How Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC Helps Graduates Live Life Free From Student Loans

Every student or working professional in the United States has had their share of student loans piled up over the years in pursuit of quality education. Statistics reveal that over 42 million individuals in the US owe over $1.59 trillion in student loan debt. And while the government may have promised to take some of the load off their shoulders, this does not include private student loans. Hence, Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC has committed to helping students deal with their student loans in a way that will not compromise their chances of a worthwhile and happy lifestyle.

Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC was founded by two industry icons, Gregory Fitzgerald and William Campbell. The two partners aim to empower clients by preventing them from getting overwhelmed with the responsibilities that come with debt and equip them with the necessary tools to overcome every financial crisis.

Recently, founding partner Gregory Fitzgerald released a statement on the firm’s stance on an article published by a large student loan lender. SoFi stated unequivocally that there is no statute of limitations on student loan debt. “Wrong” says Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald explained that stating there is no statute of limitations on private student loans is deceptive and counter productive to educating the public about debt. “Do not be deceived by a lender who makes huge profits (and puts their name on multi-million dollar stadiums) by refinancing your student loans and then asks you to believe you do not have one of the most fundamental, long-standing, and indisputable legal rights available to debtors,” explained Fitzgerald. “Debtors who are being crushed by overwhelming student loan debts, that, thanks to financial industry legislative power, can no longer be discharged in bankruptcy as a matter of right. Debtors who have little to no access to competent and affordable legal counsel. Debtors who have precious too few rights as it is.”

Always siding with consumers, Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC ensures that each of the debtors seeking their help properly knows what their rights are and empowers them with the knowledge that they have a team of seasoned legal professionals behind their fight to become debt-free. It may be an arduous process, but the firm ensures that fighting with the rights they deserve will make the journey more worthwhile. While other firms may mislead clients with misinformation, Fitzgerald and Campbell, APLC empowers them with the truth.

Besides student loan debt, Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC caters to various areas of practices, including attorney fee debt, auto-related debt, bankruptcy, collection harassment, collection lawsuits, credit card debt, debt settlement, fraud or civil defense, judgments, medical debt, insurance company claims and lawsuits, and cash advance debt.

With all the debt cases piling up in the United States today, Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC stressed that this is a crucial time for lawyers to stay on top of their game to ensure that clients get nothing but the best services to get their lives back on track. The firm puts great emphasis on the value of helping students overcome their debts using the right strategies.

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