BRAZILIAN ARTISTS TO WATCH: Celebrating the 35th SP-Biennial, The House of Arts Opens its Calendar with Two Young Prominent Contemporary Artists
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BRAZILIAN ARTISTS TO WATCH: Celebrating the 35th SP-Biennial, The House of Arts Opens its Calendar with Two Young Prominent Contemporary Artists

[Room#1, Dee Lazzerini, “Between Spatiality & Materiality”]
[Room#2, Laerte Ramos, “Layers”]
The House of Arts Gallery, 100 NW 36th Street, Miami FL 33127
Opening Solo Exhibitions / Friday, September 1st at 6pm / The House of Arts
Guided Tour with the Artist Laerte Ramos / Friday, September 1st at 5-5:30pm / The House of Arts
On View / Friday, September 1st – Sunday, September 24th / The House of Arts 

Events Are Open to the Public With RSVP (click for RSVP link)

MIAMI, August 28, 2023 – The House of Arts in celebration of the 35th SP-Biennial, opens the Fall Calendar with a diversified portfolio of over 500+ artworks from renowned Brazilian and Latin American artists, emerging, mid-career and institutional. 

The House of Arts (THOA) is a vibrant tapestry of Brazilian contemporary art open to receive cultural connoisseurs as the 5000 sq ft indoor Gallery space that continues to become an international gateway for Brazilian and Latin American artists. Situated at the cusp of Wynwood and Design District, this vast space opened its doors for Miami Art Week last November 2022 and is set to captivate audiences with an unparalleled exhibition that celebrates the very best of Brazilian artistic expression. The art platform has had a profound relevance under the direction of experienced Curator Jade Matarazzo since 2010 and has brought to Miami with the physical location a refined selection of works that embody the soul, diversity, and innovation of Brazilian culture, by curating an immersive experience that embodies the intricate tapestry of the country’s contemporary art scene.

Visitors can expect to be greeted by an array of paintings, sculptures, installations, and multimedia pieces that encapsulate the essence of Brazil’s rich artistic heritage. “We are thrilled to be a space dedicated to presenting the finest of Brazilian contemporary art. Our aim is to provide a platform that not only showcases the incredible talent within our artistic community but also sparks conversations about the rich cultural creative spirit that defines Brazil”, says Alessandra Gold, founder, and CEO of The House of Arts.

The House of Arts is a unique space where artistic innovation thrives. The Gallery is designed with four distinct rooms, each offering a special space that nurtures creativity and brings out the best in the artists showcased. As September approaches, The House of Arts proudly presents exhibitions in two of these rooms featuring the impressive works of Brazilians Dee Lazzerini and Laerte Ramos, two young prominent contemporary artists. 

[Room#1] Dee Lazzerini has a strong research-based portfolio and has worked with different art forms and ideas using head pins as his main medium creating stories with shapes and textures.

[Room#2] Laerte Ramos, on the other hand, is a true artist with and an extensive curriculum and with long time experience and skill. His upcoming exhibition will be a purist contemporary show, exploring color, texture, and feelings in a unique way.Artist Laerte Ramos will be present at the opening and a guided tour is available from 5-5:30pm on September 1st, to schedule to participate please email: 

“Our gallery’s four rooms aren’t just spaces to display art – they’re places where creativity thrives and where you can immerse yourself in the world of art. As we get ready for September, we invite you to join us in experiencing the power of imagination and artistic expression”.

Says Jade Matarazzo, founder, and Curator of The House of Arts.

The Gallery’s commitment to fostering artistic dialogue extends beyond its exhibition walls. Interactive workshops, artist talks, and educational programs will be offered to engage visitors of all ages and backgrounds, ensuring an immersive and enlightening experience for everyone.

Highlights of the Exhibition:

•Awarded artworks by Laerte Ramos: Set of works that received the “International Artists Exhibition” Award, granted by the SP-Biennial in partnership with PHICA (Phoenix Institute of Contemporary Art) and Modified Arts Gallery (AZ)

•Diverse Perspectives: The overall exhibition of the space brings together a multitude of artists, each with their own unique perspective, creating a harmonious dialogue between tradition and contemporaneity.

•Burst of Colors: From vivid landscapes to thought-provoking abstract compositions, the gallery showcases the vibrant color palette that defines Brazilian art.

•Cultural Narratives: Artists delve into the country’s history and societal narratives, bridging the gap between past and present through their art.

•Innovative Techniques: The exhibition showcases a blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary techniques, pushing the boundaries of creativity.


ThePowerHouse (TPH) is the Holdco. The House of Arts (THOA) is the Art Division of the (TPH) Holdco, with a Gallery located on the cusp of the Design District and Wynwood areas, the building is an independent building with 5,000 SQ FT of open loft indoor space + additional 3,500 SQ FT gated outside area. A unique space created for a new form of consumer experience, carefully planned to house what is most relevant and innovative in the segments of art, fashion, design, technology, and its universe of current consumer behavior.



Curatorial text for this Exhibition by Aline Pascholati: “Between Spatiality & Materiality”:  Dee Lazzerini, text by Aline Pascholati , 2023


Curatorial text for this Exhibition by Carolina Splendore : “Layers”: Laerte Ramos, text by Carlina Splendore, 2023


Jade Matarazzo has a lifetime of engagement in culture consulting with an emphasis on strategic planning, art portfolios with focus on private and corporate collections, community engagement and cultural diplomacy. The Matarazzo family founded the São Paulo Art Biennial and the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art in Brazil, which contains their former private collection with artists such as Picasso, Cândido Portinari and Tarsila do Amaral, among others. Jade graduated in architecture and fine arts and has a strong history with founding several international projects such as Expoart Japan and London, Casa Brasil Miami, and during Art Miami Week in Miami exhibiting Latin American Artists. Jade is an avid art collector herself, co-founder of ThePowerHouse and the Curator of The House of Arts.


Alessandra Gold is an accomplished fashion designer as well as businesswoman. Her versatility and knowledge in subjects such as Marketing, Design, Art Collaborations, Consulting & Business Strategy comes from her 20+ illustrious years of leadership in the industry. Alessandra developed and curated many brand collaborations that traveled to Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe, Brazil and Dubai (UAE). Alessandra studied at the Fine Arts School in Brazil and took classes at the Arts Student’s League in New York City while going to FIT for Fashion Design. She is the Co-Founder of ThePowerHouse (TPH), a diversified Art and Fashion Holding Company, and the CEO for The House of Arts, which oversees the art business activity for TPH and all its sister brands. Her experience in opening international markets has provided an efficient oversight to all stages of the advisory process. 

For additional press information and images or to schedule an interview contact the THOA Press, Alessandra Gold, at

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