Singer-Songwriter and Philanthropist Karma The Artist Shares Stories Behind Hit Singles

Being an introvert may hinder one from maximizing opportunities, especially for those who aspire to make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry. Yet, despite her innate nature, Karma The Artist pushed her boundaries to limits she never thought she would overcome. Today, Karma stands on everyone’s list as the artist to watch.

Maximizing her degree in sound engineering and postproduction, Karma The Artist ensures that she produces nothing but the best tracks for her listeners. The artist used such skills to masterfully create her mixtape, The Good Karma Project, which quickly escalated as the talk of the town in 2012. The mixtape received rave reviews from The Hype Magazine, Fresh Ndef, LA Talk Live, Naughty Down Radio, and many other platforms.  

Karma The Artist made waves in the music industry with her iconic single, The Birthday Song (Remix), which currently holds over 14,000 views on YouTube. “The Birthday Song (Remix) is a celebration of life and happiness and being in the moment with yourself and everything around you,” shared Karma. Besides The Birthday Song, the artist has also captivated listeners with Cry, which amplifies openness and vulnerability. Karma believes that such qualities allow people to heal from what has scarred them in life truly, and therefore lead them to happiness.

Additionally, Karma The Artist’s recent hit, Before It’s Over, is generating buzz across the country as it provides listeners with a unique experience of going beyond passive listening. The song immerses its audience to feel what the artist is feeling, a special connection bound by music. 

Before It’s Over is a record that speaks to one’s ability to fight for love rather than just walking away. It’s a bold and daring statement of desire to stand in the line of fire and vulnerability for what you say you want but are at risk of losing. It’s a race against time for the final chance to say how one feels before It’s over and before it’s too late,” shared Karma The Artist.

The singer and songwriter, currently based in Los Angeles, has embraced her destiny to be an artist as early as age seven. Inspired by some of the biggest names in the music scene, including Teedra Moses, Aaliyah, Ryan Leslie, Missy and Chrisette Michele, and more, Karma The Artist strives to carve her own path with mind-blowing creativity and songwriting perspective.

Since then, Karma The Artist has been proving herself to the world of music lovers and the fans who have supported her every step of the way. The artist has performed alongside the music industry’s brightest stars—Joyner Lucas, Marques Houston, Tyga, Chris Brown, Isley Brothers, and Maze & Franky Beverly. She has graced some of the most prestigious stages in the world, including The Staple Center, House of Blues, and the Kodak Theater.

Besides maintaining the momentum of her flourishing music career, Karma The Artist also aims to pay her success forward by helping other artists around Los Angeles through her company Good Karma Entertainment. It provides an avenue for artists to learn from her as a mentor.

Furthermore, Karma The Artist also founded several non-profit organizations such as Treble Girl Entertainment and Find your Karma. The former aims to help women in the entertainment industry by providing support in consulting, business development, brand development, artist development, release strategies, web and logo design. On the other hand, the latter organization helps people who have lost their track through mental health evaluations, job placements, and relocations.

To learn more about Karma The Artist, visit her website.

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