Music Charts Gone Berserk as Ayrton Jimenez Drops a New Love Anthem ‘Before Tomorrow Comes’

Ever since ‘Before Tomorrow Comes,’ sung and written by young and emerging artist Ayrton Jimenez has been released, netizens have become obsessed with its romantic lyrics and soulful music. In fact, the music charts have gone wild about this present-time love anthem of the youth. 


The talented person behind this masterpiece, Ayrton Jimenez, has been a music enthusiast ever since he was a little kid. When he was only five years old, Ayrton performed Elvis Presley’s songs in front of his entire class. Since then, there has been no looking back for this creative soul. Ayrton is a British-born singer and songwriter who puts the spotlight on a current young man’s personal feelings about steering through the modern chaotic world and experiencing the absence of love and the abundance of loss. By merging his Colombian heritage and Latin roots, Ayrton has shaped himself as a unique personality where he produces melodious tunes and syndicates thought-provoking, intimate songwriting with breathtaking guitar riffs to create a distinctively enchanting sound. 


As for as Ayrton Jimenez’s background is concerned, he is the first member of his family to embark on this remarkable journey in the field of music. Ayrton’s first encounter in the field of music was when he learned the classical and flamenco guitar, and in no time, he devoted his heart to it. In fact, it was during this phase of his life that he realized he had a passion for music and songwriting. He then joined the Southwest School of Music, where he learned the art of songwriting.


After establishing himself in the music industry, Ayrton is gradually progressing toward the path of success. He has won numerous guitar and songwriting competitions in the UK. Moreover, he has more than 200,000 views on one of his singles on YouTube and 10,000 followers on Instagram, with a global fan base across the UK, the US, and LATAM. 


Now coming back to his latest number, the love anthem of the youth, ‘Before Tomorrow Comes.’ The song starts with Ayrton Jimenez playing the guitar with romantic notes that give off nostalgic vibes. And the best part is that the gripping music mesmerizes you when you listen to the song for the very first time. Along with the music, the video is quite captivating too. 


The first word, ‘moonlight,’ revives the old romantic tradition starting from the times of Keats. Ayrton portrays a sad reality for lovers in this song. It seems as if the wind is speaking and the sky is crying while the whole world is sleeping peacefully. The lyrics come from his heart; hence it deeply touches the listener. The best part is that he portrays universal emotions, where a lover tries to narrate their unspoken longing. 


Throughout the song, the lover wishes to spend time together as much as possible. Whether it is sitting under the shade of the trees and witnessing the dawn and dusk together, he wants his beloved to stay with him until the world is wide awake. This is where Ayrton shows his multilingual skills and sings in his native language while showcasing similar emotions with soothing music. 


“Let’s hold on!” That is the central theme of this song. 


“Let’s hold on until tomorrow comes. Stay with me till the sun rises; stay with me through the darkness, through the night. O beloved, you are my only source of solace. Stay with me.” These words summarize the new love anthem that carries universal themes of love, loss, hope, and fear. The narrator is at the same time urging his loved one to stay with him till the sun rises, a symbol showing that the new sun is bringing hope. The singer and songwriter knows that the future is bright, but still, all he needs is for his lover to stay with him till the end of the day. 


Overall, the soulful music moves you, and the guitar playing in the background captures the essence of it all. This love anthem connects lovers who sing to each other in times away from one another. 


Ayrton Jimenez has certainly achieved the aim with the love anthem ‘Before Tomorrow Comes,’ which is to leave an indelible imprint on the listener’s hearts. And moreover, make a positive impact, and help shine a light on new perspectives for the listeners.


If you are a romantic who believes in the supremacy of love and still haven’t listened to the masterpiece of Ayrton Jimenez, ‘Before Tomorrow Comes,’ then go ahead and give it a listen. You will find the universal longing of a lover in it and be amazed by the melody.

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