Alyson Williams: A Journey of Music, Passion, and Philanthropy

Alyson Williams, an Emmy award-winning Jazz and R&B singer, has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with her hauntingly pure voice and versatile talents. Beyond her musical prowess, Alyson’s journey is a testament to her multifaceted nature, as she effortlessly transitions between roles as an actress, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and radio host. Born and raised in Harlem, Alyson’s upbringing was steeped in music, thanks to her father, celebrated Jazz trumpeter Bobby Booker. From a young age, Alyson showcased her stage talents, eventually pursuing formal training in dance under luminaries like Arthur Mitchell and Alvin Ailey. Her dedication to her craft led her to prestigious institutions like Marymount Manhattan College and City University of New York, where she honed her skills under the guidance of industry giants like John Lewis and Ruby Dee.

The Rise to Stardom: Def Jam and Beyond

Alyson’s talent didn’t go unnoticed for long. After securing an internship with Benny Ashburn, manager of the Commodores, her career trajectory skyrocketed. She quickly became a sought-after studio session singer and landed a spot as a featured member of the 80s vocal group “High Fashion” on Capitol Records. However, it was her groundbreaking partnership with Def Jam label CEO Russell Simmons that truly solidified her place in the music industry. As the first female R&B artist signed to Def Jam, Alyson helped shape Russell’s vision and recorded two albums that garnered widespread acclaim. Her debut album, “Raw,” spent an impressive 67 weeks on the Billboard charts and produced four top-five singles, including the sultry hit “Just Call My Name.” Alyson’s success continued with her self-titled second album, featuring collaborations with industry heavyweights like Al B. Sure and Babyface.

A Renaissance Woman: Theater, Entrepreneurship, and Radio

Despite her success as a recording artist, Alyson’s artistic pursuits didn’t end there. Inspired by her roots in theater arts and dance, she embarked on a prolific stage career, starring in numerous musicals and plays both on and off Broadway. Fuelled by her entrepreneurial spirit, Alyson ventured into production, collaborating with producer Marcus Johnson to release her third solo album, “It’s About Time.” She also founded her own production company, A.W.P. A Woman’s Prerogative, allowing her to explore diverse creative avenues, from musical stage plays to television treatments. Alyson’s passion for communication led her to the airwaves, where she hosts “Love Notes with Alyson Williams, In The Chill Zone” on WHCR 90.3 FM The Voice of Harlem, featuring esteemed musical guests like Chaka Khan and Nancy Wilson.

A Legacy of Mentorship and Philanthropy

Beyond her artistic endeavors, Alyson is deeply committed to giving back to her community. Mentored by the late Dr. Maya Angelou, Alyson cherishes her role as a mentor to children and young adults, offering vocal coaching and artist development training. She serves as a board member for the LGBTQ+ film festival Out At The Movies and volunteers for organizations like the National Action Network during the holiday season. Alyson’s hosting talents have been sought out by luminaries like Harry Belafonte and Valerie Simpson, further solidifying her status as a respected figure in both the entertainment industry and the community.

Looking Towards the Future: Music, Entrepreneurship, and Recovery

Despite facing challenges like a bout with COVID-19 in 2022, Alyson’s resilience and determination remain unwavering. After a four-month recovery period, she returned to the stage, touring with award-winning saxophonist and flutist Najee. Her latest endeavors include collaborations with producer Maurice Lynch on jazz and gospel projects, as well as ventures into house music and Christmas albums. Alyson’s entrepreneurial spirit continues to thrive as she explores new ventures, from launching a jewelry line to producing a reality show titled “Life After DEF.” With each endeavor, Alyson’s passion for music, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship shines through, cementing her legacy as a trailblazer in the industry.

Wrapping Up

Alyson Williams’ journey is a testament to the power of talent, resilience, and passion. From her humble beginnings in Harlem to her status as an Emmy award-winning artist and entrepreneur, Alyson’s story inspires audiences worldwide. As she continues to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the music industry, one thing remains constant: her unwavering commitment to her craft, her community, and her dreams. With love and light, peace and blessings, Alyson Williams continues to redefine what it means to be a true MVP – Most Valuable Player – in the world of music and beyond.

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Recounting the Magnificence of Michelle Ende’ and Her Undertakings

Image Commercially Licensed from: DepositPhotos

 “Mournful and yet grand is the destiny of the artist.”
–  Franz Liszt

Composers play a multidimensional role in the dynamic domain of music, which involves more than just writing new pieces; they shape the very fabric of musical expression. For anyone who is deeply involved in the music industry, whether performer or listener, it is critical to comprehend and value the extraordinary ability and tireless work of composers. 

