Santana Da Don Drops New Hit: Boo’d Up Remix (feat.SSL king)

Life does not come without its ups and downs, but these ups and downs seem to be too rife for hip-hop artists. Santana Da Don is not an exception, as he began to sail turbulent waters from a very young age. From moving around a lot as the third child of an 18-year-old mother to attending 13 different schools, his trouble-laden adulthood came as no surprise to anyone. However, a short stint in county jail and starting afresh in Ohio gave him all the clarity he needed to fix himself. Today, he is one of the highly rated rappers doing his home state of New Jersey proud and putting his name on the map.

The music industry has churned out many talents and has equally swallowed many. Santana Da Don recognizes the opportunity he has as a rapper gaining traction and has expressed his gratitude regularly. Santana Da Don caught people’s attention between 2007 and 2009 as a young rapper finding his feet in the music world. As a teenager, he hit the sound waves with his melodic and rhythmic signature sound, which has now become a trademark for New Jersey sound that many other rappers are adopting.

Growing up, Santana Da Don fended for himself and faced many other challenges. All of that built the resilience and never-give-up attitude he puts up today. As people began to know him as a new artist, legal troubles courted him, and his fame grew. Not for once did he lose sight of his goals despite all the travails and difficult circumstances surrounding him. Santana Da Don always maintained that he had only good music to offer, and he did just that by releasing some catchy tunes that his fans still enjoy till date.

Jay-Z’s music played an influential role in Santana Da Don’s development as an artist, and even with his own sound and style, he still draws inspiration from various artists. Santana Da Don’s biggest dream is to have other aspiring artists draw inspiration from his songs and materials. His biggest song is “Boss Bitch,” and he has collaborated with artists like King Mike Drilla, KBreazy, Scrooge and a host of others. His music speaks raw honesty and his truth. “I talk about my life experiences and stories in my songs. I want people to learn about my journey and see how things have turned out for me. I have remained authentic and seen how much that has shaped me into the person and artist I am today,” he says.

With songs on various streaming platforms, Santana Da Don upholds his unique and confident personality through his voice, sound, personality and musical presence. He aims for the top in the music industry while he keeps developing himself every day. For the next few years, his goal is to perform on big stages alongside the biggest artists all over the East Coast, the United States, and worldwide.

To connect with Santana Da Don’s music, stream his songs on Youtube and Spotify or learn more about him on Instagram.

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