The Emergence of a New Type of KPOP as the Dormant Queen J.Fla Has Awoken!

The KPOP genre has attracted global attention and admirable recognition from the public, with millions of views on YouTube. J.Fla might be a similar YouTuber with 17.6 million subscribers; however, she has a different approach with her songs which are not categorized as KPOP. Despite being inactive for almost a year, she has not wasted that time and finally returned as a singer-songwriter, already topping various music charts.

Making a Home Out of Sound

J.Fla has recently released her pre-single, “Bedroom Singer,” and the song’s popularity has been spreading like wildfire. Many might assume this phenomenon is because of the ‘KPOP boom,’ but the single is a different genre. According to J.Fla, “Bedroom Singer,” sung entirely in English to reach a broader audience, is an autobiographical song that depicts the emotions of the ten years she has sung in her bedroom rather than the stage. As she produced her music, from lyrics composition to arrangement, J.Fla was able to fully control every aspect of the music making the song stand out.

Ever since she released her single, “Bedroom Singer,” it topped four of Amazon’s top charts as first from “Best Seller Song Top 100” to “Hot New Release Song Top 100.” It also peaked first and thirteenth in the iTunes charts in alternative and all genres, respectively. Most importantly, the song has gained immense popularity in the United States, ranking 44th on Shazam’s TOP 200 US charts. Specifically, “Bedroom Singer” continues to rank first in Atlanta, Chicago, Charleston, and Nashville and continues to rise dramatically in twelve other cities such as New York City and New Orleans. The success in the US top charts proves that many admire J.Fla’s style of music and are excited for what is yet to come.

A Style Without Borders

Atlanta Wire recently asked J.Fla a question during a short online interview, “Is this song K-POP?” And J.Fla answered that she had already been questioning what the genre of her song was and pondered a lot herself. She also mentioned that if we continue to listen to her music, the listeners will understand why she has contemplated. As J.Fla expects to release her regular album early next year, the questions as to why J.Fla’s approach to music might be a new start will be answered.

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