Versatile Composer TMX Sparks Revolution in the Music Industry by Breaking Boundaries Among Music Styles

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The music industry is currently going through a thrilling period of rapid innovation and emergence of new talent. To make an impact, it is necessary to fearlessly challenge conventions and venture into uncharted territories. TMX, Missillac-based French artist, is a living embodiment of this spirit of innovation and creativity. With her unconventional sounds and fresh perspective, she is breaking barriers among several musical genres and is leaving an indelible mark on the music world. 

Born in the city of Paris in France and growing up listening to 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s music, this innovative musician was drawn to techno style music through a radio channel called Maxximum, and then there was no looking back. She began composing instrumental music by 1990 and eventually developed her own unique style under the name TMX in 1993. 

Despite initially being focused on techno and creating captivating dance music, as time went on, TMX, a virtuoso in several instruments, expanded her repertoire and began blending different styles of music like orchestral, atmospheric, electro, and rock sounds, enhancing the depth and variety of her music.   

An epitome of versatility, TMX, experimented heavily with a wide range of music. In 1996, she explored hardcore sounds with the song “Ecstasy” before composing her album “Revelation” between 1999 and 2009, which features the smashing hits “Heart and Soul” and “Givin’ to Me”. In 2010, she released her first rock-oriented album, “Change” and in 2013, her Dubstep album “Oppression”. In 2016, she introduced the “polyphonic chords” technique with her song “Embrace the Sunshine”; and then in 2019, she released the electro-rock song “Cry”. Her latest song, “Implosion”, came out in 2022. 

According to this eclectic music composer and producer, music is her main passion. She finds it to be the best art form for not only expressing emotions, but also feeling them – 

Music makes me feel emotions like no other art. In music, I can express my feelings about my whole life between hope and despair. It’s a way to get away from my own problems just for a while.”  

For TMX, music practically is her past, present, as well as future, as she wishes to continue on the same path, composing music that pushes the boundaries of music categories. Through her distinctive style, she hopes to inspire other artists to experiment with different styles and not limit themselves to one music genre.  

In the coming years, this innovative maestro intends to release her first best-of album titled “Timeline: The Best of TMX” in June 2023, featuring 17 of her tracks between 2000 and 2023. In early 2024, she plans to release a new album called “Conundrum,” which will be primarily orchestra-based. She also plans to revisit an old album of hers called “Into the Space World,” originally released in 2002, and develop a new version aligned to orchestral and atmospheric styles. She also plans to revisit her 2010 album “Change” with a new approach by 2030. 


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