MBMGlobal: The Music Team Behind Madman1’s Impressive Artistry

Rap music features a rhyming speech accompanied by a musical instrument. Globally, rap is usually associated with crime, drugs, women, and sex; however, there are some rappers whose music is laced with profound messages and can evoke several emotional reactions from the listeners. One of such artists is Indianapolis rapper Madman1, whose lyrical strategy involves a distinctive use of wordplays and cuts across a wide range of subjects, including real-life situations, relationships, and motivational stories.

Christopher Lee Davenport, an emerging rapper, record producer, and songwriter from Indianapolis, is popularly known as Madman1. Despite only being a few years in the game, he is an independent artist. He has succeeded in carving a niche for himself, which has earned him the nickname “lyrical genius” within the music industry. His music journey began from a very young age, having grown up in a surrounding that was greatly influenced by music, and as early as the age of 13, he started developing his musical skills with one goal in mind: going professional to the point of earning a living from the craft. His music goes beyond money, women, and drugs; it evokes feelings in the listener’s heart that make them reflect.

For Madman1, growing up in the ’80s and ’90s greatly influenced his style of music, as he is more accustomed to the trending rap and rock music of that time. And in the Indianapolis community where he grew up, there existed a rich musical culture penetrating every neighborhood and household; therefore, when he finally decided to make music professionally, it’s no wonder why he stuck with the rap and rock genre.

As an independent artist, Madman1 understands the struggle of doing it alone without support or any organized structure. However, despite this challenge, he was able to rack up over one million streams in his first three months in the music industry with his first single featuring OGD, “Walk it Out.” As his music began to gain airplay and traction, Madman1 went a step ahead to feature established acts such as The Game, D12, Bizarre, Mark Battles, Bezz Believe, Twiztid, and many more.

Signed to MBMGlobal Records, a record label he co-founded, Madman1 released his debut album “Love and Hate” in early 2020. The album contained hit singles such as “Amends,” “Shot in The Dark,” “2 Fans or a million,” “Off His Leash,” “Superhuman” among others is racking up impressive numbers on digital streaming platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, SoundCloud to mention a few. Madman1 also has a combined 28,000 followers on these platforms, having earned himself a dedicated fan base due to his distinctive music and uniqueness.

Madman1, who has self-produced most of his singles to date, hopes to reach mainstream prominence in five years, in addition to being verified on Instagram. “Within the next five years, I also see lots of successes as far as touring and doing shows, selling out shows, and releasing more successful albums. Madman1 has racked up over 10,000,000+ streams so far; within the next five years, he is looking to reach the goal of 100,000,000 streams.” He said. 

Madman1 is not stopping anytime soon and at the same time he wants listeners and fans to keep up with him via his Instagram page.

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