A UK Christian Singer's Take on Spotify Wrapped: Navigating The Journey To Success
Photo Credit: Nicolette Moore

A UK Christian Singer’s Take on Spotify Wrapped: Navigating The Journey To Success

As the crisp winter air ushers in the holiday season, the creative world, particularly musicpreneurs, finds itself at a crossroads of reflection and comparison. This is notably fueled by Spotify Wrapped, a viral marketing campaign that has become an annual ritual for artists and listeners alike since its inception in 2016. This campaign, released each early December, provides a compilation of data reflecting a user’s yearly activity on Spotify, encouraging sharing on social media and fostering a sense of community—and inevitably, comparison—among artists.

For musicpreneurs, Spotify Wrapped is more than just a compilation of data; it’s a mirror reflecting their year’s journey. The campaign showcases the number of listeners the artist had, the number of times their songs have been streamed, how many playlists it was added to, what their top song was, how many countries your music was streamed in and what the top countries were . While this can be a source of celebration, it can also lead to self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy, as artists view their achievements against the backdrop of others’ successes.

Ebi Oginni, a pediatrician turned inspirational speaker and acclaimed gospel artist, offers a refreshing perspective on navigating these emotional currents. Ebi’s journey from medicine to music and motivational speaking showcases the variety of paths to success in the music industry. Her message to fellow artists feeling the weight of comparison during this Spotify Wrapped season is one she hopes is taken to heart.

“We all chart different courses in our music careers,” Ebi says. “While some may revel in their streaming numbers, others find fulfillment in branching out to podcasts, writing a motivational book, or having impactful one-on-one interactions.” This sentiment is vital, especially during the holiday season, a time often marked by reflection and self-assessment.

A UK Christian Singer's Take on Spotify Wrapped: Navigating The Journey To Success

Photo Credit: Nicolette Moore

Spotify Wrapped, while a powerful marketing tool that has historically boosted Spotify’s app store ranking and created a “FOMO effect” enticing users towards the platform, also brings broader questions about data use and its emotional impact on artists. The campaign’s effectiveness in garnering free advertising through social media shares is notable, but it’s the personal stories behind these statistics that should reverberate more.

Ebi encourages artists to look beyond the numbers. “Streams or likes don’t solely define your music’s worth. It’s about the hearts you touch, the lives you change,” she asserts. Her journey, marked by top-charting songs and impactful keynote concerts, highlights the multifaceted nature of success in the music industry.

For musicpreneurs looking to stay grounded and inspired, Ebi offers these actionable tips:

  1. Reflect Beyond the Data: Consider the emotional and spiritual impact of your work; Spotify Wrapped only has numbers while your work transforms real lives.
  2. Set Personal Goals: Define your version of success and pursue it with focus and dedication, irrespective of industry trends and irrespective of what your fellow artists are doing.
  3. Connect Deeply with Your Audience: Engage with your listeners on a personal level, creating lasting relationships. Think of ways to deepen this relationship in 2024.
  4. Remember Your Diverse Creative Avenues: Whether it’s podcasting, writing, or public speaking, your artistic diversification connects you authentically to your audiences, and isn’t measured through Spotify Wrapped. Don’t downplay these outlets.
  5. Build a Supportive Community: Surround yourself with people who appreciate your unique path and offer encouragement.

As we approach the year’s end, Ebi Oginni’s insights remind us of the power of authenticity in the music industry. In a world where data often dictates narratives, it’s essential to remember the unique stories and personal victories that define our journeys. To learn more about Ebi and her inspiring work, visit her website or check her music out on Spotify.

In the melody of life, every artist’s tune is distinct. As we navigate our paths, let’s embrace our unique rhythms, creating a symphony that resonates with authenticity and heart.

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