Joe Perk on Releasing New Single and Giving Back to the Community

New York City is a hub of culture and creativity. As a result, this city has provided the backdrop for many artists’ origin stories. Brooklyn native Joe Perk is one of the newest artists inspired by his hometown, bringing fantastic hip hop, pop, and R&B songs to his avid fans. He is set to release his next single, “Summer Walker,” later this month.

Joe Perk, born Joseph Perkins, grew up in Brooklyn, New York. His environment and the people around him shaped the person and the artist he became. “Growing up in the mean streets of Brooklyn helped me navigate difficult waters,” he explained, “And being a New Yorker helped me hold my own as I swam alongside the big sharks in the game.” Even when he was a child, Joe pictured himself becoming a rapper and entertainer when he grew up. And while he cultivated his passion for music and performing, things did not go exactly as planned. 

With his parents struggling to provide for their family, Joe Perk decided to take on two jobs at two different fast food establishments to help his parents make ends meet. Then in 2012, Joe joined the military. But even as his music took a backseat, he still found the time to express his creativity. While serving in the military, Joe built a name for himself as a rapper of great skill. His talent landed him a gig opening for the artist A Boogie wit da Hoodie. Joe has also opened for other artists such as MIGOS, Blac Youngsta, and Lil Uzi Vert.

On November 21, Joe Perk will release his next single titled, “Summer Walker.” Since it has been a year since Joe released any new music, he and his fans are excited about this upcoming track. The artist shared, “This song is pretty special to me. And I am also releasing the single on my mom’s birthday as kind of a tribute to her.”

Presenting a fresh hip hop and R&B sound, Joe Perk has enthralled listeners with his music. “People say they love the vibe in my songs. They have often told me how my music encourages them to live life to the fullest and do the things they love,” Joe explained, “And I am glad they feel that way. Because I want to inspire and teach kids how to achieve financial freedom through doing something they love.” 

Music is not the only thing keeping Joe Perk busy. Later this month, he is spearheading a turkey drive. He said, “On November 24, I will be giving away 100 turkeys to the community of Greenville, North Carolina.” He is also currently conducting a toy drive in collaboration with Unjaded Hearts. With this initiative, they aim to give toys to children for Christmas. 

On the motivation behind his charitable work, Joe Perk explained, “I remember when my parents couldn’t give my siblings and me the things we wanted. There was also a time when I lived in my car. I have experienced having nothing, and now that I am in a better place in life, I want to share some of the blessings I received.” The artist shared that he works hard at his music so he can keep growing and keep giving back to his community. 

Like any new musician, Joe Perk dreams of making it big and getting into major awards shows. Aside from revitalizing the R&B and hip hop scene, Joe wants to be in a position to help other artists develop their careers. “In the future, I see myself expanding into the executive side of things. I want to elevate artists and give them the best opportunities to grow.” 

A dedicated artist and a generous member of his community, Joe Perk hopes to inspire young people to pursue their passions. “Whatever difficulties they may be going through, I want them to know that it is just part of life. It will all be worth it in the end.”

Joe Perk is a rapper and R&B singer. His newest single, “Summer Walker,” will be out on November 21. For more updates about his music and charitable endeavors, you may visit this website.

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