Writing creative compositions that cover a wide range of musical genres is at the heart of a composer’s job. Composers give life to these musical works by writing songs for pop musicians, arranging symphonies for large orchestras, and scoring motion pictures. It’s a laborious process that involves working with musicians, producers, and other experts to ensure that the final product reaches the zenith of artistic excellence.

In the monarchies of music, literature, and academia, Michelle Ende’ stands as a towering figure expressing a grandness that transcends conventional boundaries. Born on February 19, 1955, in Chicago, Illinois, Ende’s life and achievements reflect a profound commitment to artistic expression, intellectual pursuits, and cultural enrichment.

Growing up in the Midwest, Ende’ developed a liking for the arts. Despite holding a doctorate in statistics and international finance, a master’s degree in marketing, and an accounting baccalaureate, Ende’ has discovered poetry to be an unexpected haven. She is more than just a composer in the world of music; she is a maestro arranging an artistic symphony. Her vast repertoire, which includes works like “On the Solitude of Midnight,” “Bhudda’s Walk,” and “The Footprints of Adam,” has a grandeur that reverberates throughout the halls of modern symphonic music. Twelve symphonies, two piano concertos, tone poems, and a cello concerto by Ende’ demonstrate her mastery of a variety of musical genres and highlight her expansive creative vision. Interestingly Ende remains to be the founding owner of Annuit Music, which is a sole proprietorship for the purposes of production of the various albums, under the following labels:

  • The Bay Area Philharmonic – Classical Music
  • The Bay Area Chamber Group – Chamber Music
  • Michelle Ende’ – Solo Piano (Label only)
  • Flat Third Shout – Jazz
  • Stella Errante’ – New Age/ Electronic Music.(Label only)

The lavishness of Michelle Ende’ extends beyond the realms of music to encompass the world of literature. Evident in her eclectic taste, spanning across genres and eras, Ende’ likes to immerse herself in the imaginative universes crafted by literary giants such as Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, and Arthur C. Clarke. Her passion for reading, however, goes well beyond science fiction and space, as she also enjoys the writings of Charles Dickens, Leon Uris, A.J. Cronin, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Thomas Wolfe. The narrative opulence of her fiction books, such as The Plumbers of Saffron and The Apocalypse According to Max, enthralls readers. On the other hand, her poetry works, like The Genius of Being: The Collected Poems of Michelle Ende, show off her ability as a wordsmith by creating a tapestry of deep feelings and cerebral depth. She was also successful in publishing a dissertationon on Proquest entitled as The Effects of IMF Lending on Latin American Economies, in 2002.

Her path across the fields of finance, business administration, and statistics serves as an example of Michelle Ende’s academic magnificence. Ende, a former state auditor and educator, not only mastered the complexities of finance but also left a lasting legacy on education by teaching subsequent generations.

With a rich cultural past spanning multiple generations, Michelle Ende’s grandeur is enhanced by her Eastern European roots. She has a strong bond with her roots, as evidenced by her works that preserve cultural history and pay homage to old musical genres.

Michelle Ende’s brilliance is essentially the result of combining her artistic talent, intellectual strength, and dedication to cultural preservation. While her academic and professional pursuits may seem rooted in numbers and business, her heart beats to the rhythm of verses and the boundless realms of science fiction. She has established herself as a notable artist, influencing the cultural environment with her distinct and varied contributions, whether it be through the dramatic climaxes of her symphonies, the eloquence of her written words, or the scholarly legacy she has cultivated thus far.

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Buddy Morsello: Music for Everyone, by Everyone – No Rules, No Boundaries

In the bustling world of music, where genres often define artists and rules dictate the path, Buddy Morsello is a refreshing breeze of creative freedom. Hailing from suburban Metro Detroit, Morsello’s musical journey has been a rollercoaster of influences, self-discovery, and a relentless passion to create music that transcends boundaries. His mantra is simple: “I don’t want to be better than anyone; I just want you to think of my music as someone’s diary you can open at any time.”

Morsello’s music is an invitation to dance, a platform for storytelling, a vessel for heartfelt vocals, and a canvas for complex emotions that resonate with everyone. He is not chasing the elusive title of “the best” in his niche. In his own words, “I don’t like to use the term best or better because I don’t believe there is a place for them in art.” Instead, Morsello believes that his uniqueness lies in the way his diverse influences come together to create his distinctive sound.

