Michael Monroe Goodman on Redefining the Landscape of Country Music and Drug Addiction with Upcoming Single “Not Today”

There is a saying that goes “Country music is three chords and the truth.” The unique blend of storytelling and songwriting weaving tales of love, hope, heartbreak, and sadness that resonates with its listeners. One country music artist that has managed to keep the broadly sonic genre of music for modern culture is Michael Monroe Goodman, a country music star named after his parent’s family friend, country music legend Bill Monroe.

Hailing from southern Kentucky in a town that only had an asylum for the insane and a women’s prison as its most notable structure, Michael Monroe Goodman grew up surrounded by country music. He spent his childhood hanging out backstage at the Grand Ole Opry with family friend Bill Monroe. He started singing in his church and then in school plays at a young age but only found his passion for country music when he was sixteen. 

Surrounded by country music as he was, Micheal spent years in Nashville and Kentucky writing songs and playing in music bands. He later moved to Chicago to improve his act and ultimately got into broadway shows and even auditioned for SNL before deciding that Chicago was not the city to manifest his dreams. He packed up and moved to the land of Hollywood, where he began working on his music and built his brand.

Now a seasoned country artist redefining the landscape of country music, Michael Monroe Goodman has headlined performances at Wrigley Field, Soldier Field, the Grand Ole Opry House stage, Chicago Motor Speedway Nascar race, and many other notable locations. His upcoming new single “Not Today” gives credence to his artistic talent as a lyrical genius and has been an enormous success all over various music charts nationwide. 

Sharing his inspiration for the song, Michael said the song is about drug addiction, “I wrote this song for people who are battling an addiction and the struggle they go through days of trying to break the cycle. I lost my dad to alcoholism, and my wife lost her best friend to heroin addiction.” He continued, “I started this song when I was a kid watching my dad struggle and felt that it is very relevant in today’s world. It’s maybe the heaviest song I have ever recorded as It’s a song of darkness but hopefully also a song of hope.” 

Michael Monroe Goodman draws motivation from his innate love for country music and its authenticity that resonates with real people. He continues to channel all his influence and passion for music to tell stories through songwriting distinctive in his dedication to making the best music. In the coming years, Michael wants to continue making music that resonates with his listeners and help them feel connected to a community that cares about them. He hopes to get back to the stage as soon as restrictions lift, go on tours, play new tunes, and bring a honky good time to his fans who have remained patient through the pandemic.

To learn more about Michael Monroe Goodman, you may visit his official website.

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