Lord of Music’s Human Awareness Community Brings Attention to the Beauty and Kindness in People

Music began in the primitive world as the rhythmic pattern of sounds that naturally occur in nature. Later came when the first musical instrument, the human voice, was utilized to tell stories through song. From then until now, music has evolved to become a channel to communicate meaningful messages to drive a certain purpose. This is true in the case of the Lord of Emotion, who is leveraging his platform in music to advance his advocacy in music.

The concurrent time of the Millennials and the Generation Z is characterized by an increased movement towards awareness and the promotion of peace, diversity, and inclusivity, and to this cause, the first step is to bring attention to the violence, cruelty, murder, and other injustices that are so widespread in the world, thanks to the deep-rooted prejudice that has been established by so many generations prior.

Many musicians have focused on bringing attention and raising awareness on the above, but as a result of this novel cause, society seems to have developed a hyperfixation on the negatives of the world. The Lord of Emotion is bringing the opposite to the forefront of music—it is time to look at the flip side of the coin, and so in addition to creating his emotional and satirical pieces, he emphasizes the beauty in the humanity that exists in communities.

And so came the beginning of a digital community for people of all ages, all colors, and all walks of life to come together in the beauty of humanity. The Human Awareness Community is one that hopes that the world will recognize that despite their misgivings and the misfortunes caused by misunderstandings and primitive ideals on a globally magnified scale, all humans are working to fulfill their part in this life.

With the profound understanding on the everyday culture of whitewashing and undermining the presence and contribution of POCs, and his personal experience with poverty and struggle through the dark realities of humanity, he gains the inspiration to create a unique style of music that translates reality into satire and evokes various emotions in the listener.

Leveraging a genius skill for the intricacies of music, The Lord of Emotion is extremely adept utilizing recording equipment to recording speech, music, and other sounds on advanced media. He enhances sound quality and uses his musical sense to add and mix various sounds to create the desired effect. As he becomes satisfied with the outcome of his music, he synchronizes a fitting video to the audio tracks, and later releases the masterpiece, laden with emotion and his dreams and ideals for humanity, for public consumption.

The Lord of Emotion was born and raised in a traditional Dominican household in Flatbush, Brooklyn with the name Emanuel Sabino. The difficult reality of racism and prejudice against people of color had been an unfortunate constant for him, but transitioning from the innocence of childhood to the hardships faced by people of Black/African descent had been especially challenging. 

The Lord of Music engages his fans with novel, interactive content meant to spur the public to action for the betterment of the community. Learn more about Emanuel Sabino  and connect to him through his linktr.ee.

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