Morsello’s journey began as a young child when he was captivated by the magic of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” The infectious rhythms and magnetic presence of the King of Pop left an indelible mark on his young heart. As he grew into his teenage years, the grunge era and the Seattle sound took hold of his imagination, further expanding his musical horizons. But it was the soulful sounds of Motown and contemporary R&B that truly struck a chord with him.

One vivid memory from his childhood stands out. He recalls listening to Luther Vandross, and when “Never Too Much” started playing, he would dance uncontrollably. That unfiltered connection with music is something Morsello strives to recreate in his own work.

Morsello’s music is a fusion of influences that, at first glance, might seem worlds apart. He’s unafraid to pull from a wide range of genres, proving that boundaries are there to be broken. As he aptly puts it, “There is no new sound unheard before; at this point, it’s how we arrange those pieces from music history to create our own distinctive sound.” It’s the very essence of the postmodern music era, where artists like Morsello are forging new paths by amalgamating various styles into something entirely unique.

When you dive into the musical world of Buddy Morsello, you’ll find traces of Michael Jackson’s infectious beats, the grunge spirit of Nirvana, the soulful Motown vibes, and contemporary R&B melodies. It’s a journey through the evolution of music, encapsulating nostalgia that can resonate with all generations. Morsello’s creations are a reflection of his soul, a diary he’s inviting everyone to read. As he puts it, “My studio work doesn’t think, ‘Who is gonna like this?’ I am open to those who like it and respect those who may not. I do believe there is something for everyone.”

Artists are not bound by rules or predefined categories. Morsello’s music is a testament to this philosophy. He doesn’t create to fit into a genre or please a certain crowd. His art is an exploration of self, a cathartic experience for both the artist and the listener. In a world that often demands conformity, Morsello stands as a beacon of authenticity. He firmly believes that any approach that sacrifices one’s unique voice for popularity does a disservice to art itself. It’s about staying true to oneself, a philosophy he encapsulates in the timeless phrase, “To thine own self be true.”

Morsello’s journey is not just about creating music; it’s about sharing the human experience. His art is an open diary that invites music enthusiasts to explore his thoughts, emotions, and experiences. There are no corporate influences, no thoughts of “What will sell.” It’s just Morsello, naked and unafraid. 

In an industry where artists are often portrayed as larger-than-life figures behind the curtain, Morsello shatters that illusion. He’s approachable, reachable, and relatable. Furthermore, the music you hear is an extension of his very being—a piece of his heart and soul, offered without reservations.

As Morsello continues on his musical journey, he is opening new doors and connecting with an ever-growing audience. He’s done the hard work in the studio, and now it’s time for the celebration, the live performances. The stage is his canvas, and he’s eager to paint it with his unique blend of sounds and emotions.

In a world that often strives to pigeonhole artists, Buddy Morsello stands as a beacon of artistic freedom. His music knows no rules, no boundaries, and no constraints. He’s not here to be the best but to be authentic and to be himself. Buddy Morsello‘s music is a reminder that in this vast and varied world of sound, there’s a place for everyone, and there are no limits to the magic that can be created when art is allowed to flourish unhindered.


Jetfly Multz: A Grime Journey Fueled by Heritage and Inspiration

Jetflymultz, a rising name in the music scene, embarked on his musical voyage at the tender age of 11 or 12, transitioning from year 6 to year 7. Nestled in an environment brimming with seasoned grime MCs, young Jetfly Multz was encouraged to follow in their footsteps, igniting the spark that would set him on his path to musical stardom. It was this early exposure to the world of grime that served as the catalyst for his artistic journey, propelling him into a whirlwind of creativity.

The foundation for Jetfly Multz’s musical prowess was laid not only by the grime scene but also by his familial influences. His maternal uncle, a certified pianist and keyboard virtuoso, provided a formidable role model. Meanwhile, his father, a seasoned sound engineer, had a storied history working with urban acts during the vibrant music scene of the 1990s. These familial connections were instrumental in shaping Jetfly Multz’s musical identity, inspiring him to start writing and carve out his unique musical niche from a tender age.

However, it was within the hallowed halls of the school that Jetfly Multz’s prodigious talent truly crystallized. His innate abilities, recognized as being on a level far above his peers, fueled his determination to pursue a career in music. It was evident that he was destined for greatness.

