Interview with Extraordinary Young Artist and Dancer Lingjing ‘Ginny’ Jiang

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Sourced Photo

Q: What drew you to the dance field, and when do u realize that?

It was an intuition that when I was a kid, whenever I heard music, I couldn’t help but move. On the other hands, it meant that I can dance and body was my way greeting to the world. I wouldn’t regard myself as a typical artist, I was lost for three years and didn’t move forward for a while. To know what is my passion, I tried different fields such as managing a financial company, designing art exhibitions for artists, dancing for dance companies, collaborating with other artists on choreography, teaching classes in college, high school, and middle school. But when I connect with dance, I can feel the energy flowing through my body and it is so good.

Q: Can you tell us about some of your performance experiences?

As an individual dancer and artist, I was invited and commissioned by the Center for Business and Art at Peking University to perform “Sky” with Ding Xiaohui(China National Traditional Orchestra) at Guardian Arts Center, and co-worked with Kehua Li “Nucleic Acid Strangles My Throat” for UCCA’s 15th anniversary celebration. With Keru Yuan, performed “Soft Deposit” at 798 Art Center, commissioned by 798 Art Gallery Week. Performed “Poems from Isolated People” commissioned by Spurs Galley, performing for Ullai Foundation, showcased at Choi&cloud Center.

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Q: Do you have any advice for dancers or enthusiasts studying in your field?

Neve be afraid too late to start. Focus on the specific area and care about people’s needs. Be creative and original, and concentrating on the process than outcome. Dance is helping you to clear the redundant consciousness and build your own way of thinking. Then build bridges that connect you to others in this universe.

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