Hitta Castro Stays Ahead With Highly-Anticipated Single “One Up”

After a series of veritable chart-toppers, internationally renowned music artist Hitta Castro is expected to shock the world with an electrifying track this July 16, 2021. The single “One Up” features the talents of Shimmy Choo and another must-listen on Hitta’s crowd-favorite discography.

With a decade of experience in the industry, Hitta Castro is a force to be reckoned with, effortlessly embodying the phrase “what’s next and execute.” Having spent his career honing his craft, Hitta has become a sought-after performer and an unequaled expert on impactful sound.

This reputation is rooted in Hitta’s determination, professionalism and go-getter mindset, which pushed him toward unexplored heights and, after signing with the powerhouse company P.U.S.H Entertainment LLC, even further.

Hitta’s portfolio boasts of collaborations and studio visits with influential names of the same caliber as Snow Tha Product, Fat Joe, Waka Flocka, Cuban Link, Skinnyfromthe9, and China Mac, to name a few. 

This coming Friday, on July 16, Hitta Castro will be adding another name to that list – Shimmy Choo. Their highly-anticipated collaboration “One Up” has been in the works for quite some time now and will be joining millions of playlists that carry Hitta’s best songs.

Among these are “Waves,” Hitta’s brainchild with China Mac and King Baggz, “GOM” (Gun On Me), and “Tory Lanez-Motorboat (Hitta Castro Freestyle Remix).” The latter is the lauded masterpiece that catapulted Hitta to international fame and recognized him as a cornerstone of the modern-day revolution of the hip-hop industry. 

Since its release, “Tory Lanez-Motorboat (Hitta Castro Freestyle Remix)” has reached global platforms – inspiring an avalanche of positive reviews and a massive growth in followers on Hitta’s social media channels. 

Growing media attention on the rapper only furthered his rise. From the day he launched his career, Hitta Castro has graced numerous interview sets, including the coveted Diggie A-2 The Progression of Hip Hop, which was aired through a video and podcast that continue to attract views.

Outside of published features, Hitta is also among the handful of artists featured on a New York City Times Square Billboard, which captivated the public earlier this year. With this distinction under his belt, it is undeniable that Hitta Castro has become a household name.

A well-recognized and exemplary character of the music industry, Hitta Castro is a walking inspiration. Having achieved awe-inducing feats in his ten years as an independent artist and beyond under P.U.S.H Entertainment LLC, Hitta moves aspiring musicians everywhere to pursue their dreams and continues to set the standard in the business.

As the release date of his upcoming track “One Up” draws nearer, the global audience is inching toward the edge of their seats. After all, from Hitta’s previous work and reputation for unique flow and versatility, his projects could be nothing else except mind-blowing.

Don’t miss the release of “One Up” featuring Shimmy Choo. Be the first to listen to the exciting track and stay updated on Hitta Castro’s future music. Connect with the artist on Instagram, Twitter, or his official website

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