Growing up, Jetflymultz was immersed in a diverse musical landscape curated by his parents. Their eclectic tastes spanned genres like R&B, Hip Hop, Soul, Reggae, and Ska, with a special affinity for African music, especially from his Angolan and Congolese heritage. These influences played a pivotal role in shaping his musical palette, infusing his work with a rich and varied sonic tapestry.

Jetfly Multz

Photo Credit: Dan Burwood (@danjburwood)

As he continued to evolve, Jetfly Multz’s musical horizons expanded. In his formative years, he gravitated towards artists such as Bashy, Frisco, 2 Pac, Wiley, and Skepta, each serving as a source of inspiration and a touchstone for his burgeoning artistry. With the progression to college and university, his appetite for musical exploration grew, leading him to delve into the works of a myriad of artists from diverse backgrounds.

Jetfly Multz’s musical journey is a testament to the power of heritage, familial influence, and a passion for music that transcends generations. With his unique blend of inspiration and talent, he’s poised to make a lasting mark on the music industry, one that resonates with his roots and speaks to the hearts of music lovers worldwide.

Starting from scratch, Jetflymultz faced the uphill battle of standing out in the crowded world of online music. Armed with nothing but raw talent, a passion for storytelling, and an unwavering determination, they began sharing their music on platforms like YouTube and social media. Their early works might not have garnered massive attention, but they were a genuine reflection of their life’s journey.

Jetfly Multz’s story was not without its setbacks. Balancing the demands of life’s hardships with the pursuit of a musical career was a constant challenge. Yet, it was precisely these obstacles that fueled their creativity. Each setback served as inspiration for lyrics that resonated with those facing similar struggles.

Slowly but steadily, Jetfly Multz’s following grew. What started as a few hundred views on YouTube transformed into hundreds of thousands. Their social media presence expanded as well, with fans eagerly awaiting each new release.

Jetflymultz had found a community of supporters who embraced their music from Oslo to London. In a world where talent often emerges against all odds, Jetfly Multz’s journey from a challenging upbringing to musical stardom stands as a shining testament to what can be achieved through unwavering determination, boundless passion, and the transcendent power of music. Their story is a reminder that in the face of adversity, one can rise, inspire, and connect with others through the universal language of music.

You can find Jetfly Multz from the following links:

Rising Above the Ordinary, The Odyssey of Shaney Poo’s ‘Super Hero’

The journey of a musical artist often mirrors that of the hero’s quest. From humble beginnings to grappling with trials and tribulations, and ultimately discovering one’s purpose, the narrative arcs align impeccably. For Shaney Poo of B.L.A.C Pop Music, his recently released smash hit ‘Super Hero’ from the album ‘Alien Priest’, exemplifies this symbiosis. (photo credit XDaGod) 


The Journey

Since launch, ‘Super Hero’ has become a sensation, securing listeners and fans across streaming platforms thanks in part to the emotional depth and personal resonance that Shaney Poo brings to his music. The artist candidly shares how he identifies with the superhero archetype, due to the path he embarked upon as a recording artist.

From the outset, his journey was characterized by a strong calling to create music, despite the voices of skeptics and naysayers. Yet, the hero’s quest was never promised to be easy. Much like the mythical figures he admires, Shaney Poo’s journey has been lined with trials that tested his resolve: financial woes, trust betrayed, loss of loved ones, and heart-wrenching self-blame.


Turning Point

However, much like in the classical hero’s journey, there came a transformative moment that altered his path. At the crossroads of his journey, Shaney Poo found his faith in God which gave him an expanded sense of purpose and altered his perspective on the challenges he faced. He found the strength to persist, despite the hardships.

This newfound resilience is central to his album ‘Alien Priest’, and is profoundly reflected in the song ‘Super Hero’. It’s a narrative that champions strength in the face of adversity, and the understanding that our trials are but stepping stones toward greater resilience and purpose.


A Reflection of Resilience

‘Super Hero’ is more than just a catchy melody – it’s a testament to a musician’s journey through adversity and his emergence as a stronger, more dedicated artist. It’s a reflection of resilience and faith that listeners will connect to, irrespective of their walks of life.

The power of Shaney Poo’s narrative is transformative, urging listeners to see themselves as heroes of their own stories, capable of overcoming the obstacles life throws their way. Just as our heroes rise, so too can we, empowered by faith and resilience.

