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Taeho Style
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“I’m convinced that about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.” 

– Steve Jobs

Forward-thinking and exceptional entrepreneurs, like Taeho Style, have the power to transform our way of life and work. Their success not only leads to personal wealth but also brings improvements to the entire society’s standard of living. By generating jobs and creating a conducive environment, successful entrepreneurs stimulate economic growth and positively impact their competitors and other businesses by providing necessary resources.

Taeho Style, a visionary entrepreneur, has made significant contributions to the economy and communities through his innovative endeavors. Through his businesses, he has not only provided employment opportunities to individuals in various fields but has also contributed to developing music-language-focused academic skills among youngsters and adults—a commendable initiative that benefits the community.

Entrepreneurs challenge the traditional norms and established systems and decrease customer and corporate reliance on obsolete and conventional methods by developing unique services, processes, and products. As a result, customers are presented with more options when making a purchase. Additionally, entrepreneurs not only provide solutions that make organizations more productive and efficient but also address the pressing issues faced by society, such as the migrant crisis and mental health.

However, entrepreneurship is not for everyone, and only the most skilled and talented individuals can survive in the competitive business sector. Adaptability to changing customer demands and market conditions is crucial for success. Furthermore, an entrepreneur’s long-term vision and focused approach play a significant role in achieving their objectives.

The entrepreneurial journey is like a rollercoaster ride, with its share of highs and lows. Great entrepreneurs, like Taeho Style, can quickly bounce back from setbacks and manage their emotions effectively, keeping their objectives intact. In this modern era, innovation is critical to staying ahead of rivals, and entrepreneurs must think outside the box to run profitable businesses. 

Taeho Style, a renowned business developer and entrepreneur, has successfully established multiple businesses under TS Group, including Musicworks Canada, Kallos Studio, Your Profoto, SR International, Music Culture, Vivaldianno, EP Consulting, DC Logistics, MC Enterprise, KOR Street Food, TS Industries, TS Motorsports, TS Financing, TS Leasing, TS Commercial Lending, and Flexion. 

After studying visual communication at the Alberta University of Arts and Art History at the University of Calgary, Taeho Style ventured into the professional world. His work experience includes notable positions at Moxies, Applebee’s Canadian Headquarters, Tristan & America, SOHO Lounge, Papa John’s, and various restaurants and nightclubs. He even made his mark in the automotive industry by launching Fastlane Service for BMW with Dilawri Automotive Group and CSI Process and Procedure modules for Hyatt Automotive Group and Platinum Mitsubishi. However, driven by his aspiration to become an entrepreneur, he left these jobs behind to pursue his passion for developing new ideas and started a new chapter of entrepreneurship. 

Using his business acumen and leadership skills, Taeho Style founded his first business venture, Kallos Studio, in 2004. Kallos Studio is a production company offering photography, videography, and printing services for the commercial industries. Under Taeho Style’s guidance, Kallos Studio has become a global brand, expanding its operations from South Korea to other parts of the world. Following the success of Kallos Studio, Taeho Style acquired The Beat of Music LTD and established Musicworks Canada Franchise. He has bridged the gap between traditional academic style and non-structured music education through his music school franchise. Musicworks Canada offers innovative programs such as SPRIX AI-driven mathematics, SPRIX game design coding program, music-focused preschool and kindergarten programs, and language and mathematics-focused music education. Taeho Style’s vision and passion to impact the next generation extend beyond Canada. He has implemented Musicworks Canada’s education programs in private schools and, through his NGO, Musicworks Africa Foundation, he is setting up numerous education projects in South Africa, Madagascar, and Ghana. 

On a personal level, Taeho Style has faced familial difficulties and challenges. His strained relationship with his family, who treated him as an outsider, caused tension between Taeho and his wife, Meihua. His family went as far as obtaining a restraining order against him and separating him from his children. However, as the court proceedings unfolded, it became evident that the accusations and allegations made by his mother, Sook Hee Lee, and brothers James Hong and Peter Hong were baseless. Ultimately, Taeho was granted joint custody of his children. He displayed integrity by taking responsibility for the legal expenses incurred by both parties during the court battle. Taeho Style has always focused on being a dedicated father to his children, actively involved in their lives despite his demanding business commitments. His recent advocacy for his daughter, who experienced bullying and assault with sexual components at Bearspaw Christian School, further exemplifies his dedication as a parent. His social media channels, boasting tens of thousands of followers, provide glimpses into the strong bond he shares with his children. 

Despite personal challenges, Taeho Style has risen as one of Canada’s foremost entrepreneurs, showcasing unwavering resilience and commitment. His journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring individuals, proving that personal struggles do not hinder success. Through his innovative thinking, relentless pursuit of excellence, and positive mindset, Taeho has left an indelible mark on the business landscape. As a role model, he actively empowers others by sharing his experiences and knowledge through speaking engagements, workshops, and other various platforms, contributing to the entrepreneurial ecosystem and motivating others to pursue their paths. 

Taeho’s story reinforces the belief that with determination, effective time management, and a forward-thinking mindset, individuals can overcome obstacles and thrive in the dynamic realm of entrepreneurship.

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