Art Outfitters Brings Rare Finds to South Florida

Art Outfitters
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Nestled snugly in South Florida’s beating heart lies a well-kept secret: Art Outfitters. This hidden gem boasts a shopping experience unlike any other, offering a rare opportunity to uncover unique treasures from around the globe. Founded in 2022 by the dynamic duo of Yamila Garcia and Pablo Straccia, Art Outfitters is their passion project, a labor of love dedicated to celebrating the art of creation and sharing its boundless beauty with the world.

Hailing from Argentina, Pablo Straccia is not only a construction magnate but also a master builder of dreams. His expertise has come in handy as he assists his wife in creating a one-of-a-kind store. Yamila, the managing partner and creative director, has joined forces with Pablo to curate a magnificent selection of diverse items sourced from all corners of the globe. Art Outfitters boasts an extraordinary assortment of handcrafted pieces from Africa and rare finds from Argentina, offering a unique shopping experience that caters to all tastes.

At Art Outfitters, the mission is simple – to spread and circulate exceptional works of art crafted by dedicated artists who have infused their hearts and souls into each piece. Yamila, the imaginative mastermind, possesses an astute sense of discovery and thoroughly enjoys procuring exclusive treasures from various corners of the globe. Thanks to her tireless endeavors, Art Outfitters has blossomed into a sanctuary for individuals who value unique, singular pieces that illuminate the magnificence within each person.

With Art Outfitters gaining momentum, the crew has its sights set on extending its reach to a new location in Palm Beach County. This endeavor aims to grant a larger audience access to the exclusive retail adventure that only Art Outfitters can provide.

In the next five years, Art Outfitters aims to continue globe-trotting in pursuit of the most exquisite, exclusive, and profoundly moving works imaginable. Their impassioned team remains wholly committed to disseminating their love for unparalleled masterpieces throughout the world. Furthermore, by kindling an appreciation for the splendor of artisanal craft, they aim to ignite a spark of inspiration in others, leading to a greater understanding and admiration for these one-of-a-kind creations.

For anyone seeking an unparalleled shopping experience, Art Outfitters provides an excellent option. Its diverse collection of one-of-a-kind items from various regions around the world offers a remarkable opportunity to find something that resonates deeply with each individual’s heart and soul. Visit Art Outfitters today and discover the beauty in each piece.


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