To truly appreciate the depth of Shaney Poo’s journey, one must experience it. You can stream ‘Super Hero’ on YouTube ( or Spotify and ‘Alien Priest’ is available on

Connect with Shaney Poo on B.L.A.C Pop, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to keep up with his remarkable musical journey.

Shaney Poo’s journey reminds us that the hero’s path isn’t exclusive to mythical figures or individuals in silver-screen sagas. It’s a journey that each of us can undertake. The artist’s tale of resilience, faith, and personal growth provides listeners with not just music to enjoy, but also a story to inspire and learn from. His ‘Super Hero’ song and the ‘Alien Priest’ album are not only milestones in his career but are also soundtracks to a life lived with resilience and purpose.

Photo Credits: XDaGod 

Yana Mann, celebrates the first anniversary of her debut at the Carnegie Hall

Image commercially licensed from Unsplash

Yana Mann and Julián De La Chica at Carnegie Hall, NY. Photo by Fadi Kheir.

On February 12, 2022, classical singer, Yana Mann, celebrated the first anniversary of her debut at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York City. The concert (a sold out recital), was at the Weill Recital Hall and Mann was accompanied by composer and pianist, Julián De La Chica.

The world premiere of composer Julián De La Chica’s works at Yana Mann’s Carnegie Hall debut was a momentous occasion for both artists. 

  • Watch Yana Mann’s video SU VOZ

The recital repertoire included the premiere of the song cycle Op. 12, Los poemas de bar, (which is part of Yana first studio album) and the song cycle Op. 15, Arias Florentinas, dedicated especially for Yana and composed for the recital. Their collaboration has been widely praised for its originality and emotional depth; both cycles, composed by the minimalist Julian De La Chica, narrate everyday and casual stories. The first cycle captures the essence of New York’s nightlife in a series of vignettes that tell the stories of patrons and bartenders set in a New York bar in its twilight hours, and the second, Arias Florentinas, was inspired by stories in Florence, when the composer was on vacation during the summer of 2021. The music is more contemplative, with a sense of introspection and longing that reflects the composer’s own experiences. The performance evoked a spirit of shared intimacy in a time of loneliness, of tender admissions in unlikely spaces. The restrained and minimalist accompaniment, paired with Mann’s carefully controlled vocalizations, is perfectly suited for nighttime and the sentimental elements associated with the theme.

Yana has risen in popularity since the debut of her first album, Los poemas de bar, which attracted positive reviews not only from critics, but also from the general audience. In the album, Yana’s voice is precise, elegant and vibrant. Her interpretation is measured, without distractions. An austere and minimal proposal. Moreover, Yana Mann’s stellar reception can be attributed to her passion for music and dedication to her craft; her performances are known for their emotional depth and expressive range, and she has developed a unique style that is both classical and contemporary.

With her growing popularity and critical acclaim, Yana Mann is poised to become one of the most prominent classical singers of her generation. Her fans eagerly await her next performance, which promises to be as memorable and moving as her Carnegie Hall debut.

Yana Mann and Julián De La Chica at Carnegie Hall, NY. Photo by Fadi Kheir.

Born on 5 May 1986 in Saint Petersburg, with a background rooted in her family of teachers and music education at the Rimsky-Korsakov Faculty of Music and the Tchaikovsky Academic Faculty of Music at the Moscow State Conservatory of Music, Mann is a true artist in every sense of the word. Her musical journey has just kicked off, so keep an eye out for this up-and-coming sensation.

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The Voice of Faith: Cameron Joseph Brings People Closer to God Through Music

For many, dedicating their life to God is not just a one-time decision but a continuous journey of growth and surrender. It is a choice to follow God’s will, no matter where it may lead, and to trust that He will always guide you in the right direction. 

Cameron Joseph is a rising star in the Christian music industry whose mission is to bring people closer to God through his music. With a military background and a passion for service, Cameron has lived a life full of diverse experiences that have shaped his musical style and lyrics.

Born in Houston, Texas and raised in a military family, Cameron lived in 13 different locations from Alaska to Florida. Throughout his journey, Cameron discovered his talent for writing and composing music, which he has honed over the years. At age 20, he enlisted in the Air Force, where he served for eight years and completed his BS in Organizational Leadership from the University of Houston.

As a Christian artist, Cameron feels called to use his musical gifts to serve others, whether that be through bringing people to a saving knowledge of Christ or encouraging them to grow in their faith. He draws inspiration from Colossians 3:17, “Whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.”

