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Inside New York City’s Elite Social Scene: Nadja Sayej’s ‘The Glitzerati’ Photo Book Reveals All

A masterclass in New York’s social scene, “The Glitzerati: A book in photo captions” by Nadja Sayej, offers an inside look into the glittering, star-studded parties and galas of the city. Set to be published on September 28, 2023, this fascinating collection of photographs encapsulates five years, from 2018 to 2023, of the city’s vibrant nightlife.

Sayej’s photo book boasts an impressive roster of over 200 photographs featuring a mix of celebrities, influencers, art luminaries, and fashion elites. This black-and-white collection beautifully frames the cultural elite of New York City, documenting the glitz and glamor of the current ‘roaring twenties’. From red carpet galas to intimate dinner parties, Sayej’s photo book is a truthful snapshot of today’s culture and style.

“The Glitzerati” is a tribute to the effervescent nightlife of New York City. By bringing together the worlds of fashion, culture, music, and film, Sayej presents a dazzling array of moments captured during these grand events. The book perfectly embodies the freshness and spontaneity characteristic of Nadja’s photographic style, reminiscent of the candid paparazzi shots, and offers an authentic behind-the-scenes glimpse at a time where digitally manipulated and staged photographs dominate our screens.


This book celebrates a rich tapestry of party moments, featuring stars like Cardi B, Diane Keaton, Offset, Philip Plein, Bruce Willis, and Debbie Harry among others. Through a blend of candid shots and high-fashion focus, the book frames the essence of the zeitgeist where high society intersects with pop culture. In the eyes of the author, each photo serves as a testament to the dynamic legacy of celebrity party photography, uniquely captured from the female perspective.

“The best part of living in New York City is attending the parties,” says Sayej. “I wanted to share the juicy story behind each photo in the book with everyone who gets their hand on a copy, so they can be transported back to that magical moment I took the photo.”

Nadja Sayej, an acclaimed photographer based in New York City, has spent her career photographing celebrities and red-carpet galas for illustrious publications such as Vanity Fair London, V Magazine, and T Magazine. With her forthcoming book, “The Glitzerati,” Sayej offers a unique look at New York’s elite through black and white photos, accompanied by the riveting stories behind each shot.

Sayej’s book employs extensive captions for each photo, acknowledging the preference of today’s Instagram-savvy readers. This innovative approach allows her to narrate captivating stories behind her encounters with figures like Cardi B, Marina Abramovic, Christy Turlington, and Bruce Willis.


Beyond her reputation as a celebrated photographer, Nadja Sayej boasts a 15-year-long career as a culture journalist. Her writings have been featured in prestigious publications such as The New York Times, The Guardian, Barron’s Magazine, and Forbes’ fashion section. Sayej’s celebrity interviews and pop culture pieces have appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, W Magazine, Interview Magazine, and Vanity Fair London.

Sayej has authored five books, including “The Celebrity Interview Book,” which encapsulates her 21 best Q&As, and “Biennale Bitch,” a comedic travel book about covering biennales across the globe. She recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of the red carpet with her book “Red Carpet Ho,” chronicling her experiences as a red-carpet photographer.

From interviewing over 1,000 renowned film directors, artists, designers, and actors, to creating a groundbreaking jpeg interview with Douglas Coupland, Sayej’s illustrious career has been marked by innovation and tenacity. With “The Glitzerati,” she invites readers to step into a world of glamor and culture, offering a unique perspective of New York’s elite that’s sure to fascinate and inspire.

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