OGD, A Fresh Face in the World of Hip-Hop

Change is inevitable, and every industry is bound to evolve with time. The same goes for the music industry. From Tupac Shakur to Eminem, the world of music, especially Hip-Hop, has seen many iconic eras that have eventually come to an end. It is a natural process that when something comes to an end or halts, there is always an alternative ready to take its position, and OGD is that new face. Debuted in 2014 with The Lost Files, OGD has brought a revolution in the music industry with his ground-breaking music.

Listening to the same artist over and over again makes the audience crave for something new, and OGD’s brilliant beat mixes are exactly what people need right now. Inspired by Hip-Hop legends such as Eminem, Hopsin, and many more, OGD began studying the different styles of lyricism and melodies. He always believed in ordinality and strived to create his own style of Hip-Hop. For years OGD studied many rap articles and interviews from his favorite creators and spent a great amount of time developing skills and learning how to make better and new music. His continuous struggles eventually led him to form his own sound and unique style. 

Music, Mosaic of the Air

Music is a universal language where lyrics communicate messages. It can change a person’s mood, getting them excited or calming them down. A musical artist understands how their craft can resonate with a person’s emotional and mental state. It requires deep-rooted talent to convey effective messages through their songs. It is not just about creating a song for the sake of it. Respecting a listener’s choice is a trait of a true artist, which reflects in their songs, and OGD’s music is known to please the audience. 

OGD’s birth name is David Charles Davenport; he was born on November 7, 2001, and grew up with the dream of becoming a world-renowned rapper and musician. He was introduced to Hip-Hop and songwriting at the age of 4 by his father and co-artist Madman1. OGD’s childhood was not as privileged as others. He grew up in struggling conditions in the rural areas but never lost hope. He was an outcast in school, which was another added pressure for this young kid. During these circumstances, David created OGD and started gaining popularity around the township. His dream to make it big in the music industry made him face a lot of difficulties. He went broke many times due to funding his music career until it was able to catch back up and make a profit from music. OGD’s first breakthrough was opening for 21 Savage and getting known by the whole city. He later got mainstream features and branched from Indiana across the USA. Adjusting to being a local star in school got harder throughout the years of high school. OGD went through lots of love, hate, rumors, and bullying; but he never gave up and only showed attention to the love, eventually gaining the whole high school’s respect and leading on to larger opportunities.

Over the years, he has released eleven tracks. These tracks include The Lost Files (2014), No More Second Chances (2015), All from Nothing (2016), In the Night, Trust No1, Blessed-EP (2017), Broken, After Night, and Killing Everything (2018). His most recent releases are Through The Rain Clouds (2019) and Killing Spree (2020). Both of which were appreciated and liked by the crowds and critics alike. 

The talented artist has independently racked up over 10,000,000+ streams. OGD’s first hit single, “Walk it Out,” gained media attention and gained 1,000,000 streams within the first three months. As his music gained traction, he began featuring big names such as The Game, D12, Bizarre, Mark Battles, Bezz Believe, Twiztid, and many more. He has also produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered his own music since he started. 

Belonging to Indianapolis, OGD has struggled to establish himself in the music industry and has tremendously evolved as a musician. The rapper, writer, record producer, photographer, and videographer is currently shooting and editing his own content. As he is big on originality, OGD put his heart and soul into creating unique and meaningful music. He has proven to be a successful independent artist and has also headlined many shows, eventually forming independent tours. He is an expert on making the crowd sway on his beats and creates a euphoria with his songs. With a large following online combined with a public social presence, OGD has formed into a successful hip-hop musician.

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