonic, and Buffalo Philharmonic in New York. Having received private instruction from jazz greats like Wycliffe Gordon, Steve Turre, Carl Allen, and Ron Blake, Q Sound’s journey has been remarkable over the last few decades.

Armed with all this music experience, Q Sound is committed to delivering wholesome performances that move the crowd and give them a good time outside their homes. It took a pandemic to realize that music is powerful to unite people, and Q Sound plans to commit himself to doing more of that.

Over the next few years, his goal is to fill arenas all over Malaysia and other parts of Southeast Asia. He also plans to go to the United States to connect with fans and everyone who enjoys his type of music while making a revolution in the entertainment industry to foster unity in the world.

Folk-Pop Duo Wild Whispers Share Their Deep Passion Behind Their Song Trilogies

Folk-pop music isn’t the most popular type of genre there is. But one band, Wild Whispers, hopes to push the genre to new heights by releasing quality tracks that continue to build a steady fan-base to this day.

Wild Whispers is a one-of-a-kind folk-pop duo whose music will make listeners want to chill, slow down, and relax. The duo is a collaboration between brilliant artists and musicians Eli Lev and Megan Leigh. Their songs are known for having a very passionate and optimistic vibe that is contagious to those who listen. On top of their excellent music, they are also known for their engaging and participative performance, either live or online. 

In addition to their live performance videos, they frequently host live concerts inside the barn and across the neighboring meadow that draw increasingly large audiences from near and far. With six of nine songs already recorded for their second full-length album, Wild Whispers is poised to push the boundaries of their sound while staying true to their vocal-centered, acoustic roots. 

Eli, one of the two in the duo, grew up in the Silver Spring, Maryland suburbs, while Megan was on a dairy farm in Boonsboro, Maryland. Their unique background gave so much distinct personality to their music. After meeting on Instagram last 2017, they connected through music and songwriting by finding a unique blend of acoustic guitar, percussion, vocal harmonies, and heartfelt storytelling through their lyrics.

Nashville, Tennessee, is where they produced their first-ever trilogy of songs. This masterful production laid the solid foundation for their full detailed sound that highlights the strong male and female vocals, acoustic fingerstyle guitar, and solid percussion sounds. Their first trilogy includes “Icarus Rising” and two more singles based on the Greek myth of Icarus’s journey to the sun: the dark and mysterious “Another Side” and the feel-good folk-rock anthem “I Am I.” 

Currently, they have teamed up to collaborate with Grammy Nominated Artist and producer Stonebridge; their newest single, “I Am I,” will be launching this summer in a remix that brings a fresh feel of production that would make everybody hit the dance floor.

In the duo’s second trilogy of songs, they decided to stick to their original roots while expanding music with unison vocals and rhythmic tunes. The song “Fire” explores the playfulness of a brief tropical love affair. The song “My Mind” comments on how political divisiveness in today’s media is hurting everyone, and “Hey” taps into their spiritual journeys in meditation.

And the duo’s third trilogy includes a lineup of tour-inspired adventure folk tune “Trace the Lines” and the reflective and introspective “Rivers to Rain,” along with their modern national anthem “Purple Mountains,” as inspired by their social influences.

The folk-pop duo is primarily known for its catchy melodies, unexpected harmonies, and thoughtful lyrics. The sound of Wild Whispers has a strong mainstream feel while highlighting the unique musical arrangements that raise their experience to the next level.  

“Their goal is to take everything you know about acoustic pop and folk and flip it on its head—from their lyrical storytelling to their empyrean harmonies, to their arrangements that challenge the status quo of indie-folk,” shares the publication Unheard Gems.

Wild Whispers’ discography is on Spotify, and they hope to continue pushing their music to new heights and bring a new wave of art to the music world.

Rising from Utah, This Is MVDNESS

When it comes to Utah, who would have thought the last state you think of for nightlife would have an absolute star rising behind the decks? Putting Utah on the map and climbing the ladder all across the West Coast, selling out clubs almost four times a week consistently, playing shows for crowds pushing 9,000, and playing with names such as James Hype; GMs, booking agents, artists, fans, everyone’s raving about ‘the kid from Utah’

Roll out the red carpet and allow us to introduce MVDNESS, a soon-to-be industry name (and don’t say we didn’t tell you).

MVDNESS (Mitch Gogan) is a Utah native born and raised in Heber City, Utah. Having come from a very musically inclined family, MVDNESS played drumline growing up and learned his love for music. Starting at the age of 13, he got a little Numark controller, set up a camera in his room, and filmed his transitions as he learned his sound at a very young age. The real OGs know him as DJ M-GO at an early age. Dedication led him to host his own events and land gigs starting at the age of 15. Not only was he playing live at that age, but he was also learning and developing in the studio, eventually turning him into a force to be reckoned with in production. 

Over ten years later, the grind never stopped for MVDNESS, announcing his professional national debut nearly two years ago. Indeed, the rate MVDNESS has been growing is insane and cannot be ignored by fans and industry players. Due to this rapid growth and following, MVDNESS and his team have finally decided to put together an EP as a brand new fresh project showing the true raw power of MVDNESS and wiping the slate clean. There is no looking back for MVDNESS, we are unbelievably excited to see the kid from Utah at festivals and clubs all around the nation as he continues to absolutely explode. If you get the chance to see a live show, get yourself ready. Until the release of his long-awaited EP, this is the only place where you will hear the gold he makes in the studio. MVDNESS is here to stay, and he is getting bigger and bigger every day. We are excited about this direction and the clean slate his team is pushing forward. His music simply is going to be the cherry on top.

We asked MVDNESS what’s next, and he simply replied, “At this point, I’m here to make a statement in the EDM world, playing open format growing up, I have nailed it, but now it’s time to show you what I really have fun with and that’s the genre such as jersey club, big room house, [and] trap to name a few. I have a clean slate to play with now, and I have never been more excited.” He also explains, “I love being from Utah…you guys have no idea the hidden talent here… raw and untouched, we are grinding in such a unique way it’s hard not to pay attention. I back the Utah artists besides me; names such as Silent Reign, my good friend, are also blowing up and so many more. It is our job to let people know who we are… I’m forever grateful for my followers, family, team, club owners, GMs, booking agents etc… for believing in me.”

MVDNESS can’t help but feel immense gratitude towards everyone’s support and faith in him. “It’s hard not to get emotional,” he shares. “My team and I are here to make a statement and I simply could not do it without you all. I promise to bring the energy to every show and I am putting work every single day in the studio. I am so excited to finally share everything being worked on behind the scenes,” he shares. 

His (soon to be up for pre save) EP is called “EMOTIONS” to allude to every track packed with raw and genuine emotions that MVDNESS has felt throughout this whole journey. “We wanted to do something completely unique with this first release… our jaws drop in the studio with some of these tracks and I am absolutely stoked to see peoples faces when they get to hear it for themselves. We are just getting started,” he says. “This is absolute MVDNESS!”

Look to pre-save MVDNESS EP “Emotions” on all platforms soon. Follow MVDNESS on Instagram to stay up to date @MVDNESSMVSIC. For booking and business inquiries, email at