On March 3, 2023, Cameron will release his first original song, “Run to the Cross.” This debut single is a testament to the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the message that no matter your past, you can always find solace and comfort in Him. In addition, the song encourages people to turn to Jesus and find rest in the midst of life’s challenges.

“As a Christian artist, my hope and prayer is to help those in need of hearing both uplifting and more serious themed songs based on faith and walking through life as a Christian,” Cameron shared.

Cameron aims to reach people who are interested in Christian music, as well as those in need of hearing the love of Christ. Whether through his music, his message, or his personal testimony, Cameron is dedicated to spreading the love of Christ to all who will listen. He plans to release additional original songs in the coming year and start touring as an indie Christian artist.

With his original lyrics and heartfelt melodies, Cameron Joseph is poised to make a significant impact on the Christian music industry. His debut single, “Run to the Cross,” is set to be released soon, and he encourages fans to keep an eye out for his upcoming releases and tours.

Cameron’s music is a reflection of his personal journey, and he hopes to inspire and encourage others in their own faith journeys as well. Through his songs, he shares the love of Jesus Christ and the message of hope that can be found in Him. By dedicating his life and passion to God, Cameron Joseph has become a powerful voice in the Christian music industry, spreading the gospel and touching the hearts of people everywhere.

To know more about Cameron Joseph, check him out on TikTok, Instagram, Spotify, and YouTube.

The Voice that Captivated the World: Aura’s Musical Evolution

Aura Davis has always been an enigma. Some call her depressive, some say she’s too honest, but there’s no denying that she’s talented, beautiful, and fiercely determined.

Growing up in a highly success-driven household, Aura always strived for the best. Her interest in music and writing was born when she was just four years old, and by the age of six, it was clear that she wanted to be a musician. Her mother would drive her to open mics in malls and local talent shows, but even then, her parents were worried about her future and wanted her to focus on getting good grades instead of following her dreams.

Growing up in a highly success-driven household, Aura’s interest in music and writing was evident from a young age. Despite her parents’ concerns about her future, Aura persisted in pursuing her dreams of becoming a musician.

However, her journey was not an easy one. Being an only child in a family with two different cultural backgrounds led to daily fights and arguments, and the constant moving made it difficult for her to make friends and focus on her music. She was bullied and harassed for being different and spent most of her time alone.

Aura‘s teenage years were filled with trauma and questionable decisions. She struggled with alcohol and drug abuse, which caused her to stop writing and creating for a time. But, at 20, she returned to her parents and began to redesign her life. She picked up writing and her guitar again and started to take music seriously.

Aura’s first single led to a label deal in Switzerland, and her independent releases have been streamed over 200,000 times. Her unique style, which reflects her love for rock music and storytelling, has earned her a massive following and the attention of a producer team in London, where she is currently recording her debut album. Over the course of two months, she played over 30 gigs in the UK and Switzerland. 

Aura is a fierce and melancholic artist who fearlessly walks towards everything she wants to achieve. Her unique voice and ability to discuss topics that others may avoid have been compared to legends like Stevie Nicks and Alanis Morrisette. She continues to make her mark in the music world, telling people her story of resilience and determination. Aura has always been a force to be reckoned with from the moment she was born. Despite facing adversity throughout her life, she stays true to herself and her passions.


The Beautiful British Songstress TaniA Kyllikki, Whose Music Touches People Deeply

She’s quickly climbing the ranks toward superstardom as a fan favourite singer-songwriter. Passionately performing songs with lyrics that explore taboo topics. Her latest single, H.W.C., is a remake of “Handle With Care,” which appeared on TaniA’s debut album, “Why Chapter One.” It’s a beautiful song in which the roles are reversed, with TaniA singing from the perspective of her lover. Intense lyrics depict a once vulnerable woman whose trust has been eroded by a series of terrible relationships. Her new love interest is trying everything he can to win her heart, and she is begging him to be careful not to break it. She is apologising to her new love for the pain she has caused him as they work together to build a trusting and lasting relationship.

