The Dos and Don’ts of the Summer Festival Season

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It’s about that time of the year again to go out, get loose, and enjoy a fun-filled festival season. Whether it’s the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Las Vegas, a weekend Pitchfork Music Festival, or a 4-day Lollapalooza Festival, it can get really hectic and crazy out there. With that said, there are some things you’ll need to remember before you go.

In this article, we’ll cover some key points designed to ensure that everyone will have as much fun as possible.

1. Don’t just drink alcohol

Drinking alcohol can be very relaxing, especially when at a festival as it can enhance an already fun experience. But when a person drinks alcohol, it makes them pee more frequently than usual, and the fluid leaving the body can lead to dehydration. An article at Medical News Today points out that dehydration can make people dizzy, cause headaches, lower blood pressure, and even lose consciousness. Simply replacing the lost fluid and hydrating with the right type of drinks, while enjoying the festivities, can avoid the aforementioned problems.

2. Do drink lots of water

Continuing from the last point, water can help rehydrate the body, especially after drinking alcohol. Take note that most festivals are held outdoors and in crowded arenas that can make it difficult to get access to water anytime you want. To counter this, you can bring your own refillable water container, but be sure to check the rules at the festival to see if they allow outside drinks to enter the premises. If not, see if you can find out where the nearest water fountains are. Maybe you can buy bottled water once you are inside, and just refill it at the water fountain. The important thing is to stay hydrated throughout the festival.

3. Don’t expect to smoke cigarettes

Nowadays, there are fewer smokers than there were years ago. The public perception on cigarette smoking has changed as it is now largely frowned upon and even banned in some venues. If you are a smoker, there are much more sociable options available that are easy to use in public places, like nicotine pouches. Zyn pouches can be bought online and come in many different flavors – best of all they are allowed at festivals and are the perfect alternative to cigarettes. The pouches sit just under the lip and have flavors such as cool mint, coffee, and citrus which give a nicotine buzz in a discreet way without annoying people around you with smoke. Nicotine lozenges are another alternative to smoking as they are small, also discreet to use and can easily be bought at Walmart or Walgreens. The bottom line is if you still want to be able to enjoy nicotine at a festival, you need to find alternatives like the ones listed above.

4. Do bring snacks to munch on

Festivals can last for days and you’ll most likely get hungry, so bring something to munch on like some healthy snacks to satisfy hunger cravings. Everyday Health’s list of healthiest candies include Snickers and Peanut M&M’s, which are both high in protein and fiber (from the nuts) and can help prevent your blood sugar from spiking.

5. Don’t bring a large bag

You’ll probably do a lot of walking around the festival and a large bag or backpack with heavy stuff can be annoying to carry around. Plus, if your friends notice you have large bag, they’ll probably ask you if they can put their stuff into it (while you carry it around for them). So, avoid the hassle and bring only your absolute necessities with you in a small bag.

Festivals are a wonderful experience, especially as they only happen every so often. It is very wise to plan early on, know your dos and don’ts, so that you can maximize the fun and avoid any inconveniences along the way.

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