Jetfly Multz: A Grime Journey Fueled by Heritage and Inspiration

Jetfly Multz
Photo Credit: Dan Burwood (@danjburwood)

Jetflymultz, a rising name in the music scene, embarked on his musical voyage at the tender age of 11 or 12, transitioning from year 6 to year 7. Nestled in an environment brimming with seasoned grime MCs, young Jetfly Multz was encouraged to follow in their footsteps, igniting the spark that would set him on his path to musical stardom. It was this early exposure to the world of grime that served as the catalyst for his artistic journey, propelling him into a whirlwind of creativity.

The foundation for Jetfly Multz’s musical prowess was laid not only by the grime scene but also by his familial influences. His maternal uncle, a certified pianist and keyboard virtuoso, provided a formidable role model. Meanwhile, his father, a seasoned sound engineer, had a storied history working with urban acts during the vibrant music scene of the 1990s. These familial connections were instrumental in shaping Jetfly Multz’s musical identity, inspiring him to start writing and carve out his unique musical niche from a tender age.

However, it was within the hallowed halls of the school that Jetfly Multz’s prodigious talent truly crystallized. His innate abilities, recognized as being on a level far above his peers, fueled his determination to pursue a career in music. It was evident that he was destined for greatness.

Growing up, Jetflymultz was immersed in a diverse musical landscape curated by his parents. Their eclectic tastes spanned genres like R&B, Hip Hop, Soul, Reggae, and Ska, with a special affinity for African music, especially from his Angolan and Congolese heritage. These influences played a pivotal role in shaping his musical palette, infusing his work with a rich and varied sonic tapestry.

Jetfly Multz

Photo Credit: Dan Burwood (@danjburwood)

As he continued to evolve, Jetfly Multz’s musical horizons expanded. In his formative years, he gravitated towards artists such as Bashy, Frisco, 2 Pac, Wiley, and Skepta, each serving as a source of inspiration and a touchstone for his burgeoning artistry. With the progression to college and university, his appetite for musical exploration grew, leading him to delve into the works of a myriad of artists from diverse backgrounds.

Jetfly Multz’s musical journey is a testament to the power of heritage, familial influence, and a passion for music that transcends generations. With his unique blend of inspiration and talent, he’s poised to make a lasting mark on the music industry, one that resonates with his roots and speaks to the hearts of music lovers worldwide.

Starting from scratch, Jetflymultz faced the uphill battle of standing out in the crowded world of online music. Armed with nothing but raw talent, a passion for storytelling, and an unwavering determination, they began sharing their music on platforms like YouTube and social media. Their early works might not have garnered massive attention, but they were a genuine reflection of their life’s journey.

Jetfly Multz’s story was not without its setbacks. Balancing the demands of life’s hardships with the pursuit of a musical career was a constant challenge. Yet, it was precisely these obstacles that fueled their creativity. Each setback served as inspiration for lyrics that resonated with those facing similar struggles.

Slowly but steadily, Jetfly Multz’s following grew. What started as a few hundred views on YouTube transformed into hundreds of thousands. Their social media presence expanded as well, with fans eagerly awaiting each new release.

Jetflymultz had found a community of supporters who embraced their music from Oslo to London. In a world where talent often emerges against all odds, Jetfly Multz’s journey from a challenging upbringing to musical stardom stands as a shining testament to what can be achieved through unwavering determination, boundless passion, and the transcendent power of music. Their story is a reminder that in the face of adversity, one can rise, inspire, and connect with others through the universal language of music.

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