The song eases into its unique and beautiful melody with a beautiful choir, piano, and strings. TaniA’s voice is the standout with its rich, soulful lows and impressive highs from her huge, well-controlled vocal range. It’s clear and bright as she projects and sings higher, including an impressive F6 note at 3:04, demonstrating that her voice has a lot of depth. Her voice is extremely powerful and expressive; therefore, it works wonderfully with this song. Instruments begin softly and gradually increase in volume during the first verse and chorus, when she is singing, before finally reaching a crescendo during the bridge. Even in the song’s quieter moments, her voice is forceful and authoritative. Creating an impact that lasts, H.W.C., like her previous music, touches listeners deeply. 

Rynellton aka Garry D. Hairston’s production here is a seamless fit with TaniA’s voice, giving the song a constant “marching ahead” vibe that serves to encourage the listener to do the same. The song’s momentum continues as you reach the second chorus. As a result, the listener is able to concentrate fully on TaniA’s lyrics. The beauty of “H.W.C.” lies in the fact that it is not a song that is overburdened with instruments and sounds; rather, the song’s only attention is on the lyrics and the message behind them. Rynellton, aka Garry D. Hairston, clearly understands how to bring out the best of TaniA’s excellent vocals.

Who among us hasn’t been damaged by someone else’s cruel words? This describes the main theme of this song. Without a doubt, TaniA is a talented songwriter who isn’t hesitant to write about tough topics. Her lyrics’ power comes from the sincerity of their delivery and the concision of their length. You can easily memorise and recite these words, which only adds to their impact. TaniA Kyllikki and Rynellton, aka Garry D. Hairston, a musical power couple, have written a beautiful tune that is intricate emotionally but straightforward musically. Even after only one listen, the song becomes ingrained in your memory. That’s how you know you’ve come across a “golden tune.”

H.W.C. credits include: Label: Awe Inspiring Records. Songwriter: TaniA Kyllikki. Music produced by: Rynellton, aka Garry D. Hairston. Music files prepared by: John Woodard, of Seasons Lab. Mixed and mastered by: Phil Dust, of Dust Mastering. 

Keep up with the singer to get news about her future music releases.

H.W.C. Stream – Download

Awe Inspiring Records – TaniA Kyllikki

TaniA’s Socials:

Instagram – TaniA Kyllikki 

Facebook Page – TaniA Kyllikki 

Facebook Account – TaniA Kyllikki 

Youtube – TaniA Kyllikki 

Twitter – TaniA Kyllikki

How DJ HP SAUCY Is Turning Heads in the Music Space

More than creating beats that capture the attention of various listeners, and partygoers, being a DJ also entails the ability to bring something new to the table. The music and entertainment realm is an ever-changing industry that requires artists to overcome the challenge of staying relevant. For this reason, aspirants everywhere need to develop a competitive edge that is not only brilliant but also adaptable to the times in order to stay in the game.

As someone who is intimately aware of the industry’s cutthroat nature, DJ HP SAUCY is rising through the ranks with his distinctive artistry and incredible discography. By incorporating expressive vocals into his tech house approach, this DJ and music producer is not only turning heads during every performance but is also giving a surprising factor that allows him to cement a stellar reputation across the music realm.

Widely recognized for his unique approach to music, DJ HP SAUCY is an emerging figure that has successfully earned acclaim from countless industry players across the music trade. He usually begins with a groovy beat designed to energize the audience, then riles it up, combined with striking vocals that complement his mixes. 

Without a doubt, every performance that HP SAUCY provides is filled with fun-filled beats and rhythm. This is because this talented musician always takes the time to formulate his mixes. He produces countless tracks in his makeshift studio, where many of his masterpieces are created. His Instagram account serves as a genuine attestation to his creative process, which only further proves his passion and dedication to his craft.

Over the years, HP SAUCY has performed in various events with his distinctive tracks and unrivaled ability to capture the attention of the crowd. Currently, he is slowly gaining traction in the social media space, thanks to the videos and tracks he uploads. Indeed, this is only the beginning of HP SAUCY’s journey to success, and in time, we believe he will dominate the music industry!

Aside from his unique approach and undeniable talents, HP SAUCY is also a young dreamer making his way up to reach for his dreams. At 19, he has managed to carve a path of his own in an industry known for its competitive nature. Yet, he continues to grow and vows to become a source of inspiration for young hopefuls across the globe.

“I was particularly motivated by the thought of seeing myself grow throughout the years. I hope that others would become inspired too,” shared the talented DJ.

As HP SAUCY gears up for more great opportunities in his career of choice, he further creates tracks highlighting his unique approach to music. Although his distinctive methods have already captured the hearts of many, he seeks to expand his horizons more and harness his potential in the years to come.