Xin Feng A Leading Figure in VR Creativity Technology
Photo Courtesy: Karen Kuo & Tiange Wang

Xin Feng: A Leading Figure in VR Creativity Technology

In the ever-evolving domain of Virtual Reality (VR), Xin Feng stands out as a highly recognized and accomplished VR Creative Technologist. With a track record of pioneering and globally acclaimed projects, Xin has solidified her reputation as a finestl expert in the industry. Her innovative contributions have not only garnered numerous awards but have also been featured prominently at major international conferences and exhibitions, highlighting her as a leading authority in VR technology.

Innovating at the Intersection of VR and HCI

Xin Feng, in collaboration with Tiange Wang, has been instrumental in groundbreaking advancements in the integration of Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technology with Virtual Reality (VR). Their projects, SinkInSync and SynCocreate, are at the forefront of revolutionizing Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) by exploring new dimensions of brainwave data, social connectedness, and creative expression.

SinkInSync has been exhibited at prestigious venues like the Signals|Vancouver International Film Festival and the ACM SIGGRAPH Immersive Pavilion. This project utilizes EEG technology to synchronize users’ brainwaves within VR environments, fostering a unique shared emotional and cognitive journey. This innovative blend of BCI and VR sets new standards in how technology can enhance social bonds and emotional connections.

Xin Feng A Leading Figure in VR Creativity Technology

Photo Courtesy: Signals Curator Team | Vancouver International Film Festival

SynCocreate extends this exploration, enhancing social connectedness through real-time interaction with brainwave data in a 3D virtual canvas. This innovative project was showcased at CHI Interactivity 2024, a prestigious venue for cutting-edge research in human-computer interaction. SynCocreate not only promotes creativity but also strengthens interpersonal relationships, demonstrating the vast potential of merging BCI with VR in HCI applications.

Xin Feng A Leading Figure in VR Creativity Technology

Photo Courtesy: Xin Feng

Xin comments, “SinkInSync and SynCocreate demonstrate the transformative potential of integrating BCI and VR technologies within the HCI sphere. These initiatives are paving the way towards a new era of interactive experiences that emphasize emotional engagement and collective presence, reshaping the future of human-computer interactions.”

Another notable project, Gaze into Legends, created with independent artist Meichun Cai, merges mythology with VR to craft emotionally captivating storytelling experiences through gaze interaction. This project, featured at the ISEA Creative Works online exhibition in June 2024, uses eye-tracking technology to allow users to navigate mythological landscapes, creating a deeply immersive experience. This innovative approach not only offers users a deeply engaging and interactive experience but also pushes the boundaries of how mythology can be experienced and understood in a digital age.

Xin Feng A Leading Figure in VR Creativity Technology

Photo Courtesy: Xin Feng & Meichun Cai

Empowering the VR Community Through Knowledge and Mentorship

Beyond her innovative projects, Xin is passionate about advancing the field of VR through knowledge sharing and mentorship. She has presented her work and hosted workshops at major events, including SF Design Week, NYCxDesign Festival, and Vector Festival, focusing on the innovative use of EEG in VR and providing valuable insights into their potential uses.

At NYCxDesign Festival in May 2023, Xin and her team presented “SinkInSync”, highlighting the project’s role in creating remote social connectedness through biofeedback. This presentation underscored the intersection of technology and human interaction, offering insights into the future of VR. Similarly, her presentation at SF Design Week in June 2023 drew significant attention, reinforcing her status as a thought leader in the field.

A Journey Marked by Passion and Innovation

Xin Feng’s journey into creative technology was sparked by a childhood passion for exploration and innovation. From her early days as an architecture student to her pivotal role at Tencent Game Studio, specializing in Houdini generative design for immersive gaming experiences, and later at Meta Reality Labs, Xin has consistently leveraged her technical and creative skills to push the boundaries of VR. Her journey is a testament to the power of combining passion with innovation, and it highlights her role not only as a VR creative technologist but as a pioneer reshaping the landscape of virtual reality.

A Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, Xin and her teammate will present their highly anticipated talk at SIGGRAPH 2024, titled “Co-Presence, Connection, and Co-Creation: Building Real-time Cross-person Neurofeedback Interactions.” This presentation will delve into Xin’s groundbreaking work on real-time neurofeedback interactions within VR, further establishing her as a pioneer in the field. SIGGRAPH, renowned for bringing together the leading minds in computer graphics and interactive techniques, provides an ideal platform for Xin to share her insights and innovations.

As Xin Feng continues to lead in VR creativity and technology, she remains dedicated to inspiring the next generation of enthusiasts and fostering a community focused on innovation and collaboration. Her commitment extends beyond creating impressive VR experiences; she is driven by a vision to use technology for meaningful social change. Xin aims to enhance social interaction, foster empathy, and improve well-being through immersive experiences, demonstrating the transformative potential of VR in our lives.

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