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Fans are vibing to CAT DAD’s single; “WANNATAKEAPHOTO”

Nate Zak has been playing in bands, writing songs, and producing his own music since the age of 13. Taking the name “CAT DAD” from a combo of his two fur babies and his dad-like grind of drinking coffee at a desk all day. Nate dubs his new solo project using the name “CAT DAD” … Less than a year after releasing his song “I FADE Away” He looks to find that same embrace with his new single.

“WANNATAKEAPHOTO”, as he continues to find great fanfare from his ‘Lofi’ Fan base. He Looks to do more than the 2 million streams found on his last single. It’s only a matter of time before “CAT DAD” sifts through the obstacles of the music industry and lands himself on radio stations and stages all across the country as a mainstream Artist. Take a moment to unwind your mind, kick back, and experience WANNATAKEAPHOTO with CAT DAT. 

Watch “WANNATAKEAPHOTO” Visuals below written by darealceozay.

Look out for the CAT DAD Movement on the rise!

PR Juel | @juelsofrome

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