Pharaoh Sistare on Standing Out Among a Sea of Talents Through His Distinctive Artistry and Discography

Given how saturated the music scene is, distinguishing oneself from a plethora of talented artists is a challenge that many have failed to overcome. Some tried to beat the odds by spending all their resources with online marketing, using the power of social media to expand their reach and build a following. While this has proven effective to a certain extent, it is not sustainable in the long run, especially when artists have not expended any effort into honing their skills and perfecting their craft. After all, an in-depth understanding of the strategies to capture the interest of listeners worldwide is futile when one cannot boast an arsenal of skills to back them up. Pharaoh Sistare, a multi-faceted personality currently making a buzz in the industry, is among those whose talents speak for themselves. Armed with distinctive artistry and soaring ambition, he is carving a path toward the summit. 

Originally hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Pharaoh Sistare is a rising musician, fashion icon, and style influencer who has managed to accumulate many talents and use them all collectively to become an outstanding artist. The young artist grew up listening to powerhouses, all of which would directly impact his sound, and it comes as no surprise that his signature tone, an amalgamation of his own style and those that influenced him over the years, would stand out. 

Since dipping his toes in the music scene, the emerging star has been likened to a string of household names. Not only does his voice, style, and appearance remind industry peers and listeners of music revolutionists like Michael Jackson and Prince,  but his love for dance also pulls from decades past when prominent figures such as Fred Astaire, Bob Fosse, James Brown, and Adolfo Quinones dominated the scene. But despite drawing inspiration from some of the biggest artists in history, Pharaoh Sistare has succeeded in finding his own sound and image. 

The young hearted musician, who is most attributed for his vocal performance, is also known for his stellar productions and the extent to which his songs transport people to an alternate place and time. The nostalgia-heavy releases from Pharaoh Sistare can perfectly encapsulate the mood of a beach party in the ’60s, a disco dance floor, a far away uncharted land, and more. “I like taking myself to such places in my imagination when I produce songs. Sometimes I’ll just hear that the song is in this place and needs these sounds,” he shared, expounding on the process behind the creation of his top-notch songs. 

Pharaoh Sistare aims to solidify his standing in the music scene even more solidly with the new music release of his debut EP entitled “Once Upon a Groove”. With four singles released prior to the EP, he has already amassed over 40,000 streams on Spotify. The EP features the potential hit “Strobe Light” with the accompanying music video, directed by Pharaoh Sistare himself and animated by W. Macwood. It is sure to lure viewers into the enchantment of Pharaoh Sistare’s Imagination. With just 9 tracks on this masterful body of work, Pharaoh Sistare perfectly shows the way Pop music can be created and experienced in this era. 

With an enchanting theme around the entire project, It is clear to see that Pharaoh Sistare’s fairytale wonderland aesthetic is one all his own. While the distinct  60’s and 70’s influence is inevitable to see and hear, Pharaoh Sistare has also conjured inspiration from his childhood love for Zelda, The Wizard of Oz, The Never Ending Story and an array of vintage fairytale books into making an undisputed classic. If it wasn’t enough to write, produce, record and engineer his entire EP, he also illustrated the whimsically nostalgic  cover. A true artist in all aspects. It just goes to show that one should never forsake any of their talents. 

See the “Strobe Light” Video and hear the “Once Upon A Groove” EP by visiting https//  

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