Artist Tau on Wielding a Brush and Using His Artistry to Inspire People

Inspiring people and making a difference in the lives of others do not have to come in grand gestures. There is no need to invent the next Tesla or set up shelters around the world for one’s initiatives to matter. Tau, an artist who is known for his distinctive painting style, perfectly demonstrates this with his current efforts. With his masterpieces, the passion-fueled painter is helping people look at the world through a different lens.

A master at marrying several worlds, including cubism, abstract, impressionism, and more, Tau started following an artist’s path at a young age. Struggling with classes because of his hearing condition, he would draw a lot as a child, turning off the beeping of his hearing aid so he could live in his own inner world and fill notebooks upon notebooks with sketches. 

“I have an old picture of me,” Tau shared. “I’m eight years old, holding a painting I drew with markers. I remember it like a sweet memory, and I remember being proud of myself. This small and innocent pride – it’s something I try to recover to this day while I’m painting.”

His beginnings were humble, and he had to deal with a long string of challenges, from parental alienation to personal failures, but ultimately, he managed to fulfill what his heart wanted from the get-go. Although the gentleness with which he associated art when he was young has relatively become harder to grasp years down the road, Tau continues to stay grounded in what initially fueled his creative endeavors. Additionally, he continuously gives the nod to the past, never failing to give it credit for helping him grow into the artist he’s become over the years. 

“As a child, I grew up different. I used to want to be normal like everyone else, but today, I love this difference and appreciate its truth,” Tau candidly said. “I am not a tormented artist – the pain does not control me. I am simply aware of myself, aware of my motives, and aware of my personal experiences. I studied myself and learned how to channel every experience into inner strength.”

Right now, Tau, who draws inspiration from the greats like Picasso, Dali, Marc Chagall, and Van Gogh, has established himself as an artist with much to offer. Specializing in oil painting, this talented figure has impressed countless with the fact that he never formally studied art, learning the ABCs of painting by himself and considering practice as his ultimate teacher. 

In creating his masterpieces, Tau is highly cognizant that his choice of medium serves not only as an avenue for self-expression and communication. By being an artist, he knows that he’s in a position to inspire and help people – knowledge that he’s putting to good use. “I believe in helping others quietly and modestly. I love to help, and I see myself as a messenger of the Universe.”

Setting his eyes on rising even further and gaining widespread recognition as an artist and painter, Tau remains steadfast in his goal to reach global consciousness. In the future, much can be expected from this promising painter. 

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