Discover TXM247: The DC Rapper Blending Hip Hop, Pop, and Dance Music

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TXM247 is a new sound to listen to, and his unique blend of hip hop, pop, and dance music is gaining popularity in the DC music scene. TXM grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland, and his love for music started early on in elementary school when he won a piano competition. In high school, he joined the policy debate club, which taught him how to talk fast and level up his rapping abilities.

After being kicked out of college, TXM dedicated himself to music and started making beats, mixing, and mastering on his own. He gained success with songs like “Farmgirl,” “Snowflake,” and “Morn.” However, now he works with some of the best engineers in the DMV, including Swxfft and Boone, which allows him to make at least four songs per studio session.

TXM released his first song, “February Summer,” in February of 2023 and has since released “Satellites,” “She’s Like,” and “My Pen.” TXM is not chasing fame; he just wants to make the best music he can and is one of the hardest workers in the game. He wants to collaborate with as many artists as possible and hopes to fuse his two worlds of being an electrical engineer and a rapper.

TXM has different audiences he wants to target, including the corporate crowd, DMV artists, and the entire country of India. He also wants Europe and South America to listen to his music, as they have clubs where people can party and dance all night long.

In addition to promoting his music, TXM also wants readers to explore DMV rap in general and check out artists like 202 General, Twice Bizzy, Gifted 202, YS Mojo, and Backwoodz Shawdy. He believes the DMV has some of the best artists in the world who do not get the recognition they deserve.

Overall, TXM is a unique and talented artist to listen to. He combines his love for music with his engineering background and produces catchy sounds with meaningful lyrics. He is a hard worker and dedicated to perfecting his craft. Anyone who enjoys music should give TXM a listen and explore the DMV rap scene.

Follow TXM247 on Instagram or visit his YouTube Channel. And make sure to  check out his music on Spotify, Apple Music, or any other streaming platform.

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