SCUD -A New Sensation of The Nigerian Music Scene

The music industry’s evolution over the past twenty-five years is truly remarkable. In 1999, the industry was valued at $39 billion, with artists, record labels, and music publishers influencing the global entertainment ecosystem. However, the emergence of digitalization, starting with the CD, caused a decline in physical music sales, leading many stakeholders to shift towards safer, more predictable businesses. This period of transformation has resulted in legal battles, job cuts, divestments, and corporate mergers. Yet, the industry has adapted and flourished in today’s digital landscape.

For 15 years, the music business experienced a decline in revenue. However, it has entered a new era of growth, with eight consecutive years of industry revenue increase. This is due to significant investments from financial giants and technological advancements that have reshaped the industry. Today, we have access to hundreds of millions of songs through mobile devices anywhere in the world. The entertainment, tech, and finance sectors lead the way, creating a well-resourced and well-capitalized industry. This has created a highly conducive atmosphere for musical artists to promote and monetize their work, making this the most promising era in music history.

The music industry has demonstrated remarkable adaptability in disruption and change. While the introduction of digitalization initially caused a decline in physical music sales, stakeholders responded with resilience and the adoption of new technologies, paving the way for further growth. As the industry continues to evolve, it will be exciting to see what innovations and opportunities emerge in the years to come. Adewole Babatunde Kolawole is a recording artist and entrepreneur taking music forward with his breakthrough talent.

Adewole Babatunde Kolawole, also known as S.C.U.D or Scuddy, is a talented Nigerian songwriter, recording artist, and creative entrepreneur in the Afro-fusion genre. In 2015, he released his first rap single called “Onile,” which went viral with a video shot on the streets of Lagos and uploaded to YouTube. In 2019, SCUD released “Southwest Vibes,” featuring Gasti as an independent artist. He later signed with an entertainment company and released his debut single with the ” Jubadi ” label in 2019. After a year-long break, SCUD returned in 2021 with his single “Same Lamba,” followed by “Nobody” in early 2022 featuring Mayorkun. 

SCUD is a highly skilled director in a brand communications company specializing in consulting for healthcare establishments and related industries. Along with his expertise in this field, SCUD is also a talented graphic designer and digital content creator. He has created several influential works throughout the years, including his discography that features popular tracks such as “Onile” (2015), “Southwest Vibes feat. Gasti” (2019), “Jubadi” (2019), “Same Lamba” (2021), and “Nobody” feat. Mayorkun (2022). His passion for music and creative abilities has allowed him to excel professionally and personally. SCUD was born in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria; he is an Aquarius. He comes from a family of civil servants in Igbotako-Osooro, Okitipupa, local government, and Ondo State. SCUD is the third among four siblings. His parents are retired, with his father having worked as a director in the civil service and his mother as a teacher. SCUD attended Aquinas College in Akure and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Benson Idahosa University in Benin City. He is pursuing a Master’s in Web and Social Media Marketing at CDI College in Alberta. SCUD inherited his love for music from his father and was introduced to artists like King Sunny Adé, Obey, Peter Tosh, Kwam 1, Shina Peters, Adewale Ayuba, and spiritual Zion music through his father’s archives. 

To sum up, SCUD, a talented Nigerian songwriter, recording artist, and creative entrepreneur, has made impressive progress in the music industry. Since his breakout rap single “Onile.” Having gone through industry challenges, SCUD has continued to innovate through his collaborations and releases, showcasing his passion for music and creative abilities. His broad skill set includes music directing, creative design, and digital content creation, which has contributed to his versatility and success. SCUD’s journey inspires aspiring artists, highlighting the importance of talent, dedication, and adaptation in the constantly changing music industry. SCUD is married to Amarachi Adewole.

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