Luke Kohen: Blending Creativity with Global Impact
Photo Courtesy: Luke Kohen

Luke Kohen: Blending Creativity with Global Impact

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Music has long been celebrated for its universal healing properties, transcending cultural and linguistic boundaries. It can reduce stress, alleviate pain, and improve mood by triggering the release of endorphins and serotonin. Music therapy, a clinical and evidence-based practice, harnesses these benefits to support patients with mental health issues, chronic illnesses, and developmental disorders. Engaging with music—whether through listening or creating—fosters emotional expression, enhances social connections, and provides a sense of comfort and hope. From soothing melodies to energizing rhythms, music’s healing power lies in its profound connection to our emotions and well-being.

Luke Kohen, CEO of Return of the Bard, exemplifies the transformative power of music and creativity. A multifaceted creative force, Luke’s roles as a heartist, MC, singer-songwriter, poet, mentor, healer, and entrepreneur reflect his deep commitment to healing and transformation. Growing up in the vibrant neighborhoods of Brooklyn and Staten Island, his early life was marked by involvement in competitive sports, gangs, graffiti, and drug dealing. This tumultuous period led to a pivotal healing crisis and subsequent spiritual awakening, setting the stage for his transformative journey.

As a versatile musician, Luke blends genres like hip-hop, Neo-soul, and spoken word, using his music to ground his humanity and maintain authenticity. His creative process enriches his mentorship, enabling clients to unlock their full potential across all aspects of life—creativity, spirituality, health, and relationships.

Luke has been developing Benevolent Culture Collective for years and officially launched with co-founders in March 2024, an international organization dedicated to fostering positive planetary paradigm shifts through philanthropy, art, leadership, and systemic change. This collective exemplifies Luke’s vision of a world where spirituality, business, and creativity intersect to create meaningful impact.

Luke Kohen‘s global influence as a creative entrepreneur and mentor is profoundly shaped by his ability to integrate music into his entrepreneurial and mentorship work. He describes his creative process as a grounding force, with music serving as a humbling experience that connects him to the essence of humanity. This perspective allows him to maintain balance and humility in his roles. Luke’s holistic approach to self-mastery emphasizes nurturing all aspects of life—creativity, spirituality, health, and relationships—without sacrificing any part for success. By fostering this holistic life mastery, Luke helps individuals achieve true fulfillment and growth in all areas of their lives.

A Unique Approach to Mentorship

Luke Kohen: Blending Creativity with Global Impact

Photo Courtesy: Luke Kohen

Luke’s mentorship approach stands out due to its integration of various disciplines and its focus on the whole being. Unlike traditional therapies that often focus on the mind or business coaching that targets only professional aspects, his method addresses the soul at a core-energetic level. He combines elements of consciousness, spiritual connection, health optimization, and practical life shifts.

“My approach is based on consciousness, addressing the soul at the core-energetic level, unpacking the deepest challenges from their origin point. Many entrepreneurs & leaders like to work with me because not only can I help them reprogram their subconscious, implement the powerful health optimization systems, and expand their spiritual connection but I also help them make real practical shifts in their day-to-day life, in their relationships, business, and mission,” shares Luke.

His mentorship has led to numerous success stories, with clients experiencing radical transformations. These transformations include overcoming deep-seated challenges, launching successful businesses, embracing artistic talents, setting healthy boundaries, and realizing long-held visions.

Luke says, “Most of my clients have walked away radically transformed because they’ve faced their deepest challenges and alchemized them with support. When we cross a threshold of awakening, there’s no going backward, only forward, and life begins to come toward us. We know our deepest dreams are not only possible but that we were designed to evolve through our challenges. Once we unlock the deeper layers of our being, once we uncover the soul aspect of our being and dismantle the stuck coping strategies, we can truly thrive.”

This process involves dismantling coping strategies that hinder progress and embracing a path of continuous evolution and self-discovery.

Overcoming Challenges in Community Building

Building communities and fostering positive change have not been without challenges for Luke. He faced issues related to overextension, burnout, and unrealistic expectations. These challenges stemmed from his high achiever identity and the tendency to take on too many responsibilities. He learned valuable lessons about time management, energy allocation, delegation, and discernment. Through self-reflection and high-level support from his mentors, he navigated these obstacles, healed his blind spots, and remained true to his values. This journey allowed him to continue serving others with integrity and effectiveness.

Community Building and Impact Entrepreneurship

As the founder of Benevolent Culture Collective, Luke has created an international society dedicated to positive planetary paradigm shifts through philanthropy, art, leadership, and systems change. His commitment to authenticity, heart-centered leadership, and the intersection of spirituality, business, and creativity has positioned him as a visionary in the systems change space. Even amidst global crises, his work exemplifies how to defy conventional limitations and thrive, making a significant difference in the lives of many across the globe.

Ultimately, Luke aims to leave a legacy of soul-driven leadership and holistic planetary culture. He envisions a future where businesses and communities are guided by values that prioritize soul and humanity over profit. “My prayer would be to see businesses anchored in a value system that passes on the good, the beautiful, the true, and the sacred to future generations,” says Luke.

Through his work, Luke aims to foster a holistic and wholesome planetary culture, where spirituality and shared human values lead the way. His mission is to equip humanity with the tools and support needed to embrace spirituality authentically and create a positive, sustainable impact on the world.

“My mission is to help empower humanity to have the tools & support to embrace spirituality from a direct connection while becoming deeply rooted in our shared humanity.”

Through his global travels and impactful initiatives, Luke continues to inspire and transform lives, demonstrating the profound potential of harmonizing creativity, spirituality, and entrepreneurship. His journey from the streets of New York to becoming a global mentor and visionary leader is a testament to the power of personal transformation and the ripple effect it can have on the world.


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