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Ludlow Creek’s Heartfelt Comeback: Unveiling the New Single ‘Rock for a Heart’

By: James Henderson 

Brace yourself, for Ludlow Creek, the renowned roots rock band, is back with their newest single, marvelously titled “Rock for a Heart.” Scheduled for release on January 12th, 2024, this single shines amidst the band’s striking discography as the second track off their forthcoming album, planned to hit the scenes by this summer.

“Rock for a Heart” is not just another melodic piece; instead, it stands as a formidable and stirring track that delves deep into the hardships endured by men who grow up with toughened hearts. The song elucidates the often understated necessity for these men to seek assistance in mollifying their hearts and embracing emotional vulnerability – a theme hitting close to home for many listeners.

The inception of this masterpiece took place during the band’s writing retreat in the country music capital, Nashville. The retreat bore exceptional fruit as this marked the first instance where Ludlow Creek convened to work on their music collaboratively. It was a team effort where the entire band came together to write the music while Jeffrey Friend, the drummer and vocalist, penned down the profound lyrics. As the arrangement unfolded, Dave Benson, the band’s guitarist and vocalist, conceived the unforgettable bridge, “chipped away the stone,” thereby infusing the track with its defining aura.

This latest release not only showcases Ludlow Creek’s undying artistic spirit but also stands testimony to their journey of acclaim. The band’s earlier creations have tasted success time and again – their single, “Stoney Lonesome Road,” ascended to #51 on the UK iTunes Rock Songs chart, and “The Catacombs” broke into the Top 50. In the light of the festive spirit, their Christmas single, “This Baby Boy,” scaled to #1 on the Christian iTunes chart. Moreover, Ludlow Creek received accolades at the 2022 and 2023 International Singer Songwriter Association Awards. With a whopping 400K Spotify streams, the band has cultivated a devoted fan base that eagerly awaits their every move.

Given this legacy, one can rightfully anticipate more compelling and inspirational tracks from Ludlow Creek’s forthcoming album. While the album sees an early 2024 release, fans can indulge in the enthralling “Rock for a Heart” across all leading streaming platforms post its January release.

Ludlow Creek’s journey personifies their unyielding dedication to music. It is a journey strewn with harmonious odysseys and accomplished milestones. It is the tale of a band, the oeuvre of artists who have time and again poured their hearts into their creative endeavors. “Rock for a Heart” is not just another addition to this tale—it is another heartfelt chapter etched on the canvas of their musical voyage. And as fans, we hang on every note, every word, every beat, witnessing the magic unfold.

For more insights on Ludlow Creek’s journey and updates on their forthcoming single and album release, one can visit their official website at After all, the stage is set, the strings are strummed, and the melodies are in the offing. Ludlow Creek is all set to rock for a heart, and it promises to be a heartful ride.

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