Why Whitaker & Bull Luxury Art Candles Are Our Latest Obsession

The power of candles is in their light, warmth, and aroma. Lit or not, high-end candles can make a room feel warm and inviting. However, as the luxury candle market continues expanding, companies are under pressure to balance form and function. With many high-end candles costing upwards of $150, it can be difficult for people on a budget to enjoy quality art and scented candles. In related fashion, cheap candles come in unattractive designs that make them feel like an afterthought rather than a coveted accessory. This is where Whitaker & Bull, award-winning designer Demi Visnick’s brainchild, comes in.

A seasoned designer and art lover with over 14 years of experience, Demi understands the importance of balancing form with function. Demi believes candles should not just be utilitarian objects that burn down to nothing over time. Instead, they should be gorgeous, statement pieces you can keep on display for their aesthetic value, among other reasons. However, she admits there aren’t many affordable options for art lovers out there. For many years, she felt there was a missing piece in the market for those who love and appreciate art and want to support artists, mainly because of prohibitive prices.

Demi established her home décor company, Whitaker & Bull, to fill this gap and provide luxury art pieces to all art lovers at an affordable cost. With her candle line, she wanted to design candles that had an aesthetic appeal and offered customers high-quality materials without breaking the bank. Though she had entertained the idea for some time, the production process began during the pandemic. Demi and her team spent over 24 months working to bring her visions to life and create a stunning, one-of-a-kind work of fragrant art that didn’t exist before.

The team developed a lid that fits into the bottom of their candle, allowing you to use it as a stand. However, Demi discloses that custom glassware and molds were needed to achieve that, which was not a simple process.

“We went through over 15 rounds of sampling to ensure the best product was delivered to our customers,” she shares. “Our label is a complete 360-degree waterproof label that is built with the glass, so it does not get detached. You can throw it in the dishwasher, get it wet, and it will not get ruined. The art is the decor, so we knew we needed it to be wrapped completely around the candle vessel.”

The revolutionary label currently boasts several unrivaled products. They include a limited edition car freshener, refillable matches, and a signature Whitaker & Bull candle set. Every product in the collection combines Demi’s love for luxurious living with functional art pleasing to the eye. In addition, it produces original design products from artists like Demi and promotes emerging talent through partnerships.

Demi’s dream is to elevate her brand and secure her space in retailers such as Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks & Bloomingdales. She discloses that more products are currently in development, and her brand is ready to collaborate with more artists in the future. Her ultimate goal is to make Whitaker & Bull a go-to place for authentic luxury home decor products and gifts for your loved ones.

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