Why SMG Jimmy Is One of Chicago’s Best Rising Artists Plus His 2022 Releases

Emerging from the suburban Chicago area is SMG Jimmy, a rising artist aiming to revolutionize the music industry with his unique sound and personality. The artist brings a mix of rock, blues, country, and hip-hop to the table, presenting the social and economic influences of Chicago in his music.

SMG Jimmy demonstrates his passion through his songwriting. His lyrics are reflections of his old soul, arranged in modern melodies. He aims to genuinely speak and connect with his audiences, amplifying the need for authenticity and sincerity in the music industry at a time when many artists pretend to be someone else behind their tracks. 

In addition, SMG Jimmy produces music that allows him to captivate a broad spectrum of audiences at the same time. Over the years, he has gained the support of a growing fan base comprising music lovers from around the world. The artist has also earned the respect of his fellow musicians, such as Jelly Roll, Struggle Hennings, and The LACS. SMG Jimmy has also collaborated with Struggle Jennings and Big Buzz for his single called “Outlaw,” which gained over 100,000 views on YouTube in less than a month after its release. Ready to take on bigger stages, SMG Jimmy collaborates once again with Jelly Roll for his first single in 2022 entitled “Angel.”

Besides his unique sound and undeniable talent, SMG Jimmy is also known for his strong work ethic, business-savvy mind, dedication, and ability to work with a team. To date, the artist shared that he has over 300 written unreleased songs prepared in his library. Following his first 2022 release, “Angel,” fans are in for more treats this year as SMG Jimmy plans to release more songs from his collection. “Jane’s Addiction,” “Bottom of a Bottle,” and “Good Guy Turned Bad” as masterpieces, the artist is dropping for 2022, all to be accompanied by music videos.

SMG Jimmy has previously worked with Khloe, who has over three million influencers on Instagram, for his music video “Dipped In Blood.” For his upcoming releases, the artist aims to collaborate with more influencers that would further help with amplifying the profound messages found in his songs.  

“What motivated me was proving the people who didn’t believe in me wrong and showing them I could be successful without their help. I also saw a lot in the music industry during my 15 years of working behind the scenes that I wanted to improve and do my own way, so I knew that starting my own brand was the only way to do that. Lastly, I wanted to have the creative autonomy as an artist, to bring music to the industry that was raw, emotional, and real,” said SMG Jimmy. 

Indeed, SMG Jimmy has come a long way since his debut. Last year, the artist was nominated for the 2021 Country Rap Report Awards in two categories, Best New Artist of 2021 and Best Vocalist of 2021. He also joined Big Buzz and The LACS for their 2021 tour across the country. Besides performing in front of massive audiences, SMG Jimmy has also appeared on multiple podcasts, sharing his journey with the rest of the world. 

“I see myself continuing to express myself through music, creating songs that evoke raw emotion in the listener and working with more talented artists in the industry,” SMG Jimmy said. “I want to keep connecting with others who have gone through trauma and help them deal with it through my songs.”

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