Rising Artist ZanderXain Shows the Success Independence Offers and Reveals His Journey

There was a time in the music industry when talents could only be discovered through live gigs and sending samples to record labels. However, as the times change, so do the methods. Artists today have taken the independent route, relying on online streaming platforms and YouTube. ZanderXain is one of the latest artists to join the independent movement and has proven to be a successful figure in musicians’ digital era. 

Alexander Martoccio, best known for his stage name ZanderXain, discovered music as a young child when he needed an escape from life. Diagnosed with depression early, he walked with a looming uncertainty as a dark cloud lingered over his head. Zander tried to understand himself, but when he asked for help, other people were just as clueless and helpless as he was. Feeling alone, Zander retreated to music and found comfort in the words of artists who later influenced his style.

As early as fourteen years old, Zander started creating music. It was the most convenient outlet for him to vent out everything he felt. Every time the cold hand of despair crept up, Zander could dispel them when he put his earphones on. The tables turned, and he fought back every feeling of impediment that would render him unmotivated. Although he stopped creating music for a couple of years, ZanderXain found his way back to his escape as he edged closer to his twentieth birthday and concluded that his future was in music.

The young artist started producing his own songs and sharing his works on platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud. Determined to make it independently, Zander developed a work ethic that helped push him to go further than he planned. He was rewarded with recognition, reaching over 1.5 million plays on every platform combined. Despite being an unsigned talent for any record label, Zander has come so far on his own at twenty-one. 

ZanderXain pours his heart out with every track he releases. He has thrived in the hip-hop genre, which has given him the escape he needed as a young child. While some artists produce music for the sake of putting their names out in the world and getting recognition, Zander creates music that he can connect with and feels others would be able to relate to. 

“I eat and work thinking about melodies and lyrics in my head,” the rising artist revealed. Like every artist, Zander has shown to be open to collaboration. His only condition is his partner’s drive. Zander is passionate about music. His eagerness to connect with his audience is reflected in his choice of collaborations as he wants to create tracks with people who share his affinity for the arts. He elaborated on this by saying, “It’s gotta be someone who’s really going to put their soul into what we’re making.”

ZanderXain keeps a picture of a multi-million dollar mansion as his screensaver. When asked, he explained that the photo serves as a reminder of something he strives for. The rising artist foresees his success leading to a mansion of his own where he can give his family a place to call home. Additionally, he plans to have a home studio to create more songs and a platform to invite other aspiring musicians to get their names out there.

Learn more about ZanderXain by visiting his official website. You can also get more updates on his latest tracks by following him on Instagram.

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