This Platform Will Help You Start Your Creative Career And Create Media Products

Stooty is a platform for creatives who want to take their passion projects from the idea stage through to completion.


In May 2021, while attending SAE Institute for Audio Technology in New York City during the pandemic, Dante Richardson noticed how most of the students at SAE had home studios and creative skills that they couldn’t generate income from because they didn’t have the reach. 


Dante Richardson went back to his long-time business partner and childhood friend Deleon Alford, who is one of the pioneers for the Buffalo, New York entertainment scene with the problem. They both decided to create a platform to help creatives promote their services to people that need resources for creative projects. They decided to partner with UX designer and UI engineer Daniel Patton after Dante Richardson connected with him on LinkedIn; he was working on a similar problem for the film industry. Stooty Technologies was born.       


Stooty Technologies is a start-up that is changing the way creatives network and get paid for their work. The platform allows users to easily find other creatives and creative spaces near them. 


“We know how hard it is to be creative in today’s world,” says Tim Wylie, who works as a lead Product Designer with Stooty. “We also know how difficult it can be to find the space and professional help you need to take your business from passion project to full-blown career.”


The app will feature both individual creators as well as businesses. Services offered range from content creation to studio engineering.


“It doesn’t matter if this is your first time trying something new or if you’ve been at it for years,” said Wylie. “When it comes down to it, what matters most is that we are committed to helping YOU succeed.”


The app helps creatives turn their ideas into reality by connecting them with the resources they need, and giving every user the ability to produce media products from their own digital studio as executive producers. 


“We want every brand to have their own digital studio to develop high-quality media products directly for the community that supports them turning them into fans,” says Dante Richardson. “Brands will now be able to promote their own products and services with media assets owned by them. Creating a lifestyle via content that is not directly marketing a product to consumers, but is entertaining them.” 


“A hair-salon owner could produce an album, YouTube show, or live performance event that is marketing their brand’s lifestyle and generating streaming revenue and ticket sales. Making the business passion income. Stooty will provide brands the creative resources to do this and creatives will be in high demand and can now find an oversupply on creative work once it becomes standard that brands need more entertaining content to keep their customers engaged, not just content marketing campaigns,” Dante Richardson continues. 


The idea is not far-fetched considering brands such as beverage company Red Bull launched a media arm called Red Bull Media House that produces TV shows, magazines, movies, books and music. Generating billions of dollars in revenue for the company’s major product, the drinks.  


“Entertainers and Celebrities have been using this model to drive sales for their consumer products for decades now. Take a look at the content promoted through entertainment by  Jay-Z, Diddy, Kanye West, 50 Cent, Rihanna, Jessica Alba, and The Kardashians. It’s made to influence you to buy products,” says Dante Richardson. “Stooty wants all brands to be able to use this model of marketing in the form of entertainment to scale their revenue. Instead of creating marketing campaigns as an expense we want to help brands turn it into investment assets as a form of media that can generate royalties for their brands. Stooty is a game charging platform.”


Stooty aims to become the production hub of the creative economy and to be directly responsible for increasing the supply of media assets.   


Stooty is looking for creatives to add to its roster serving brands. Learn more here.

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