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Four Thirty Four: The Rising Stars of Hard Rock Unleash Their Latest Single High Roller

Virginia-based hard rock band, Four Thirty Four, has recently made waves in the music industry with the release of their latest single, “High Roller.” The track, which was released to radio on May 30th, has already gained significant attention and acclaim. In fact, “High Roller” surpassed other notable acts to become the #1 single added to radio stations in Secondary Markets, as well as the #1 single added to Mediabase, a renowned music industry service that monitors radio station airplay. 

The band’s success can be attributed to their unique sound and captivating songwriting. Four Thirty Four, consisting of members Mike Vernon on vocals, Craig Coyner on bass, Scott Jordan on guitar, and Greg Baker on drums, brings a fresh and diverse spin to the hard rock genre. Their music resonates with listeners across various streaming platforms and has garnered attention from music programs both in the United States and overseas, including the UK and Australia. 

One of the standout tracks from the band’s repertoire is their debut single, “Red Eye,” which was released alongside their EP titled “The Gold EP.” These releases have catapulted Four Thirty Four onto the radar of industry professionals and music enthusiasts alike. Their dynamic performances, including appearances at renowned festivals such as Blue Ridge Rock Festival, Shred Fest, and Trash and Splash, have further solidified their reputation as a rising force in the rock scene. 

Four Thirty Four’s ascent to success has been further propelled by their collaboration with EMG (Extreme Management Group) and their artist manager, Jason Schrick. Through this partnership, the band had the opportunity to record with multi-platinum record producer Malcolm Springer at East Iris Studios, a division of Universal Music Group Studios. This experience allowed them to tap into their full potential and further refine their sound, setting the stage for the release of their highly anticipated single, “High Roller.” 

With the support of a national radio campaign, “High Roller” is set to take the rock music scene by storm. The single will be released by Stryker Records and distributed through INGROOVES, a Universal Music Group company, to all major music platforms worldwide on June 9, 2023. 

As Four Thirty Four continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences with their unique style, their journey is just beginning. The band’s passion for music, combined with their dedication to their craft, has set them on a path towards even greater success. With the support of their management team, industry professionals, and their loyal fanbase, Four Thirty Four is poised to leave an indelible mark on the rock music landscape. 

Stay tuned for what promises to be a thrilling ride as Four Thirty Four continues to unleash their powerful music and solidify their place among the rock elite. 




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