Jazz-Rock Group The Erly Euphorically Blends Genres with 'Culture Fever' LP
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Jazz-Rock Group The Erly Euphorically Blends Genres with ‘Culture Fever’ LP

The Erly, a lively quartet hailing from Niles, Michigan, is set to unveil their long-awaited LP, Culture Fever. The gifted group’s musical journey promises to transcend genres, immersing listeners in an 11-track exploration of jazz-rock, disco, soul, roots-rock, and adult contemporary. The ensemble, consisting of Alyssa on keys, Collin on bass, Trevor on guitar, and Fran on drums contributes vocals, creating a rich and unforgettable sonic experience. 

Crafted in 2022 at Dr. Richard’s Audio in Valparaiso, Indiana, under the guidance of producer Nick Rapley, the album expands the band’s horizons through impressive horn and string arrangements. Culture Fever weaves a narrative that touches on themes of female empowerment, mental health struggles, identity, and other complex emotions, transporting listeners to the nostalgic aura of the 1970s. 

Tracks like Flame the Main and Faces in the Attic tackle themes of resentment, addiction, and avoidance coping through guitar-driven Jazz Rock. Meanwhile, Take it As it Goes and Tracing Circles convey a yearning for something more in everyday life. The album also pays homage to the iconic Disco era with soulful tracks like Paralyzed and Somewhere in My Mind. With The Right Way and Red Roof Inn, the LP tugs at heartstrings with smooth rhythms and harmonies. 

Flame The Main, an upbeat groove bursting with symphonic instruments, and What To Do With You, dripping with warm and euphoric nostalgia blended with modern R&B vibes were both completed in one take each. Tracing Circles features a pulsating jazz beat wrapped in a beautiful harmony of piano, drum, and violin. Red Roof Inn illustrates The Erly’s ability for immersive storytelling with sound, crafting an inviting sonic setting with melancholy lyrics. 

The Right Way, a jazzy love song with an undeniable groove that bottles the essence of romance, was spontaneously written in the recording studio during downtime. Where Have You Been boasts a celebratory vibe with rich vocals and a hypnotic chorus. You’re Heaven closes the project with a chant, melodic vocals, and intricate instruments, a fitting reflection of all the artist’s best qualities. 

The band drew inspiration from at least 30 different artists across various genres. Alcohol and other substances were consumed during the recording process to capture the desired character, both vocally and musically. The original title for the song Somewhere in My Mind was Culture Fever, inspiring the album title. Culture Fever took the entire year of 2022 to record, with weekend sessions spread over multiple months. Album tracks were run through an analog tape machine before mastering, adding a warm and vintage touch to the sound. 

The Erly seamlessly fuses sonic elements from the ‘60s and ‘70s rock, pop, and funk, creating a unique modern disco sound. Since their formation in 2018, The Erly has released two full albums and four singles, with Paralyzed and Flame The Main leading the way for their upcoming record, Culture Fever, available on November 3rd, 2023. Fans of the indie-soul group can stay connected with The Erly and their latest updates on social media and expect the Flame The Main music video to be released on YouTube in early-mid October. With an abundance of talent and heart, The Erly is set to bring the heat with Culture Fever.

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