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Rising Above the Ordinary, The Odyssey of Shaney Poo’s ‘Super Hero’

The journey of a musical artist often mirrors that of the hero’s quest. From humble beginnings to grappling with trials and tribulations, and ultimately discovering one’s purpose, the narrative arcs align impeccably. For Shaney Poo of B.L.A.C Pop Music, his recently released smash hit ‘Super Hero’ from the album ‘Alien Priest’, exemplifies this symbiosis. (photo credit XDaGod) 


The Journey

Since launch, ‘Super Hero’ has become a sensation, securing listeners and fans across streaming platforms thanks in part to the emotional depth and personal resonance that Shaney Poo brings to his music. The artist candidly shares how he identifies with the superhero archetype, due to the path he embarked upon as a recording artist.

From the outset, his journey was characterized by a strong calling to create music, despite the voices of skeptics and naysayers. Yet, the hero’s quest was never promised to be easy. Much like the mythical figures he admires, Shaney Poo’s journey has been lined with trials that tested his resolve: financial woes, trust betrayed, loss of loved ones, and heart-wrenching self-blame.


Turning Point

However, much like in the classical hero’s journey, there came a transformative moment that altered his path. At the crossroads of his journey, Shaney Poo found his faith in God which gave him an expanded sense of purpose and altered his perspective on the challenges he faced. He found the strength to persist, despite the hardships.

This newfound resilience is central to his album ‘Alien Priest’, and is profoundly reflected in the song ‘Super Hero’. It’s a narrative that champions strength in the face of adversity, and the understanding that our trials are but stepping stones toward greater resilience and purpose.


A Reflection of Resilience

‘Super Hero’ is more than just a catchy melody – it’s a testament to a musician’s journey through adversity and his emergence as a stronger, more dedicated artist. It’s a reflection of resilience and faith that listeners will connect to, irrespective of their walks of life.

The power of Shaney Poo’s narrative is transformative, urging listeners to see themselves as heroes of their own stories, capable of overcoming the obstacles life throws their way. Just as our heroes rise, so too can we, empowered by faith and resilience.

To truly appreciate the depth of Shaney Poo’s journey, one must experience it. You can stream ‘Super Hero’ on YouTube ( or Spotify and ‘Alien Priest’ is available on

Connect with Shaney Poo on B.L.A.C Pop, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to keep up with his remarkable musical journey.

Shaney Poo’s journey reminds us that the hero’s path isn’t exclusive to mythical figures or individuals in silver-screen sagas. It’s a journey that each of us can undertake. The artist’s tale of resilience, faith, and personal growth provides listeners with not just music to enjoy, but also a story to inspire and learn from. His ‘Super Hero’ song and the ‘Alien Priest’ album are not only milestones in his career but are also soundtracks to a life lived with resilience and purpose.

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