Shyjab Villacis: New York’s Next Big Thing

Shyjab Villacis
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The world of entertainment is constantly evolving, and Shyjab Villacis is a rising star in this industry. Born on February 21st, 1996, in Quito, Ecuador, Shyjab Villacis embarked on his media career right after graduating high school in the summer of 2014. He began his career in media leading on-ground digital work in social media marketing for two consecutive campaign cycles in 2016 & 2020

After the election, Villacis transitioned into the private sector marketing industry, where he was a director for various businesses. In the winter of 2018, he returned to covering the Presidential election and captured digital assets for multiple candidates before being recruited by President Joe Biden’s team.

Following Biden’s victory, Villacis landed the position of Marketing Director at Cabanillas & Associates, a prominent Hispanic-owned law firm. He also took on the role of Executive Producer for “El Show De Cabanillas,” which airs on Mega 97.9FM & LaX 96.3FM on weekends, overseeing the show’s production and success.

Villacis is presently employed as a publicist for Chris Cabanillas, a well-known figure in the Latino legal media, and also for the influential Pioladitigancia, who has amassed more than 3.5 million followers on Instagram. He is enthusiastic about pursuing his career in public relations and talent management and has formed a partnership with Univision NY in recent times.

Villacis has established himself as a rising star in the Latino media industry, and his passion for working with young Hispanics has been a significant factor in his success. He has already made a name for himself by working with some of the industry’s biggest names. His new role as a celebrity publicist will undoubtedly elevate his profile even further. With his media and marketing background, Villacis is poised to become one of the industry’s most prominent rising stars.


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