Yana Mann, celebrates the first anniversary of her debut at the Carnegie Hall

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Yana Mann and Julián De La Chica at Carnegie Hall, NY. Photo by Fadi Kheir.

On February 12, 2022, classical singer, Yana Mann, celebrated the first anniversary of her debut at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York City. The concert (a sold out recital), was at the Weill Recital Hall and Mann was accompanied by composer and pianist, Julián De La Chica.

The world premiere of composer Julián De La Chica’s works at Yana Mann’s Carnegie Hall debut was a momentous occasion for both artists. 

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The recital repertoire included the premiere of the song cycle Op. 12, Los poemas de bar, (which is part of Yana first studio album) and the song cycle Op. 15, Arias Florentinas, dedicated especially for Yana and composed for the recital. Their collaboration has been widely praised for its originality and emotional depth; both cycles, composed by the minimalist Julian De La Chica, narrate everyday and casual stories. The first cycle captures the essence of New York’s nightlife in a series of vignettes that tell the stories of patrons and bartenders set in a New York bar in its twilight hours, and the second, Arias Florentinas, was inspired by stories in Florence, when the composer was on vacation during the summer of 2021. The music is more contemplative, with a sense of introspection and longing that reflects the composer’s own experiences. The performance evoked a spirit of shared intimacy in a time of loneliness, of tender admissions in unlikely spaces. The restrained and minimalist accompaniment, paired with Mann’s carefully controlled vocalizations, is perfectly suited for nighttime and the sentimental elements associated with the theme.

Yana has risen in popularity since the debut of her first album, Los poemas de bar, which attracted positive reviews not only from critics, but also from the general audience. In the album, Yana’s voice is precise, elegant and vibrant. Her interpretation is measured, without distractions. An austere and minimal proposal. Moreover, Yana Mann’s stellar reception can be attributed to her passion for music and dedication to her craft; her performances are known for their emotional depth and expressive range, and she has developed a unique style that is both classical and contemporary.

With her growing popularity and critical acclaim, Yana Mann is poised to become one of the most prominent classical singers of her generation. Her fans eagerly await her next performance, which promises to be as memorable and moving as her Carnegie Hall debut.

Yana Mann and Julián De La Chica at Carnegie Hall, NY. Photo by Fadi Kheir.

Born on 5 May 1986 in Saint Petersburg, with a background rooted in her family of teachers and music education at the Rimsky-Korsakov Faculty of Music and the Tchaikovsky Academic Faculty of Music at the Moscow State Conservatory of Music, Mann is a true artist in every sense of the word. Her musical journey has just kicked off, so keep an eye out for this up-and-coming sensation.

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