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Breaking Barriers with Satori Shakoor: Spotlight on ‘Confessions of a Menopausal Femme Fatale’

Famed storyteller Satori Shakoor’s, “Confessions of a Menopausal Femme Fatale,”is unique. It’s a standup, storytelling concert; an engaging and entertaining, social dialogue meant to shatter stigmas and the deafening silence around the change of life. It is Shakoor’s own story of her12-year journey through the twists and turns of menopause. The show seeks to empower women to open up, tell their stories, defy negative narratives and to participate in uplifting, informative, and supportive conversations around menopause and beyond. 

Shakoor’s professional career spans multiple artistic disciplines. As a singer, she was part of the legendary funk mob, touring and recording with George Clinton and Parliament/Funkadelic as one of the Brides of Funkenstein. She is an award-winning actress, writer, comedienne, and social entrepreneur. Shakoor’s career is as diverse as it is influential. Her drive led to staying alive and relevant as an artist through entrepreneurial endeavors: television production in Honolulu, arts activist in Los Angeles, a founding member of Obsidian Theatre Company in Toronto and creator of The Secret Society Of Twisted Storytellers ®️, a live storytelling event in Detroit. 

Satori’s journey through the change of life is the inspiration for “Confessions of a Menopausal Femme Fatale.” It uses her gifts as a singer/songwriter, comedienne, actress, and storyteller. Like many artists, Shakoor’s journey has not been without hurdles. Often, she has had to create her own opportunities to find funding and support from others. However, Shakoor was never deterred. She believes if a creative idea doesn’t challenge or scare her, it isn’t big enough. It is this relentless spirit that helped bring her visions to life. 

Shakoor’s success lies not only in her achievements, but also in her philosophy. She perceives success as a result of commitment, integrity, perseverance, and gratitude. She finds value in a “just do it” attitude, acknowledging the contributions of others, and finding inspiration in the smallest things. Ultimately, Shakoor seeks to inspire and make a difference. 


Currently, Shakoor is venturing into filmmaking. “Confessions of a Menopausal Femme Fatale” will be performed live and filmed at the Detroit Public Theatre July 21, 22 and 23rd. She has assembled a powerful creative team in director Jonathan Jewell-Chatten, (Black Pepper Studios) and producer Rola Nashef, an award-winning filmmaker, (Detroit Unleaded). They aspire to make a compelling and beautiful film with an aim to entertain and expand the dialogue around menopause. Shakoor’s goal is to encourage women, particularly Black women to educate themselves and embrace menopause as a rite of passage, and to celebrate the wisdom, power, and timeless beauty women gain over time. 

Satori Shakoor’s story serves as a mirror, reflecting the strength, courage, and resilience of what it is to be a human being and a woman in this transitional phase of life. “Confessions of a Menopausal Femme Fatale” is her testament to self-acceptance, joy, and gratitude. 


In addition to the money raised through ticket sales, Shakoor will launch a crowdfunding campaign for post-production, marketing, promotion, and film festivals as her audience eagerly awaits the film debut next year. To learn more about Satori Shakoor and the live show, please visit 

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